Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kyoto Hemp Forum - On Line Rooms

The Japan Hemp Association hosted an international gathering of hemp advocates in Kyoto, Japan, where the Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997 to address climate change. An amazing gathering of activist shared insights and notes, working out an effective, international hemp phytoremediation plan.

Hemp is an effective tool we can use to solve climate change because it pulls excess CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows and it's extensive root system cleans toxins from the soil like lead and nuclear radiation.

Here's some information on the event, which is already planning the gathering in 2017. 

In case you haven't noticed, the climate is changing.



It is imperative that we provide for at least seven generations ahead.Climate change must begin within, by fully understanding the problem, cause and solution.  When the problem is too much pollution, the solution is to remove the pollution.

Now that we've done the first Kyoto Hemp Forum, the next step in the process is to focus on getting hemp seeds into the ground. We have plenty proof that planting hemp is the right thing to do. 

To understand what's needed, we must talk to the farmers about what they need to engage in large scale hemp farming. Then we can teach the governments, UN and industry how to hemp from the foundation, up.  

FarmAid's annual concert is September 17, 2016. They have an activists section there and we're presenting a crop financed international phytoremediation program. Please share ideas on our call to farmers and others why we must get as many hemp seeds in the ground as possible now. As the grandest lady of all, male or female, Earth needs her weed! 

Check back for updates and visit / comment on the rooms links above.

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jeri rose said...

The hemp harvester has to be resurrected, presented to John Deere and brought up to modern day technology.

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