Sunday, March 13, 2005

What to do about World Trade Center Illness?

Here's a short list of what was in the dust, provided by the:

Natural Resources Defense Council

Item - Amount

Building Materials - 1.2 million tons

Jet Fuel - thousands of gallons


Mercury from computers and light bulbs

Asbestos - 300-400 Tons

Concrete - 424,000 Tons


Lead from 50,000 Personal Computers - 4 lbs. ea.

Main Frame Computers - 300

Wire and cables - Hundreds of miles

Transformer Oil contaminated with PCB's - 130,000 gallons

From Plastics (still looking for amounts)
polybrominated diphenyl ethers

Small hazardous waste generating entities

NRDC has estimated that there were approximately 50,000 pc's in the World Trade Center with 4 lbs of lead each. 50,000 X 4 = 200,000 lbs of lead just from the PC's. Office furniture, fabrics and human remains were transformed into dust in the time it took for the two towers to fall. Rescue workers report that they didn't find a computer, desk or chair.

The folks in New York, New Jersey and southern Connecticut (not just lower Manhattan) had been breathing, eating and drinking the dust. New York was put on lock down. The people who were there were in shock, many still exhibiting signs of PTSD.

We the people are going to have to solve this one ourselves.

There are some common sense things folks need to be doing, though there is the possibility that it's too late to be effective.

Potentially effective low to no cost solutions include hydrotherapy (clean the toxins out as much as possible), stress reduction (meditation, yoga, medical marijuana), and focus attention on dealing with the problem, rather than endless years of study. We have citizens who need help today.

Since the problem is toxic dust (dirt) in the body, a part of the solution is cleansing.

There is a book "Back To Eden" by Jethro Kloss that has a chapter on the water cure.

Here's a few links on the water cure:

No Cost Water Cure

Water Cure Recipe

Stress Reduction

Meditation, yoga, etc.

One of the ways is medical marijuana which has a 1,000 year plus history of effectively dealing with respiratory and digestive problems. It doesn't have to be smoked. Tea, in foods, vaporizer, etc. will help.

Deal with the issue

Talk about the problem and share solutions.

To pay for this (and other health and welfare issues like social security), I propose hemp legalization and taxation at 20%.

At least our last two presidents have smoked hemp. Hemp: Lifeline to the Future by Chris Conrad shows from their writings that both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were hemp farmers. 'Some say Kennedy had experience with hemp and was planning on legalizing it during his second term.'

From the Hemp bible, Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes “Among the thousands of California actors, musicians and writers who legally use medical marijuana was famed author Peter McWilliams (You Can’t Afford The Luxury Of A Negative Thought), who suffered from AIDS and cancer. He said, "If it weren't for the illegal pot dealers (before Proposition 215), there would have been no marijuana and I wouldn't be alive today. Marijuana eases nausea and makes it possible for me to keep down food and the pills I must take to combat my diseases. F*** the federal government. Use it if you need it." McWilliams eventually died when his hemp supply was disrupted by the federal government.

Please share any low to no cost effective healing ideas you have.

We are overcoming now.

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