Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Clinton: New Report on WTC Cleanup and 9/11 Health Effects

Duh! Six years later and the problem of World Trade Center Illness has not been solved.

The EPA lied and people are dying.

Neither the EPA nor the White House has been brought to justice to answer for their crimes against humanity, i.e. the city put on lock down, forcing the people of New York to breathe the draino quality air.

"I'm shocked, there's a lot of toxins here says the GAO." SIX YEARS LATER.

All this time and first responders and residents still do not have the health care they need. Rather than dealing with what happened and what folks are dealing with, Senator Clinton's strategy was to study the problem.

I put up a site in Feb, 2002 on the issue.

People have been exposed to a long list of toxic substances that we already know cause cancer and other problems. Therapies including nutritional, hydro and hemp should be recommended to strengthen immune system. Nutrition strengthens organs, hydro (distilled water) to clean out toxins as much as possible and hemp, to reduce stress and stop tumors.

Thanks for the report. Now what?

Over the years I've been shocked at the lack of any effective response on the issue of World Trade Center Illness.

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