Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kyoto Hemp Forum - Environment

“Most of the nutrients used by hemp are stored in the foliage and returned to the soil as mulch at the close of the season” HLLTTF pg 60 – Let’s get this process in gear, mass hemp growing can help.

Hemp as a tool to address cleaning up our environment and many health conditions we are facing.

In great part because of our perceived climate change crisis, the days of “vegetable criminalization” HLLTTF pg 287 are being forced to close, replaced by common sense. 

Hemp Pulls Lead From the Soil

CNN’s #UnitedShades did a piece on the violence in Camden, NJCamden has had the same lead problem for the last 20 years going on in Flint and many other places.

There is a theory ‘Nero fiddled while Rome burned’ may be connected to the aqueduct's lead pipes, plumber’s colic. Here's the Harvard paper on the subject of lead causing violent behavior.  Here's a Mother Jones piece .  And a Forbes follow up.

"Overall, phytoremediation has great potential for cleaning up toxic metals, pesticides, solvents, gasoline, and explosives. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that more than 30,000 sites in the United States alone require hazardous waste treatment. Restoring these areas and their soil, as well as disposing of the wastes, are costly projects, but the costs are expected to be reduced drastically if plants provide the phytoremediation results everyone is hoping for." 

Nero must stop fiddling. Phytoremediation pulls lead and other toxins from the environment.

Please post your thoughts, videos and photos in the comments sections. As we build and implement the Action Plan for implementing the hemp solution and other smart actions, we're sharing ideas. Thanks.

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