Sunday, July 23, 2006

Are Bush and Rice Lovers?

In modern times we seem to have two lovers, Dr. Rice and President Bush, running things. That Dr. Rice can take two weeks before she goes to the Middle East to work for an end to the war is a shame before the Lord. No wonder why shortly after she got there she was asked to leave. She did not have to wait to go over to participate. Web conferencing puts her at the table without having to get on a plane. Money is transfered electronically. Goods delivered with a purchase order.

Bush and Rice's priorities seems to be to each other, rather than the highest good for the nation or the world. I am deeply embarrassed by the cruel, evil style of government we have in America, declared by President Bush and executed by Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

Like what the great journalist Helen Thomas said about President Bush, Dr. Rice is the worst Secretary of State and National Security Advisor we have ever had. Maybe it's a three-some as the president said in Dr. Rice’s promotion to Secretary of State that both he and his wife love her.

“President Thanks Secretary of State Rice at Swearing-In Ceremony U.S. Department of State Washington, D.C.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all for coming. Laura and I are honored to be here. Over the past four years, America has benefited from the wise counsel of Dr. Condoleezza Rice and our family has been enriched by our friendship with this remarkable person. We love her -- I don't know if you're supposed to say that about the Secretary of State. (Laughter.)

Condi's appointment and confirmation of Secretary of State marks a remarkable transition in what is already a career of outstanding service and accomplishment."

He thinks we are all stupid. When I see them kiss I want to throw up.

Though dangerous, I still assume free speech so I ask without malice if they are lovers because it seems to me that's the only way she could keep her job with her performance in light of the Middle East, 9/11, terrorism, silence on Katrina and lies that got us into the war in Iraq.

If anyone else was National Security Advisor and 9/11 happened on our watch, we would expect to be fired. She was not.

If we lied about the reason to go to war, and thousands of people died as a result of that war, we would expect to be fired. Nope, not yet.

During Katrina, while children were dying in New Orleans, if we were caught shoe shopping by a citizen, rather than being vocal about the need to redirect life saving resources to the Gulf Coast, we would expect to be fired. She is still there.

If as Secretary of State, as the Middle East is exploding, even more than shown on the TV, and we stayed at the G 8, failing to evacuate the citizens caught in the war zones for more than a week, returned to the States, then went to New York to see when we could go over, we would expect to be fired.

And now, as people in the Middle East are being blown up and burned, because their salvation does not blend with her goals, she is given the green light to do what she wants. It's all right with her that people are being slaughtered in the streets because she wants a long term solution.

Based on results, it's O.K. with her the murder that is happening in the short term. It's 'justified'. Does the phrase 'game plan' mean it's a game?

Does she think the flowing blood is make-up?

As a Black woman I say that Dr. Rice should have one hand on her hip and one finger in the air demanding immediate solutions to stop the fighting.

If the whole area was prospered by the presence of Israel, there would be a fight to take it away. War is not the answer. Prosperity is.

Not a blind throwing of dollars, but creating financial systems that create the highest good for all concerned. Adequate computerization of the world population can help.

There is a difference between defending yourself and killing innocent souls in the drama. The killing of innocent souls is murder when done by a person. Despite the illusion, it's murder when done by governments in order to promote their interests. The word evil has been expanded.

Back to the point.

The only way we would still have our job in the light of equal performance to that of Dr. Rice, is if we were sleeping with the boss. Not even blackmail produces employment returns like this. It's way past time to clean house.

They were not elected in '04 either.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Was 9/11 A Lie?

Truth is a powerful healer.

The short answer is yes, the government lied about what really happened on 9/11. Now what?

Those responsible have successfully skirted the issue for years and got their wars and the rights of the American people. Fear is a powerful motivator when used properly.

Stay tuned.

The drama is about to be shaken at its core.

If you still think the government's version of what happened is true, take a day part and watch the following free, on line videos.

September 11th Revisited

Loose Change 2nd Edition

and/or go to the sites

Scholars For 9/11 Truth

and/or spend time in the archives of

Prison Planet

So back to the elephant in the room.


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