Saturday, August 06, 2016

"HIROSHIMA"- A Japanese Animated Film For School Children

Dear Creator - Thank you for waking us up regarding the madness of evil, and giving us the ability to 'choose once again.' Let's choose joyous life.

We have proven that mankind is not qualified to even try to manage nuclear energy. From Fukushima to Hanford to Westlake Landfill to Indian & Turkey Points to 16,000 cracks in a Belgium nuclear plant, plus nuclear bombs, it is time to stop our suicide by stupid industrial and genocidal use of nuclear energy. It's time to shift to clean and in many cases free energies like hemp biofuels, magnetic, solar, hydro, etc.

How do we gracefully back off from the effects of current problems? By solving them at the level of cause. Turn those nuclear machines, bombs off now! Entomb them in hemp, magnets, lead and other radiation shielding materials.

It is imperative that we restore wisdom to way we live. We must work with our environment, not against it. A great first step is to phytoremediate Earth. Plant hemp everywhere, male and female. Replace toxic items with 3d printed in hemp and other non toxic raw resource materials. Browse the topics on this blog for more proposed solutions.

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