Saturday, October 24, 2015

THE FIRE THIS TIME! Nevada Radioactive Waste Facility Fire Close to Las Vegas - October 2015

The Fire This Time Is 100 Miles
North of Las Vegas, NV

I live in Lake Havasu City, AZ, at least for now. I am questioning the environmental impact of the nuclear radiation from the October, 2015 explosion at a U S Ecology nuclear waste dump as a result of a fire, so we've been told. 

Since I live about 400 miles from the explosion, and have a recent history of brain seizures, I'm wondering if we should get out now and avoid the holiday rush?

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nevada state officials said Tuesday they don’t know what sparked an apparent explosion and fire at a closed commercial radioactive waste dump in a predominantly rural county, but they vowed that the state will handle the investigation and cleanup.
“We have the jurisdiction. We have the assets, and that’s the course of action,” James Wright, state Department of Public Safety chief, said after reporters asked Nevada emergency, health and environmental protection officials whether state agencies should investigate each other."

"“If we have to fix it, we’ll fix it,” Wright vowed.
The 80-acre industrial dump in Nye County about 115 miles northwest of Las Vegas is on state land and is under state regulatory oversight.
State emergency management chief Caleb Cage and Fire Marshal Peter Mulvihill said the fire burned unabated after starting Sunday during intense thunderstorms and flash flooding in the area."
Here's the short strokes of what I think we should be doing to fix this mess now. Modify from a piece I wrote back in 2013 called HOW TO FIX FUKUSHIMA. Same principles apply. Phytoremediate in hemp, sunflowers, mushrooms and thistle; cannabis for the cancers and brain seizures; entomb existing nuclear plants and waste using 3D printing's contour crafting technique in long lasting radiation shielding materials like hemp, lead, tungsten; and get on a nutrition program to fortify the body like Dr. Joel Wallach's Youngevity vitamins. 

The Fire Next Time Is In St. Louis, MO

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