Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Listen To Willie Nelson & Alex Jones About 9/11 - PLEASE

Now for the less than wise response

Kelso: 9/11 True Believer

Mr. Kelso:

When one of the wisest people in the world, Willie Nelson, says there is something wrong with the 9/11 story, it's better to listen than to say his joints are too fat.

Alex Jones revealed that you have not yet begun to even look at what happened on 9/11 beyond what was presented on television where 19 lucky Arabs ran 4 planes into 3 buildings and the ground on a day when the military was on stand down.

They were so good that they even knocked down a building (WTC Building 7) they didn't hit.

Please consider having a conversation with Alex Jones presenting the evidence like thermite found at the site, demolition angle cuts in the support beams, the pulverization of the buildings, they did not fall, the lies from the EPA that the air, water and food were safe, followed up by the revelation that the White House altered the safety report.

World Trade Center Illness is killing people now. PLEASE. Consider the cause. If they had the best interest of the people at heart, those who served and lived there would not be fighting for the most basic of services.

Who benefitted most from the commission of the crime? The Arab nations? The 19 lucky hijackers? The Bush Administration who, though there were no Arab names on the any manifest, had stories, pictures and coming attractions as the day went on?

The first step on the yellow brick road is why did World Trade Center 7 fall.

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Hampshire Primary - Sham Chain of Custody

When a crime is committed, look first to who benefits most from the results of that crime.
Clinton and McCain won, the two pro war candidates in this time of change.

What's going on?

Another stolen election.

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