Friday, October 10, 2008

Climate Change-Methane Problem

I've been vegetarian for two years. Can't imagine wanting to go back to meat.

I'd much rather be alive.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Presidential Debate - Obama Won Big On Green Economy

There is no issue we are dealing with more important than can our planet support life. it is key to solving our environmental, economic and educational crisis we are dealing with.

As demonstrated in the second presidential debate, Senator John McCain is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG on green jobs and how to save our environment too. Senator McCain is clueless. The wisdom Senator Barack Obama presented is clear, invest in green jobs and technologies. Senator McCain wants us to drill and build many more nuclear plants, which he won't be here for when they eventually go into nuclear meltdown, like Chernobyl.

What was most vivid in this debate is the contrast of looking to the past or to the present/future. McCain is so past. Maybe his presence around nuclear energy has something to do with his cancers.

Obama is so CORRECT, CORRECT, CORRECT on the path we must take to continue with a present and future.

In my opinion, the only way Senator McCain can win is another stolen election. This is not an challenge, it is an opportunity to heal ourselves and our world.

McCain proposes more nuclear waste endangers life, if not ours, then those in the future who gained no benefit from our use. The problem of nuclear waste has not been solved, as putting it on an earthquake fault line under Yucca Mountain is not a smart idea.

We need to look at energies like solar, wind, hydro, magnetic and hemp biofuels and biomass.

Senator John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palan want us to "Drill Baby Drill". Does the phrase "Katrina my ass" have any meaning? America's heaviest hurricane hits are to areas where we have a lot of off shore drilling, i.e. the Gulf of Mexico - Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ike. Off short drilling heats up the ocean, making the environment ripe for killer storms.

Please vote for wisdom in the White House. Please vote Obama-Biden '08

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