Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Crying Indian - full commercial - Keep America Beautiful

This Keep America Beautiful piece was produced and photographed by Bernie Hirschenson.  He said he and Iron Eyes threw out the agncy script and made the piece based on their shared vision.  It was a commercial that moved a nation.  Much of the modern environmental movement got its start in this series of scenes, sounds and souls.

Happy Birthday Bernmeister! And decades more.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Poverty Pimps On Parade - Election 2012

POVERTY PIMP ALERT: Poverty pimps need poverty to pimp or else they stop being rich. Their policies reflect their thumbs up position to maintaining the war on drugs. Based on results, these men, who are running for president, are classic poverty pimps taking over where Iran Contra left off. They must have prohibition in place to legally jail and murder people into manageable fear, the opposite of loving freedom. 

With initial presidential primary results in, I confess I don't mind that it is illegal for me to vote. I can finally be like George Carlin and have no responsibility for choosing the lesser of two evils.  

Mitt Romney has already said in public that he is not in favor of ending marijuana prohibition.

Instead of endorsing a modern Hemp For Victory program that could quickly crop finance over a half a million new or expanded businesses, creating over 5 million jobs quickly, both men, Black and Mexican, want to keep the largest Jim Crow system since slavery going. 

They would rather see us die from stress related illness or in prison for years for interacting with a plant, than be able to use hemp, proven to send cancer into remission.

Dissolving the international drug treaties and stopping the war on drugs by Jack Herer Executive Order 420 would turn poverty and fear into prosperity and joy. It would not cost the feds a dime and would save billions in state and federal dollars on prison and foster care costs, while increasing tax revenue because people in jail now for non-violent drug war offenses would be available to earn income and pay taxes.
How could the hemp plant, the foundation for this failed prohibitionist capitalism we are dying from, turn the world economy around? Let's do the math, US specific, yet can be translated into any country's economy.

Hemp can be easily made into over 50,000 products, many, like paper, medicine, building materials, plastics, foods, fabrics and other items have markets ripe for new product development. Each product, from planting the seed to the taxes paid on the income, will create at least 10 companies with 10 employees, especially in this job deprived market. So 50,000 products with 10 companies per product is 500,000 companies. 10 jobs per company is 5 million jobs. Products like medical marijuana already have more than 10 companies with 10 employees. 

Neither man running for the presidency is in favor of stopping the racist, evil, economically strangling, family destroying, murderous drug war. Blacks and Mexicans are the fodder for the drug war, the new Jim Crow. Insane from the membrane to the nucleus.' Non toxic hemp medicine is a federal offense while Medicine, Inc. remains a leading cause of death. Our economy remains in tatters as our number one cash crop remains illegal and untaxed by the federal government. 

Stop the insanity of the drug war and support FarmAid who can help people become hemp farmers. The government is not working for the good of the people. The system is corrupt and it is our responsibility to clean it up, get it working for the highest good, and keep it updated to meet the needs of the people.

We The People must non-violently take our power back. Like Gandhi making salt, it is time to implement the ancient solution of simply returning to nature for our needs. 

Waiting for the government could get us all murdered dramatically, not a reality I want. What about you? What do you want for your future?  What can we do today to make today and tomorrow better for everyone, including us? At least part of achieving your goal can involve the hemp solution from strong hemp paved roads, to nutritious hemp foods, to additional safety in building re-inforced with hemp plastic exteriors and interiors, according to Henry Ford, 10 times stronger than steel (that should be able to stand up to much that HAARP is dishing out.)

The energy I put into helping just another poverty pimp get into office in 2008, I’m concentrating to stopping the war on drugs.  This election is bull shit…back to the lesser of two evils.  Hell no, I won't go. 

Thanks God for rendering me without ID, my crime that disqualifies me from voting.

Lord, help us overcome government and corporate stupidity this and any other day it is needed. Based on almost a century of results, the White House is not the answer. Either one of them wins and it’s just a question of new ways to terrorize the people over the hemp plant.  Without radically positive change the presidency will be filled with an anti-citizen president again. Let's solve the problem at the root, international drug policy.


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