Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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Me: ‘Mom it hurts when I do this’

Mom: ‘So don’t do that.’

Shift to clean energy

Our use of toxic energy is hurting our environment, even killing many of us. Bio fuels must be part of our clean, safe energy strategy to address man’s negative impact on nature and transform it into an empowerment too.  We have literally volumes of confirmed evidence that toxic energy is one of the primary roots of our current climate change crisis. Einstein warned about the decision to turn away from biofuels to nuclear. “nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water”.  Henry Ford built and designed his car to run on biofuels. 

A simple shift from energy that is killing us to clean, low cost or free energy sources makes is the smart thing to do.

It is time to stop pulling material from the earth with techniques like oil drilling, fracking, coal and nuclear energy and use what the Earth gives us naturally like biofuels, magnetic, hydro, wind and solar.

Energy from farming is clean.  No need to crack Mother Earth open to get it, Since much of our environmental pollution is the result of approved government policies, reversing this crisis is a matter of math. 

The great hemp activist Willie Nelson in the last decade started his B20 BioWillie biodiesel making him a pioneer in the field of biofuel, lifting the banner raised by Henry Ford who worked with George Washington Carver to develop biofuels for Ford’s diesel cars.

An excellent article on the subject is by Lynn Osburn “Energy Farming in America” no nationalistic implications in the recommendation. “Farmers should be encouraged to grow energy crops capable of producing 10 tons per acre in 90-120 days. The crop has to be naturally high in cellulose.”

Please post your thoughts, videos and photos in the comments sections. As we build and implement the Action Plan for implementing the hemp solution and other smart actions, we're sharing ideas. Thanks.

Shifting to clean biofuels is not nuclear science, just common sense. Let’s do it!

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