Saturday, December 03, 2016

TEPCO - A question concerning November, 2016 Fukushima earthquake & tsunami

What happened to those bags of nuclear waste stored outside of the Fukushima nuclear plant from the 2011 disaster?

Earthquake Off Fukushima, Japan, Triggers Tsunami

We need to talk. There is no such thing as man's safe use of nuclear energy consciously controlled by man. From Hiroshima to Fukushima II, we must shift to the ways of wisdom. The problem is not just in Japan who did not ask for this nuclear nightmare. Hemp was a major crop in Japan in before the horrors of WW II. It is time to bring it back to help us solve our nuclear crisis, i.e. phytoremediate the land, entomb the nuclear plants using 3d printing.

Despite the lies of the new USA president "Heil Trump" climate change is much more than weather. Nuclear radiation readings are part of our environment. Algae blooms and fracking are affecting our environment. Neither are weather. 

Let's solve this now.

When Dr. Martin Luther King was born in 1929 nuclear power was a remote scientific concept. Now we have a president who brings a former head of Exxon into the White House to accelerate the genocide.  

It is up to us to be wise. Our ancestors as well as our future are depending on us to provide for at least seven generations ahead. Greed is not the right way to go. Together we can do better.

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