Friday, February 14, 2014

Richard Branson - Introducing Keep America Beautiful's commercial creator Bernard Hirschenson

Bernard Hirschenson, environmentalist, inventor, humanitarian and broadcast commercial pioneer (i.e. his Keep America Beautiful piece he directed, filmed and edited with Iron Eyes Cody) announced today that he is in pre-production for his movie KITTY HAWK, the story of the Wright Brothers youth during the era of creating their first flight. The script is written as an inspirational musical story designed to touch the better self in everyone.

Hirschenson's reason for doing this entertainment property now is the great aviator, entertainer and humanitarian Richard Branson.

"Eleven years ago we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Man’s First Flight. The Wright Brothers had two opposite personalities; yet they did what man had never done before and became An American Legend.

They Conquered 
The Air….

We have come a long way. But now we are getting ready for the next step into the future… 

Richard Branson is preparing to do so. He will be the next Worlds Legend.

By Conquering Space…

Note to Richard Branson....

Because of your love for flying and having had many personal adventures in your life as an inventor and innovator for space travel, you would truly be the perfect Executive Producer for this one of a kind project.

This is an important dramatic musical family story that will become a legend of its own, a dynamic, entertaining teaching tool to help others find the great inventor within themselves.

Where the story of 
the Wright Brothers ends,
the Richard Branson story begins."

Contact Bernie by visiting Hirschenson's Facebook Page.

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