Sunday, May 20, 2007

Michael Moore's New Movie Sicko

Michael Moore is now the poster child for free speech in America. Lord bless Michael Moore and all who support him from family and crew to viewers.

The basis for Sicko is already experienced.

We know our doctors have become business people by law, our government protects industry and the super rich, and 9/11 was an inside job. We know that the government lied about the dangers in the dust from the exploded World Trade Center and has denied health care to many suffering from World Trade Center Illness. My site on WTC Illness is

Without seeing a frame of Sicko, we know what's in that movie made by a master film maker. We've been playing it in our minds since AIDS hit about the same time that HMO's came on the scene. I’m sure this movie reveals the 3 card Monty game called Medicine, Inc. that is based in amazing greed. It will take the amazing grace of truth to re-set our health priority from money to patient care.

Please don't read that all medical professionals are greedy. We have some great healers, like Los Angeles' Dr. Leroy Vaughn, or New York's Dr. Ivan Black and others who have managed to keep patients first. Some of our greatest heroes, like the two doctors mentioned, are in medicine. Yet, money as the priority is an unnecessary burden to place on healers, with so much work to do. Time and money spent on insurance paperwork is taken away from patient care in many cases. Some care decisions are made by non medical people without a vested interest in the outcome other than money. No wonder health care is in the state it is in.

Medical mistakes and secondary infections picked up in a hospital are now the leading cause of death. The whole healthcare conversation is about how to pay for it rather than how to implement and improve it. Crazy.

A simple shift from money to health as the foundation of decision making in health care will make a radically positive change. The focus will be on prevention, cause, rather than the costs of dealing with the effects, sickness.

Simple steps like cleaning up the environment, the hospitals, the food and water supplies can reduce the need for health care. Hemp scrubs the air of the greenhouse gas CO2 as it grows and burns clean as biofuel so it should be re-incorporated into the ecosystem immediately.

Stress kills and is at cause for many illnesses. Adjusting our systems to reduce stress, rather that create high pressure dramas is another. Legalizing hemp and promoting hydrotherapy are other stress reducers that have a positive impact on health.

It's time to dismantle the Industrial Age's fear machine and empower the Information Age's enlightenment machines so we can work together and solve our problems.

I look forward to seeing Sicko and the constructive change it can bring to the vital area of caring for the health of the world's population. It's now July 17th and the movie still has not come to Lake Havasu City, AZ nor is it available on line. I wait in faith.

Truth is the only hope we have for freedom. Michael Moore has a track record of delivering truth.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Little Oil Pimp Should Rule No More - Restore Gore

How’s the weather by you? Comfortable that the food you put on your table is safe? Do you feel good about the direction the country is going in?

We have been had, took, bamboozled, and if we don’t take our power back, we’re dead. I want to live. How about you?

The word evil is live spelled backwards. Based on results, there is evil in the White House and it’s up to We The People to clean it out. Demand truth and justice, please.

We are at the most critical time in human history. Albert Einstein said if the bees leave then man has 4 years left. The disappearing bees is a fact. The rapture is in process. It’s time for each soul to take a stand for good or evil, survival or death. Let's do what we can to survive.

We need Al Gore in the White House now. Today.


The number one issue we are dealing with is the environment. The leading environmentalist in the country is Al Gore.

I’ve been working with Richard M. Davis of the USA Hemp Museum on his recently release book HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION.

In the book Richard gives chapter and verse of how to use hemp to help solve the problem of global warming. Hemp is a biomass champion that scrubs the air of the excess greenhouse gas CO2 as it grows and burns clean as biofuel four times more efficient than corn. Hemp oil can do anything fossil oil can do, only without polluting.

An additional service that hemp can serve is to supplement the upcoming food crisis because hemp is a wind pollinated plant. A 20% recreational hemp tax could finance large scale growing on unused federal land and create a slush fund to help folks out dealing with natural disasters, i.e. Katrina.

I write about Richard’s work because with all this information on how to heal our environment by reducing the cause, excess CO2, the way the government is structured, we just keep on burning overpriced toxic energy, taking toxic medicine, and killing ourselves to the beat of fear on earth.

With Bush, this solution is still illegal. Gore can restore sanity to our government and possibly our environment.

I want my president back, the one who received the most votes. Restore Gore to his rightful role. Commission John Kerry, the other elected President of the United States to serve as Vice President. These men have made their positions on the environment known. The choice is ours.

We can still have an ’08 election (or one 4 years from when Gore/Kerry is restored to President). Yet, this next year is key to our survival and to have it in the hands of George Bush is folly. The closer we are to the truth, the more freedom we have.

The little oil pimp should rule no more.

Restore Gore.

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