Friday, March 12, 2010

The View Is Told Of 9/11, Again - Where's The Journalism?


Thank you Governor Jesse Ventura for having the courage to tell the truth once again.  When Rosie O'Donnell tried to talk about 9/11 as an inside job on The View, she was fired.

I can't believe The View, not even Whoopie Goldberg, can hear the truth about 9/11 and not be jumping up and down calling for a full, public investigation.

What happened to journalism in America?  How is it that journalist Barbara Walters hears this and her response is about the charges rather than a demand for the evidence to be reviewed on her show?  What's it going to take before she gets a clue about what really happened?  I pray she reaches beyond the shocking nature of the charges that are even stronger now as more and more evidence is revealed, and goes back to her investigative roots so she can get to the heart of the story.

The American people have been had, took and bamboozled by our government on 9/11 and many other issues.

Where are our journalists demands of evidence?  Like the military on stand down or the main air traffic controllers out of the room when the planes were flying down the Hudson? Why would the "terrorists" fly past a nuclear power plant that could have taken out a large part of the north east to coordinate flying into the much smaller WTC Tower?

In case our journalism community missed it, please hear the Eisenhower speech about beware of the industrial/military complex.

The industrial/military (and he should have added congressional) complex's demands for money in support of war has cost our society greatly. "It's out of hand."

I urge all journalists to take some time from your busy schedules and look at this story of 9/11 as an inside job deeply. Pay attention to Hunter S. Thompson 9:07-13:05 in Loose Change 2nd Edition, who advises us to look at who stands to benefit, who has opportunity, motive, equipment and will.

In addition to this matter of "war for extreme profit" being about the over 3,000 souls (as we continue to count the folks who have, are or will die from World Trade Center Illness), it's also about the billions of people at risk from our government's evil policies ranging from food to war. From acceptable levels of toxic chemicals in the food, water and air to keeping up the motivation to be at war with folks who had nothing to do with 9/11, the evil must be exposed to the light of truth.  Our entire survival, i.e. climate change, depends on the truth setting us free.

I hold this truth to be self evident.  9/11 is still an inside job.

Please demand a complete, full and public investigation into the industrial/military/congressional complex.  Clean out the corruption. Use hemp tax money to pay for the process. 

Restore wisdom to government.  Do it now!!!

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