Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bogus War On Terror

The war on terror is bogus. It's based on lies...all lies.

The stated reason the United States has a war on terror is because of 9/11. Yet there is substantial evidence that WTC 1, 2 & 7 were controlled demolitions and the hole in the Pentagon was too small for the Boeing 757 reportedly slammed into it. For supporting documentation, begin with reopen911.org .

The real cause of terrorism is greed gone wild; long standing greed. The greed reaches back to Hitler’s U.S. Banker, Prescott Bush, seeing a Nazi future for his children and grand children, Presidents Bush I & II. As we deal with the cause, long standing greed and lies, and expose it to the light of truth, the effect, the war on terror, will heal.

Ranking Member John Conyers introduced three House Resolutions concerning the serious allegations contained in the groundbreaking report about crimes committed by the Bush Administration: For more information check out The Constitution in Crisis; The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution, and Coverups in the Iraq War . Proposed are: a Bi-Partisan Select Committee in the House - H.Res. 635; a call for the Censure of the President - H.Res.636; and the Censure of the Vice President - H.Res. 637.

From the report’s Executive Summary:

“In brief, we have found that there is substantial evidence the President, the Vice President and other high ranking members of the Bush Administration misled Congress and the American people regarding the decision to go to war with Iraq; misstated and manipulated intelligence information regarding the justification for such war; countenanced torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and other legal violations in Iraq; and permitted inappropriate retaliation against critics of their Administration.

There is a prima facie case that these actions by the President, Vice-President and other members of the Bush Administration violated a number of federal laws, including (1) Committing a Fraud against the United States; (2) Making False Statements to Congress; (3) The War Powers Resolution; (4) Misuse of Government Funds; (5) federal laws and international treaties prohibiting torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment; (6) federal laws concerning retaliating against witnesses and other individuals; and (7) federal laws and regulations concerning leaking and other misuse of intelligence.

While these charges clearly rise to the level of impeachable misconduct, because the Bush Administration and the Republican-controlled Congress have blocked the ability of Members to obtain information directly from the Administration concerning these matters, more investigatory authority is needed before recommendations can be made regarding specific Articles of Impeachment. As a result, we recommend that Congress establish a select committee with subpoena authority to investigate the misconduct of the Bush Administration with regard to the Iraq war detailed in this Report and report to the Committee on the Judiciary on possible impeachable offenses.”

Please, contact your Congress People and ask them to support Bi-Partisan Select Committee in the House - H.Res. 635; the call for the Censure of the President - H.Res.636; and the Censure of the Vice President - H.Res. 637

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why Stanley "Tookie" Williams Was Killed

Another day when the government killed one of its citizens by putting them in a frame.

His case is not about did he kill 4 people. If it was blood, witnesses, fingerprint or DNA evidence would have been required before he was put to death. It was not.

In my opinion, he was killed for being who he was, a scapegoat for the government policy to bring crack into the Black community.

William’s case reads like another government frame. More on that later.

Why frame Tookie?

Because if Williams looks deep into his memory, he has names of folks in the George Bush Sr. CIA who introduced crack into the Black community. He was their Head Nigga’ In Charge of LA then was promoted to expand the gang distribution system to other towns. The technique is called create a crisis and pretend to solve it.

Like Oliver North’s role in the CIA bringing crack into the Black community in the 1980’s, Tookie Williams was ‘authorized to do everything he did.’ (reference to Time Magazine’s cover article about Oliver North testifying on the Iran-Contra affair, Time magazine cover, July 20, 1987.) Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Tookie’s book series has reached directly to the hearts of thousands of children around the world. Why silence a voice of reason against gangs? I understand that Prison, Inc. has a need for new customers, but we have to get a grip. The families of the folks murdered are going on what the government said happened to their loved ones. What’s important is to get to the truth.


I heard Snoop Dog and others report that there was no blood evidence and no credible witnesses to the murders. Ira Einhorn is also in jail on a government frame in Penn. with no blood evidence and no witnesses to the murder. Our government produced 9/11 using a controlled demolition and a guided missile so of course they could stoop low enough to frame folks. Remember the Rosenbergs?

There are mountains of evidence (Iran Contra - read Dark Alliance by Gary Webb ) that it was the CIA that used folks to bring crack into the community. Apparently Tookie was recruited. As in Harlem, there are no cocaine fields in Los Angeles either.

Other sources of information include:

Prison Planet has articles on Gary Webb’s murder by the government:

Tookie’s main site .

His Clemency Application: is posted on line.

Campaign to end the Death Penalty.

Death Penalty has a report on race and the death penalty in California.

One more article to check out is “Tookie Williams and the Politics of the Death Penalty” by Phil Gasper

I’ll let the words and wisdom of Karl Marx close this piece:

“It has often been remarked that in this country a public execution is generally followed closely by instances of death by hanging, either suicidal or accidental, in consequence of the powerful effect which the execution of a noted criminal produces upon a morbid and unmatured mind.”

". . . what a state of society is that which knows of no better instrument for its own defense than the hangman, and which proclaims . . . its own brutality as eternal law? . . . [I]s there not a necessity for deeply reflecting upon an alteration of the system that breeds these crimes, instead of glorifying the hangman who executes a lot of criminals to make room only for the supply of new ones?" -- Karl Marx, 1853

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Self Healing Techniques

If you have not done so already, it's time to focus in on your health. I am not a doctor or medical professional. I've made some observations of folks healing from cancer and AIDS over the last half century plus, that I'm sharing in this article.

The following are techniques and books I've either experienced or seen as helpful to others.

A. The moment one gets a diagnosis of a life threatening illness, please make sure you get a second or third opinion. Test results can be wrong, mixed up, etc. Separate fear from truth.

Begin your healing process with truth. Do your own research with wide open eyes.

B. One of the leading causes of death in the United States is secondary infections picked up in a hospital so do (or have someone who loves you do) a serious pre inspection before you check in if surgery is required.

The great sportscaster Dick Schapp died from an infection he picked up at Lenox Hill Hospital.

C. I have a free ebook up by a woman, Niro Markoff Asistent who healed herself from HIV with ARC back in the 1980s called WHY I SURVIVE AIDS. Part Two is the techniques she used. The book was originally published by Simon & Schuster. Bottom line is fearlessly use your Healer Within.

D. If you or someone you love has breast cancer, or want to take a pro active role in not getting it, and wear(s) a bra, TAKE IT OFF. Based on results, never put another one on.

It took me two years to get use to life without a bra. The results are worth the process.

I read an article in the early 90's by two researchers who looked into breast cancer. One had the condition. What was at cause was her bra.

Modern (post 1950's) bras have chemicals in them that irritate the natural breast balance. The texture (material) of the bras blocks pores so toxins in the sweat backs up into the breast, making a fertile environment for cancer.

This material is documented in their book DRESSED TO KILL: The Link between Bras and Breast Cancer .

E. Consider hydrotherapy - The Water Cure Back To Eden by Jethro Kloss. The work has the techniques.

Other books on the subject to consider for further research include:

The Complete Book of Water Healing by Dian Dincin Buchman
Manual of Hydrotherapy and Massage by Fred B. Moor
The Healing Energies of Water by Charlie Ryrie

F. There are other good books on self empowerment in healing.

Read On Line For Free

Science and Health
by Mary Baker Eddy
or Buy The Book

You Can't Afford the Luxury of A Negative Thought
by Peter McWilliams
or Buy The Book

A Course In Miracles
or Buy The Book

Science of Mind
by: Ernest Holmes
or Buy The Book

Other healing books for sale at Amazon to consider (may also be in your local library)

Making Miracles
Paul Pearsall, Ph.D

Anatomy of Spirit
Carolyn Myss

Stuart Wilde

Dynamic Laws of Healing
By Catherine Ponder

Healing Secrets of the Ages
By Catherine Ponder

You Can Heal Your Life
Louise Hay

Invoking Your Celestial Guardians
By Solara

Dynamic Thought
by Henry Hamblin

Here's the bottom line.

If you get a life threatening diagnosis, or have just decided that it's time to deal with the issues of health and welfare; stop everything and go to a quiet place, cry if you feel the need, connect with your Healer Within, and follow those instructions. The book I've seen the fastest results with, if you only read one, it's Miracles Stuart Wilde. Resume your life at its best.

To paraphrase what Niro Asistent wrote in Why I Survive AIDS:

'The Lord - the Power that creates and guides all levels of the universe, including empowering our hearts to beat and our lungs to breathe when we are asleep - is the true healer. Healing is being whole with the Lord.'

Pay attention. Your answers come from within. Peace, health, joy, accomplishment, blessings and love to people of good will.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ira Einhorn - Another Innocent Man In Jail?

I'm from the old school that says if the evidence does not fit, the government must acquit.

I believe that in America we have a lot of people in jail who should not be there.

My good brother David Crockett Williams turned me onto one such person, Ira Einhorn, who has served the last 4 years in prison for a murder he says he did not commit. I am inclined, based on the lack of evidence, to believe him.

In Einhorn's case he was accused of murdering his girlfriend, Holly Maddux and keeping her body in a trunk in his apartment, where they said the murder happened. There are no witnesses that Maddox and Einhorn were together at the time of her death. There is no blood evidence in Einhorn's apartment, nor in the body that the government "found" in a trunk in his apartment, where they said the murder took place, etc.

Now, Einhorn was known for speaking out on free energy, the environment, freedom and other really important issues in the 60's and 70's, most of which conflicted with the pro corporate government we’ve had.

I proudly and joyously midwifed the book that Einhorn and his friend, the great James Sorrells, put together that Jim holds 100% of the rights to called Prelude To Intimacy. It's a really good read about life on the run from the US government and makes the case for an open retrial based on truth.

Because Einhorn is in jail, he does not have web access. That's about to change. What he sends me I'll blog.

First note from Ira Einhorn – September 15, 2005:


Your spirit comes off your emails and provides delight for my heart to know that the progressive evolutionary impetus is still alive and kicking up a storm with such precision and knowledge.

When you are cut off – as I am – 20 years away and now 4 years behind bars, one has little sense of the activism that is keeping things alive. I have friends who send me things to read, but it is not the same as feeling the pulse that comes off the emails that Jim has shared with me.

They blew me out of the H2O just at the point wherein I had gathered enough force to go forth, really opens things up. And perhaps focus attention on the technology that might alleviate the ecological catastrophe that is now getting closer with each dawning.

Years underground in five other cultures made me aware of the confines that are now destroying american society.

My activist soul struggled in this enforced silence (Mostly: for another letter) and continued my incessant learning while I taught myself to write novels.

Capture brought an explosion of publicity that I still can’t believe and I refused 90% of the offers.

Then they made a law just for me.

Then they pushed through a $1,000,000,000 civil suit to prevent me from publishing. Bless you for helping end run that.

I came back to a prison system that feels like a 21st century Black version of the 19th century Indian reservations.

As I look around I constantly ask one question: DON’T WHITE PEOPLE COMMIT ANY CRIMES?

So, yup, for all practical purposes, I’m Black, but I’ve had advantages that most of my fellow prisoners have not had, and a good percentage of them identify strongly with what has been done to me.

It’s probably the same with shades of difference in most places in the U.S.A.

I’m treated as a pariah to such an extent that Philadelphia media can only deal with me in terms that my European friends can’t believe.

There have been 12 or 13 TV specials, some of which still play regularly: A & E played theirs twice on September 13, 2005. The two part movie plays again and again,


I participated in none of these specials and the move is pure phantasy.

My voice is unheard in the media din.
My real life is almost virgin territory.

If you have a moment, tell me who you are. If you need, ever, any help with editing and evaluating manuscripts, let me know as I’ve done much of that. Thank you again for the help.



I know I'm out there but the thought occurs to me that the only way that Hitler's Banker’s (Prescott Bush) Grandson, George W. Bush, a basic failure in life, could be president of the United States was to systematically silence the voices of reason in my generation. Kent State put us on notice that we could be shot in the streets when peacefully protesting. Crack targeted the best and the brightest. Free energy inventor Bruce DePalma fled the country in the early 90's when G.H.W.B. took over in disgust. AIDS and the government targeted the most generous, wise and kind, some of the greatest souls of all. And Einhorn is in jail for murder without any hard evidence to support that he did it. The list is long.

Land of the free?

Let's stop pretending not to know the truth.

If there is anything you can do to help get Einhorn a fair retrial, including donating to his legal fund, send an email to his friend, James Sorrells.

We are overcoming now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Harlem's Sewers & Asthma

This piece could be titled WHY I DON'T LIVE IN HARLEM ANYMORE - PART ONE

Central Harlem, NY has about one quarter of its young people suffering from asthma. Yet, the elected and appointed officials continue to pretend not to know why this is occuring.

There was a claim that the cause was exposure to roaches. However, as a member of a family who has roots going back to the 1920's in Harlem, I can assure you that Harlem has been living with roaches, rats and mice since at least then. As a historical note, I remember my grandmother wondering in the 1980's if the rat and roach poison she put out back then was still impacting on the land and the people.

If modern science, which has been proven to be for sale, pretends not to know what's really going on, consider this:

The 5 Open Sewers Surrounding Harlem do more than stink in the summer time. PARK ON TOP OF SEWER &OPEN SEWAGE TANK

Harlem is surrounded by 5 Open Sewers, North River Water Pollution Control Plant, Wards Island, Tallmans Island Water Pollution Control Plant, and Bowery Bay Water Pollution Control Plants. The year after North River was built there was a radical rise in the infant mortality rate.

However too many people are making too much money keeping the system as is, so the roaches are blamed. Can't blame everything on Canada.

The two most obvious, North River (135th & Hudson River, 10027) and Wards Island (Wards Island, NYC 10035) Water Pollution Control Plants (Sewage Treatment Plants) are on the west side of Harlem and in the river off of the east side respectively.In great part due to the open windows at all ends of the North River Water Pollution Control Plant, and outdoor tanks at Wards Island, Harlem is breathing, daily, volatile organic compounds (VOC's -airborne living organisms) from these sewage tanks.Across the river on the east side, Harlem is also close to Hunts Point Water Pollution Control Plant, Tallmans Island Water Pollution Control Plant, and Bowery Bay Water Pollution Control Plant. You can find a map of the NYC sewer system as published by the Department of Environmental Protection. Politics and common sense need to merge in Harlem.

Her best park, Riverbank State Park, is located over the North River plant and has people, among them children and seniors, exercising over an open sewer…not healthy. The NYC EPA says “The roof of the building is the home of Riverbank State Park, a popular recreational facility with three swimming pools, an amphitheater, an athletic center, a skating rink, a restaurant and sports fields - and, of the two New York State park facilities in the City, the only one built on top of a water pollution control plant.” It’s won many awards while placing Harlem residents in danger of toxic chemicals, methane gas and mutating germs.Established Harlem leadership had decided to put a Hudson River mall just south of the sewer. Don't they think that the funk from the sewer may affect the quality of the meal? There are germs in the sewer air. Environmentalists are being honored in Harlem who keep the conversation about odor and flow rather than toxins and germs and toxic chemicals coming off the sewers.

Sewer System As A Source of Germ Disbursement: “The greatest danger…in breathing of sewer air is that of inhaling with it the living particles (bacilli, etc.) contained or developed in the excrement of diseased persons.” {Roger S. Tracy, Handbook Of Sanitary Information For Households, NY Appleton, 1895}Sick people from all over the world come to New York City to benefit from her extraordinary medical system. Though hospital waste is handled separately from the general sewer system, during the time before sick people check into the hospital, and, if they remain in the city, after they leave, they are using the general sewer facilities.In this time of terrorism, toxic materials (both medical and chemical that could cause illness and death) can be dropped into the sewer system and a large portion of the population could be impacted days after the event.

Floating material could contain harmful elements and the results, devastating. This is because many, if not all of the NYC sewer plants, are not covered and in some cases could be easily contaminated from street or building levels without the culprit being noticed.At North River, the large windows by the tanks are open. At Ward’s Island, the tanks are outside. Though we are encouraged to take comfort in the fact that chlorine kills 85-95% of the germs in the sewer, the more relevant question is what is in the other 5-15% that is strong enough to survive chlorine, food additives, genetically altered foods, human growth hormone, antibiotics, etc.

Consider what happens when those strong germs and toxic chemicals get together in North River’s secondary tanks, with their steam wafting off the tanks next to open windows. Also, the additional chlorine put into the environment via tap water and flushed into the river can have a seepage effect on the land it comes in contact with, further empowering mutating bacteria.The water in North River’s secondary tanks frequently has steam coming off them, which lifts some germs and they become air borne. Harlem's infant morality rate in the year after the North River Plant went into operation was 2.5 times higher than the rest of the City.

Yet the discussion is limited to odor and flow, which haven’t killed anybody.When you connect the dots between when the North River plant was open and rises and falls in her infant mortality rates over the years, you’ll see a direct correlation.

North River Plant and Infant Mortality Rates in NYC & Harlem 1984-1993

Year, NYC, Harlem
1984 - Plant Construction, 13.6, 16.0
1985 - Plant built, 13.4, 23.3
1986 - 12.8, 27.6
1987 - 13.1, 20.9
1988 - 13.4, 22.0
1989 - 13.3, 23.4
1990 - 7.6 - 27.7
1991 - Primary Tanks Covered, 11.4, 19.2
1992 - 10.2, 15.9
1993 - Crack in tank - 10.2, 25.

I had children with oxygen masks protesting the plant and the damage it was doing to them in the mid-90's and the poverty pimps just played on.

What needs to happen to correct the problem?

First, the windows need to be covered or, like at Ward's Island where the open sewer tanks are outside, at least the tanks sealed, like what was in the original plans.

“The problem with covering and air treating the secondary tanks is one of expense … NYCDEP’s rough estimate for subjecting the secondary tanks in a similar odor control system as that for the primary tank is in excess of $100 million.” From “The Smell of Success? An assessment of Odor Control Measures at the North River Water Pollution Control Plant” (June, 1994)

Where are they shopping? Tiffany’s?

We need to honestly evaluate the situation at hand. Consider using sealed aircraft aluminum covers for the secondary tanks and using a NYC labor pool, featuring Harlem residents trained for the job.Community residents will be motivated to do a good job because they and their families are breathing the air.Second, regular testing of the sewer's contents and airborne materials need to be done and the results published. They test for indicator gases, but with the level of chemical reactions that can happen when various chemicals are mixed, we need to test for what is in the air.

The people have a right to know what's in the air, water and land more than they need a say over "is coke or pepsi or snaple going to get the vending contract for the park on top of the sewer, Riverbank State Park, the best park in Harlem.

As we remove or control the cause of the problem, the effects, what we experience as reality, will diminish like what happened in 1991 when the primary tanks were covered.I've put up a page on Harlem's environmental crisis.

Please, tell New York's elected and appointed officials to stop leaving New Yorkers in danger of environmental hazards like when the WTC fell, and cover the open sewers, and not just the ones around Harlem.

I still feel deep sorrow toward the mayor and the govenor about their silence concerning the EPA lying about the dangers in the dust. Yet, the congressmen, senators and many elected and appointed officials in Harlem are just as silent as the children die from asthma.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Jennings - Was it the toxins from the WTC?

World Trade Center Illness is one of those things that demand we look at both sides of the coin. I've been looking for a straight answer about what type of cancer did Peter Jennings have. If you know, please leave a note on this blog. I know the media is saying lung cancer, but was it on the internal (small cell) or external (large -non-small-cell) part of the lung.

Peter Jennings was one of the many heroes of 9/11, reporting on the drama of the day for 16 hours straight. As a person living in New York City at the beginning of this century, he was exposed to many of the toxins from the WTC. Despite the government theory that the dust from the WTC magically stopped around 14th Street, in reality it traveled as far as the winds could carry it. Paper from the buildings were found as far east as Long Island.

If Jennings had small cell lung cancer, then it was probably from smoking. If he had non-small cell cancer, then that's caused by chemical exposure, like what happened as a result of the pulverized material from the WTC.

There are already stories of WTC workers and volunteers getting sick from toxic exposure. My question is, was the great Peter Jennings one of them?

I think there is a possibility that Jennings is the first big name personality to die from WTC Illness. This is just a theory based on chemical and other toxic materials from the WTC that he and others in the area were/are exposed to and their known impact on health. Not rocket science.

I can't find anywhere the real reason he passed, just the general catch all phrase "lung cancer." Yet it seemed so fast. I think, mostly due to the silence around the type of lung cancer that Jennings had, that he possibly got his lung cancer from exposure to the chemicals from the demolition of the WTC.

I've been suspicious of Jennings cancer based on my mother in love, Edith Akuna, passing in April, 2005 from squamous cell cancer on the exterior of her lungs. Squamous cell is usually a skin cancer, but it can happen on internal organs. She was a smoker too and I initially assumed that her lung cancer was from that. But then I learned that internal squamous cell cancer does not come from smoking, it comes from industrial grade chemical and other toxic material exposure on internal organs.

When the buildings fell New Yorkers were put on lock down. There is no way around it, the EPA lied and there was danger in the dust. The dust from the pulverized buildings and materials inside include according to the WTC TOXIC MATERIAL LIST FROM Natural Resources Defense Council -NRDC REPORT: Building Materials (1.2 million tons), Jet Fuel (thousands of gallons), Dioxins, Mercury from computers and light bulbs, Asbestos (300-400 Tons), Concrete (424,000 Tons), Fiberglass, Lead from 50,000 Personal Computers - (4 lbs. lead ea. or 200,000 lbs. of pulverized lead released into the air), Main Frame Computers (300), Wire and cables (Hundreds of miles) Transformer Oil contaminated with PCB's (130,000 gallons), to name a few. People in the area breathed, ate and drank the chemicals. It was on their skin, in the water they bathed in. On the toys their children played with. In the curtains they looked through as they redefined their lives.

"Another possibility is that Jennings had late stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) or a very aggressive type of NSCLC, such as large-cell undifferentiated carcinoma, which accounts for about 10% to 15% of all NSCLC. This aggressive cancer can be found in any part of the lung and it carries a very poor prognosis. " From Medpagetoday.com

Many rescue workers are already getting sick, and others in the area are experiencing reduced vitality shall we say.

My question regarding Jennings is: Was it a normal, small cell cancer or a squamous (non-small cell) cancer? If it was regular cancer, then that makes the point no less valid. People in NY, NJ and CT have been exposed to known carcinogens and the clock is ticking.

I have a piece posted called WORLD TRADE CENTER ILLNESS - CANCER

Whether I’m correct or not regarding Jennings, we’ve got work to do. The government and medical communities are studying the problem, but has yet to propose any real solutions other than ‘be strong.’

I've been writing the City of New York and finally got a response. I told them that their strategy of waiting to see what happens was incorrect because by the time they found the problem, it would be too late.


Robert M. Brackbill, Ph.D, M.P.H
Principal Investigator
World Trade Center Registry
NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

He wrote about the World Trade Center Health Registry (April 4, 2005):

"We will be doing epidemiological follow-up including re-surveying enrollees and measuring incidence of diseases that take longer to develop by using cancer registries and death certificates. Follow-up will be very important for our being able to ascertain the presence of such problems you describe, which warrant further investigation.

If adverse health effects are identified at any point during the 20 year follow-up of registry enrollees (of which we have over 71,000), a comprehensive description of those findings will be posted on our website and communicated through the press and directly to health care providers."

With all we know about the results of exposure to toxic material like asbestos, benzene, etc., they are waiting to see if there is a problem which “warrants further investigation” so they can write a “comprehensive description of those findings.” What the !#%& .

I’m not accusing the medical community of malice. Just being good business people developing customers. Rather than stress means to reduce the chance of developing cancer like early detection, proper nutrition, etc., they say they’ll let us know if something develops.

We don't need a description of what’s happening. Common sense addresses that. There is much information already available about the results from exposure to those materials. What is needed is health strategies for people to minimize their risk of getting sick from the exposures.

The time to address this issue so something could be done has just about passed. I put up a page on my WTC site called "Apply Medical Marijuana to World Trade Center Illness"

Here’s what I think needs to be done.

1. Regular cancer screening and treatment needs to be available at no cost for all exposed, beginning with those who don’t have any health insurance. Since that group is most likely to not have seen a doctor recently, and may be too poor to afford a healthy diet, clean water, etc., I believe they are at great risk to develop cancer.

2. Legalize hemp and tax it at 20% to cover health care costs. With billions of dollars of marijuana sold every year, the tax could be a substantial revenue source.

3. More research needs to be done on how to effectively deal with these cancers. Consider “Sharks Don't Get Cancer : How Shark Cartilage Could Save Your Life” by William I. Lane and Linda Comac.

I’ve posted on line for free a copy of Niro Markoff Asistent’s book WHY I SURVIVE AIDS. The second part of her book has great exercises and life style suggestions for reversing disease. She healed herself from HIV with ARC back in 1986. Her book was originally published by Simon and Schuster, but then S&S was purchased and the option on Niro’s book dropped. SCIENCE AND HEALTH by Mary Baker Eddy is also on line for free.

4. Consider the old Water Cure from the book BACK TO EDEN by Jethro Kloss. The problem is the toxins in the body, so a solution may be to keep ones body, inside and out, as clean as possible. Distilled water draws more toxins and minerals, so take a mineral supplement or add more mineral rich foods to your diet should you switch to a cleaner water like distilled.

5. Demand action from the elected and appointed officials now.

6. Talk with local health care folks about the real dangers from exposure to toxic materials.

7. Get to the truth about what really happened on 9/11. Broken and burned buildings are one thing, pulverized toxic material, quite another.

8. Pray and meditate. Then share your conclusions too.

If Jennings death was from WTC toxic exposure, then he would do for WTC Illness what Rock Hudson did for AIDS. If not, I’m sorry to say it’s just a matter of time before we have a poster child for this crisis.

Caroline Myss in her book “Anatomy of the Spirit : The Seven Stages of Power and Healing” has a chapter “Wisdom Erases Karma.” It’s time to wise up on this issue.

I urge all to stop your lives and, if you have not done so already, go to reopen911.org. One of the many issue they address is a piece on the toxins from the WTC. There you will also see the evidence that 9/11 WTC, buildings 1, 2 and 7 (which was not hit by a plane) all fell in the same style, that of a controlled demolition, making the air the consistency of Drano.

Citizens for Legitimate Government has a petition to sign . Please sign as many on line petitions on the issue as you can to let folks know this is a situation to be dealt with now, rather than wait for an official poster child to be established.

In conclusion, not only do I think that Peter Jennings may have died from World Trade Center related toxins, but thousands more are in grave danger as a result of the controlled demolition known as 9/11.

We are overcoming now.

Friday, August 12, 2005

WTC Baby

Notice the folks standing in the building above the smoke line. In in the center of the picture is a baby being held out farther than a grown person below, by a woman in the window of the WTC.

Does anyone know that happened to that baby?

"2 - Age of the youngest victim of the attacks, Christine Hanson of Groton, Mass., who was aboard United Flight 175. "

CNN has a list of all the victims from 9/11. The youngest person who died in the WTC was
Please visit reopen911.org
Down load the picture and find the guy in the gold panties with his pants around his ankles.
Time to stop the lies

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Questions For President Bush

We already know the White House leaked the name of a CIA agent in an effort to discredit the truth about no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Here's a list of some of the questions the press should be asking.

President Bush:

1. Given the 9/11 photographic evidence available regarding the Pentagon and that the World Trade Center buildings fell as a result of controlled demolitions, do you have any comment?

2. Many people are sick with World Trade Center Illness. Why did the White House "mold" the EPA report about the dangers from the pulverization of the world trade center? What compensation should be offered?

3. Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Millions of people around the world marched as members of your own staff told you the truth, yet were ignored or worse. Is the Downing Street Memo true and if so, do you feel it was right to take the country to war over oil?

4. Factoring in the soldiers who died in the air and in the hospital in Germany as the result of injuries sustained in Iraq, how many Americans have been killed as a result of the Iraq war? How many citizens in Iraq were killed for crimes they did not commit?

5. With all we learned from 3 mile island, and the massive problem we are having finding housing for nuclear waste, i.e. Yucca Mountain, why do you think that nuclear energy is a good idea?

6. Have you read Congressman Conyer's committee report: Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio ? What is your response to the charges that you did not win the last election, either?

Please add to the questions list and share any constructive response in the comments section.

We are overcoming now.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Create A Crisis And Pretend To Solve It - 9/11 - 7/7

To my brothers and sisters in London, my deepest sympathy. The murder of your people on 7/7 rips at the soul of almost every American.

For the first time in this process of terrorizing the world with staged events, I agree with the bonesmen (Skull & Bones). The same folks behind 9/11 are probably behind the London Bombing of 7/7.

Even the timing in London was close to the timing of September 11th: 8-10 a.m. It’s like those folks start work at 8 a.m.

Four planes off course on 9/11 - 4 bombings in London.

9/11 – 7/7 This has got to stop. I can’t pretend to be as stupid as the government wants me to be. Demolitions in both cases.

It’s chapters taken out of the books THE PETER PRINCIPLE and THE PETER PLAN which explains how folks rise to their level of incompetence and what to do once that happens.

The technique is called 'create a crisis and pretend to solve it.'

They’re doing it again. People are less likely to deal with political issues like Blair and Bush's falling popularity, when real issues, like the London Bombings, are going on. Yet as that great campaign explains WE ARE NOT AFRAID.

This whole thing seems like just another fund raiser on the planet earth run by government to keep the people in fear. By fund raiser I’m referring to the experience of governments creating and using fear in an effort to make the population submit to their authority (or lack thereof), another mass murder horror drama (created crisis) like the one from the movie THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT.


1. The technique of killing ones citizens gave Bush a boost in the polls. Maybe it might work for Blair. The Downing Street Memo speaks to the manipulation of intelligence to justify the Iraq war, surrendering it’s oil field to the invading nations. Tony Blair is in trouble from the revelations in the Downing Street Memo that he knew the intelligence was being manipulated and did not tell the British people. Rather, he sent some of their children to their deaths in the name of weapons of mass destruction that did not exist.

The presence of the former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani in London during the event felt scripted, though Giuliani may just be manipulated. (Yeah, right. - He was told the WTC buildings were going to fall)

“LONDON (Reuters) - Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was in London on Thursday when four bomb explosions rocked the capital, and said the blasts were an "eerie reminder" of the September 11 attacks in the United States.”

2. 9/11 was an inside job / controlled demolition and a guided missile that went around the Pentagon to a back portion of the building that was under renovation.

3. Karl Rove’s (and possibly others - even the president) outing of a CIA agent, a clear act of treason. Yet, we are being told that not all treason is the same. 'Some animals are more equal than others.'

4. America and England are loosing the war in Iraq, that had nothing to do with 9/11. How could Iraq give up weapons of mass destruction when they had none? Saddam has been out of power for more than a year and we're still loosing. To whom? Rather than adddress those issues, we are given another bombing, killing more innocent people. OH MY LORD!

When a crime is committed the first place to look for the cause is who benefited most from the crime. In this case it's clearly the Bush and Blair administrations. The G-8 was not going well.

Their problem is that the people are not stupid.

Stay tuned to your common sense. The Lord is walking here.

We are overcoming now.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Legalize Hemp, Tax it at 20%

Legalize hemp, tax it at 20%. That simple shift could give us billions in profit and reduce prison costs.

Since stress kills and medical grade marijuana reduces stress, it's impact on reducing health care costs by reducing health related stress disease could also be extraordinary.

By removing the taboo from marijuana, our energy problems could be solved by switching from petro to hemp seed oil. Hemp is a strong plant that can be grown in many different types of environments.

It's time we stop living by rules of the dead and allow life to flourish in America again.

Support the "States' Rights to Medical Marijuana Act (Introduced in House) HR 2087. The healing that will come from removing the band on this helpful plant may be just the ticket to restoring freedom and prosperity to America.

Legalize hemp, tax it at 20%

Friday, June 10, 2005

What To Do About Social Security!!!

"Stop Social Security Privatization! Bush and the House GOP are warming up to privatize social security and gamble your retirement with their Wall Street Cronies. Sign the Pledge to Protect Social Security!" (From democraticaction.org)


Once again, rather than doing something, we are being encouraged to 'talk about it' or shop for retirement income.

Granted, the U.S. social security system as it is now is not working. It's based on a pyramid scam and needs to be converted to an income based financial source.

Many folks on social security are told to make due with a pittance because it's better than nothing. Some can't live on what social security they get with future prospects of reduced social security checks.

What's needed is a new revenue source that will keep the coffers full and take the burden off the workers. Having the young pay for the old and sick creates resentment sometimes. It does not have to be that way.

I recommend hemp legalization and taxation at 20% broken down to:

1. Federal programs like social security and other health, education and welfare issues 10% (or 50% of the total 20% tax).

2. Participating State and City/Town, 5% each (or 25% each of the total 20% tax).

Imagine the revenue that could come if the government got 20% of all the hemp sold in America. Hemp clothes, ropes, medicine, paper, plastics, foods, fuel and other items could be creating tax revenue NOW. A tax stamp to authorize folks to sell, like what is done with alcohol, would also create an immediate revenue source as dealers would rather pay the government for a stamp than do hard time in jail.

For example, an ounce of good quality hemp sells for $100. Even with people growing in their back yards, folks will purchase better grades/qualities. Also, not everyone has a back yard or the talent to grow so there will be revenue.

Add to that $100 an ounce price $20 in tax revenue. So for $120 an ounce one can delete the drama of arrest for consuming a plant that grows wild in nature. Less chaos in the land resulting from the use of the peace pipe. I've always found it strange that we have made the peace pipe illegal and wonder why we have a problem with violence in our society.

I further recommend that assistance be provided to help folks set up on line businesses that sell goods and services for others. These businesses can offer an income or be put directly into an individual's savings. Everyone who is able needs to move into an honest empowerment zone mode and solve the issues rather than cover them up based on ideas of the dead.

Another tax revenue for humanities based programs could come from computers. They were developed by the world's governments, then the technology was given away to corporations. Companies making money with computers (or technology developed by the governments) should pay a small, 2%, inventor's royalty to the governments which can also be used for social security, taxing at the purchase point for hardware, software and humanwear.

Consider taking social security off the pyramid scan and onto a tax paying basis, using hemp at 20% and computers at (2%). This system can work anywhere in the world where the need to serve mankind is greater than the practice of destroying it.

In my experience, the best system is based on honest prayer and meditation, followed by directed action for the highest good. Continue to create your own prosperity by creating passive revenue sources for our governments and ourselves.

Drop the drama of the dead.

We are overcoming now.

Friday, May 06, 2005


What we are now calling “World Trade Center Illness” (or syndrome or cough) - sickness that results from exposure to the toxic dust of the WTC - can manifest as squamous cell cancer (SCC) or mesothelioma asbestos lung or stomach CANCER. Both cancers result from chronic chemical, petroleum by-products or asbestos exposure. Exposure increases risk, and folks have been exposed to large quantities of toxic material for years now. We have to stop pretending not to know.

Since September 11, 2001, folks in parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have been breathing, eating and drinking the dust from the World Trade Center. The toxic soup contained transformer oil contaminated with PCB's, polyvinyl, chloride, copper, furans, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, dioxins, asbestos, mercury from the computers and lights, thousands of gallons of jet fuel, and what the National Resources Defense Council - NRDC also defined as “small hazardous waste generating entities.”

Add to that an estimated 50,000 personal computers with four pounds of lead each, pulverized, and that is 200,000 pounds of lead released into the atmosphere.

I'm still researching. What I know is that chronic asbestos and petroleum by-products’ exposure can cause cancer. Folks have been exposed to known carcinogens, and we need to deal with this situation now.

People in New York were told “We need you strong.” Rather than evacuate the area, the city was put on lock down, and the EPA report was manipulated by the White House to reflect minimal danger in the dust. There was no choice but to consume the toxins.

From WTC Volunteer Albert Davis’ book (As told to Terri Suess ) on his experience, Getting To Ground Zero:

“The bottom line was there was a shortage of masks. I was able to get one box of matching masks and filters and delivered them to where they were needed, near the “Hole”. They were gone in an instant. I thought of asking rescue workers for their masks when they came out of the site to take a break so the next rescue worker could use it. No one else thought that idea would work so I abandoned it.”

Here’s more supporting documentation for my concerns.


Health Central reports about SCC: “Other risks include genetic predisposition… chemical pollution, and overexposure to X-rays or other forms of radiation.”

From Skincancer.org “Squamous cell carcinomas may also occur where skin has suffered certain kinds of injury: burns, scars, long-standing sores, sites previously exposed to X-rays or certain chemicals (such as arsenic and petroleum by-products).”

SCC can happen internally due to breathing petroleum by-products. I am dealing with this on a personal level now, which is the catalyst for these observations.

My mother-in-love, Edith Akuna, 69, worked for General Motors in Van Nuys, CA in the 1980’s. Her job on the finishing line was to put the stickers on new cars, approving the engine worked. She also pumped gas into the cars for part of her time there.

To do her job, Edith breathed the chemicals off the new, 'starting for the first time' cars for years. After developing respiratory problems, she was put on complete disability about 12 years ago.

Edith, who was otherwise healthy, died of SCC, the kind that results from chemical exposure. SCC is usually a skin cancer. Because she breathed the chemicals, the SCC was on her internal organs.

She had a mass that went from the top of her neck down her right lung, a second tumor lower on her lungs and one on each kidney. As the doctors were explaining the nature of squamous cell cancer I thought, ‘chemicals, like what the folks consumed on 9/11?'

I made the connection between WTC Illness and SCC because the transformer oil and the thousands of gallons of jet fuel, plus the pulverized plastics (petroleum by-products and other chemicals) are what folks in at least part of the tri state area have been consuming, like Edith did at her job.

Her son, Sherwood, is petitioning General Motors for a list of what she was exposed to that caused her to be released early with a full pension. We know based on Edith's job description and interviews with co-workers that petroleum by-products are on the list. Of course they have not released the list. They said they'll get back to her son.

The problem of WTC Illness is not just SCC.


Another dangerous element from the dust is the asbestos. Asbestos inhalation increases ones risk for Mesothelioma Asbestos Lung Cancer. There was, as estimated by the NRDC, between 300-400 tons of asbestos released into the air, pulverized, when the buildings fell.

From the mesothelioma-net.org site:“ Pleural mesothelioma or cancer of the lung lining is the most common form of mesothelioma cancer. Peritoneal mesothelioma is stomach lining cancer and is the next most common form of mesothelioma.”

From U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Agency Fact Sheet - September 13, 2001; “Asbestos fibers are found in nature and float easily. Nearly everyone is exposed to asbestos at some time in their lives. It becomes a health concern when asbestos fibers are breathed in at high concentrations over a long time period. As a person’s exposure to fibers increases, either by breathing more fibers or by breathing fibers for a longer time, that person’s risk of disease also increases. It can take anywhere from 10 to 40 years for someone to develop a specific illness after their exposure. Disease is very unlikely to result from a single, high-level exposure, or from a short period of exposure to lower levels.”

But the asbestos was blown into buildings, into fabrics that people interact with, and though the WTC area has been cleaned up, much of the surrounding area has not and the dusty material was transported in open trucks.

More from the CDC on September 13, 2001.

“What are some things that can be done to limit exposure?

For the general public, the further an individual is from the site of dust generation, the less exposure there will be to high levels of asbestos. The best advice is to avoid or limit dust exposure as much as possible.”

People were told that the dust was limited to lower Manhattan. That was just not true. Paper was found from the WTC as far east as Long Island. If a piece of paper could travel that far, imagine how far the dust traveled, based on prevailing winds.”


George Carlin told a joke about how what use to be called “shell shock” is now “post traumatic stress disorder.” His point was adding more words to describe a situation is not always a good thing. We need to call the next phase of world trade center illness what it is - C A N C E R.

In my opinion, we’ve got work to do. The government and medical communities are studying the problem, but has yet to propose any real solutions other than ‘be strong’.

Regular cancer screening and treatment needs to be available at no cost for all exposed. Research needs to be done on how to effectively deal with these cancers. Consider “Sharks Don't Get Cancer : How Shark Cartilage Could Save Your Life” by William I. Lane and Linda Comac. Also look at hydrotherapy, stress reduction and the need for a healthy diet.

I am not a medical professional. I am a tough minded optimist. I lived in New York from ’72-98. I live in Arizona now. I LOVE NEW YORK ETERNALLY (and the tri-state area –it’s a total package).

Please share this information with anyone you know in the field. The problem is we're waiting for trends to appear rather than be pro active by letting folks know if they ate, breathed or drank the dust, their risk for cancer has increased and need to pay great attention to their bodies. Fuel them right. Hydrate. Know the cancer signs and immediately seek medical attention.

It’s taken me years of study, and experience with Edith’s squamous cell cancer, to reach these conclusions. Though I pray that I’m wrong, I couldn’t live with myself without sharing these observations from this search for solutions.

Caroline Myss in her book “Anatomy of the Spirit : The Seven Stages of Power and Healing” has a chapter “Wisdom Erases Karma.” It’s time to wise up on this issue.

Please let me know what you think and share this information with those who can help address the upcoming WTC cancer crisis.

We are overcoming now.

Re-Open the 911 Investigation - Click Here

Sunday, March 13, 2005

What to do about World Trade Center Illness?

Here's a short list of what was in the dust, provided by the:

Natural Resources Defense Council

Item - Amount

Building Materials - 1.2 million tons

Jet Fuel - thousands of gallons


Mercury from computers and light bulbs

Asbestos - 300-400 Tons

Concrete - 424,000 Tons


Lead from 50,000 Personal Computers - 4 lbs. ea.

Main Frame Computers - 300

Wire and cables - Hundreds of miles

Transformer Oil contaminated with PCB's - 130,000 gallons

From Plastics (still looking for amounts)
polybrominated diphenyl ethers

Small hazardous waste generating entities

NRDC has estimated that there were approximately 50,000 pc's in the World Trade Center with 4 lbs of lead each. 50,000 X 4 = 200,000 lbs of lead just from the PC's. Office furniture, fabrics and human remains were transformed into dust in the time it took for the two towers to fall. Rescue workers report that they didn't find a computer, desk or chair.

The folks in New York, New Jersey and southern Connecticut (not just lower Manhattan) had been breathing, eating and drinking the dust. New York was put on lock down. The people who were there were in shock, many still exhibiting signs of PTSD.

We the people are going to have to solve this one ourselves.

There are some common sense things folks need to be doing, though there is the possibility that it's too late to be effective.

Potentially effective low to no cost solutions include hydrotherapy (clean the toxins out as much as possible), stress reduction (meditation, yoga, medical marijuana), and focus attention on dealing with the problem, rather than endless years of study. We have citizens who need help today.

Since the problem is toxic dust (dirt) in the body, a part of the solution is cleansing.

There is a book "Back To Eden" by Jethro Kloss that has a chapter on the water cure.

Here's a few links on the water cure:

No Cost Water Cure

Water Cure Recipe

Stress Reduction

Meditation, yoga, etc.

One of the ways is medical marijuana which has a 1,000 year plus history of effectively dealing with respiratory and digestive problems. It doesn't have to be smoked. Tea, in foods, vaporizer, etc. will help.

Deal with the issue

Talk about the problem and share solutions.

To pay for this (and other health and welfare issues like social security), I propose hemp legalization and taxation at 20%.

At least our last two presidents have smoked hemp. Hemp: Lifeline to the Future by Chris Conrad shows from their writings that both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were hemp farmers. 'Some say Kennedy had experience with hemp and was planning on legalizing it during his second term.'

From the Hemp bible, Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes “Among the thousands of California actors, musicians and writers who legally use medical marijuana was famed author Peter McWilliams (You Can’t Afford The Luxury Of A Negative Thought), who suffered from AIDS and cancer. He said, "If it weren't for the illegal pot dealers (before Proposition 215), there would have been no marijuana and I wouldn't be alive today. Marijuana eases nausea and makes it possible for me to keep down food and the pills I must take to combat my diseases. F*** the federal government. Use it if you need it." McWilliams eventually died when his hemp supply was disrupted by the federal government.

Please share any low to no cost effective healing ideas you have.

We are overcoming now.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What To Do About Poverty

Vice President John Edwards asked this question in a Yahoo group since he is addressing the issue. What to do about poverty?

Here’s a short list: effective computerization so anyone can make money with an on line business; clean, free energy; and apply common sense to health care.

We have been looking at poverty all wrong. There is a poverty of sickness, a poverty of financial lack, a poverty of sorrow and a poverty of pollution to mention a few. Poverty is a lack and the solution is to create an adequate if not abundant supply of what is needed. As we address the big picture, each element can develop specific solutions to the problems at hand.


The basic shift from the Industrial Age to the Information Age is done. This shift carries with it a benefit of empowering individuals. Second hand information in the Information Age is the new slavery. Those who have to go to another to get their daily data many times find that it is old news by the time they get it, if they get it.

The next step in solving the problem of poverty is to adequately computerize the population, or as the jargon goes ‘bridge the digital divide.’ In the 90's I trained over 3,000 people for free in Harlem HOW TO COMPUTE. Many got jobs, went back to school and created deeper connections within their family and community.

From my paper on how to bridge the digital divide :

A. Encourage banks to set up “Cyber Clubs”, much like the old “Christmas Clubs” where people can make deposits into an account for future technology purchases. As an alternative to giving a child a game or a $200 pair of sneakers for a gift, take that money and deposit it into the account. These clubs can make group purchases during July 4th and Dr. King’s Birthday weekends offering additional buying incentives based on volume discount buying. They can also keep people informed of the newest, latest and most effective equipment and programs to purchase. Financial management, i.e. “computer banking” computer user groups can be formed to use the technology to enrich the community.

B. Provide incentives for community organizations to offer free computer training to their membership. Teach the basics necessary to write letters, get on and use the web, balance a budget or record one’s family tree. Trainers can be available on line with e-mail correspondence.

C. Encourage small business growth. With a computer, whatever one does best, they can do as a business. For example, if someone braids hair, show them how their computer can keep their books, appointments, send out customer mailings, encourage word of mouth, file taxes, etc. Sales development clubs, on the web and off, can also encourage economic growth. These clubs can reach beyond national borders. Also, auto responder book sales and other residual income sites can be established.

D. Hold more and targeted local, state and national and international “town meetings” on the web with elected and appointed officials answering questions and listening to solutions from constituents. Network ideas with resources and people to accomplish the mission of safe, effective computerization for all who want it.

E. Provide additional tax and financing incentives to open computer stores, training centers, wherever. It’s not just low-income people who need access and training. We all do. I still can’t believe the many times I heard “I never thought I would ever be able to use a computer,” or “I’ve never even touched a mouse.”

F. Encourage intelligent, cross cultural-religious-economic-racial-gender, etc. computer use. With computers we see the quality of one’s ideas before we see the body they are in or the lifestyle they live. The opportunity to build bridges is to great to ignore.

G. Encourage non-violent conflict resolution through a computer. It’s tough to use a computer and a gun at the same time. Also arguments over modems cause less violence.

H. Promote the joy of computing.

I. Ask computer companies to stop red-lining inner cities.

I’m updating my free 10 week computer training I used in Harlem in the 90’s for PC/Windows/Word 2000 and 2003 with links to other free on line trainings for other Microsoft programs. The work is just about complete.


When Bruce DePalma (inventor of the magnet based N-machine which works with a Faraday Motor to create free energy) died in '97 he was at a point where he proved what Tesla was talking about with magnet based energy.

"It is characteristic of fundamental discoveries, of great achievements of the intellect, that they retain an undiminished power upon the imagination of the thinker. The memorable experiment of Faraday with a disc rotating between two poles of a magnet, which has borne such magnificent fruit, has long passed into every-day experience; yet there are certain features about this embryo of the present dynamos and motors which even today appear to us striking, and are worthy of the most careful study."
- Nicola Tesla, 1891, New York City, New York

The folks who created the plane that broke the sound barrier said they did so because they knew that a bullet does it all the time. One of the creators recently said on the program Discover that all they had to do was adjust the spin and drag on the plane and it could be done. DePalma was in the process of adjusting the spin and drag on his N Machine when he died. The super collider got funded while DePalma got ignored.

There are many "poor" folks who could finish that work off, but it's been impossible to get past the oil interests for funding. It’s time to change the energy agenda. Free, clean energy would remove not only the financial burden from folks to keep warm and move around, but would also help with environmentally induced diseases like asthma. I have just completed an e-book of his writings .

There are other clean energy alternatives, some listed with links on my Peak Oil page.


Our entire conversation about health care is how to pay the doctors and insurance companies. We need to empower folks more regarding healing and better yet, not getting sick.

For example, there is a book Dressed To Kill by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer that speaks in detail about the connection between bras and breast cancer.

From the Amazon piece on the book:

"When Soma and I did our research for Dressed To Kill we were not aware of how easily women can recover from fibrocystic breast disease by foregoing the bra. Bras, by their very design, alter the shape of the breasts for fashion. To alter breast shape you have to apply constant pressure on the breast tissue. That is why bras are elastic garments. This pressure from the bra impedes the circulation in the breast tissue, specifically, the circulation of the lymphatic system. This system is composed of microscopic vessels that originate in the breast tissue and drain the tissue of fluid, which is directed through these vessels to the lymph nodes. The lymphatic vessels are extremely thin and small, and have no pump, such as the heart, to propel its contents forward. As a result, lymphatic vessels are easily constricted by external pressure, such as that applied to the breast tissue constantly by the brassiere. It is compression of these lymph vessels that prevents the proper draining of the breast tissue, leading to fluid accumulation in the breast. Medically, this is called lymphedema of the breast, secondary to constriction from the bra. This fluid accumulation leads to breast tenderness and pain, and ultimately the fluid develops into cysts. The cysts over time become hard, and we have a picture of the creation of fibrocystic breast disease. Within days or weeks of ending breast constriction by bras, the breast tissue is allowed to flush out this excess fluid, cysts disappear, and breast pain and tenderness are minimal if at all present. From our research with hundreds of women, getting rid of the bra has resulted in remarkable recovery of breast health in over 95% of the cases. Since foregoing the bra for a month is cost-free and risk-free, and may prove beneficial, we encourage all women who wear bras to partake in a self-study to see for themselves, on themselves, whether their bras have been damaging their breasts. Keep in mind that breast disease is only a problem in bra wearing cultures. Women who are bra-free have the same breast cancer incidence as men. And don't wait for the cancer detection and treatment industry to endorse this information before you try it. Billions of dollars are made each year treating breast cancer. Nobody will make money by women loosening up to prevent this disease. The prevention of breast disease is up to each individual woman. Just stop binding the breasts with bras in the name of fashion, and begin to love yourself and respect your body."

I first heard about the study in the early 90's and took off my bra. I don't even own one anymore. I’m in my 50’s and don't have breast cancer.

Another example for how to reduce health care cost is AIDS.

Niro Markoff Asistent healed herself of HIV with ARC back in 1986. I just finished typing her out of print book on how she did it, WHY I SURVIVE AIDS so it can be available as an e-book. She healed herself with diet, removing stress, meditation, and other techniques. For example:

"Nadabrahma is based on an old Tibetan technique of humming through the nose, and it seems that the humming vibration has a twofold effect. First, it helps to focus your energy inwardly, and to stimulate your pineal gland – or open your ‘third eye,” as it is referred to by mystics. The third eye is located in the center of your inner vision to receive intuitive guidance from your higher power. Second, as I was later to discover, the humming technique massages the pituitary and thymus glands. The thymus gland monitors the production of T-cells and the pituitary gland monitors the elimination of toxins. Both glands are very important for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Sometime after my healing, I met two researchers who were studying the effects of massage on the pituitary and thymus glands. When I told them about the humming section of the Nadabrahma, they suggested that the sound vibration performs an inner massage on those vital glands. I now teach this meditation to all who participate in my workshops and private sessions."

Let’s not forget the Water Cure explained in the book BACK TO EDEN by Jethro Kloss.

Finally, the health drama of repetitive stress injuries is just plain stupid regarding computer use. When you support the forearms and lower the keyboard, carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries disappear because the cause, the stress and bent wrists, is removed. It took me 30 days for my extensive computer injuries to heal back in 1990. Fifteen years later, the injuries never returned, and I spend the vast majority of my time on my computers with my patented CompUrest.

Before George Bush stole the election before last, we were a free nation of great minds and spirits. Now folks are living in fear, stripped of the most basic of freedoms, like speech, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We can bootstrap ourselves to a peaceful, prosperous world with the right coordination. When I put a 92 year old woman at a computer with a 26 year old woman so together they could learn how to use a mouse, the synergy was awesome. Each had answers for the other. The magic is still in the people. We can be a great nation again.

We are overcoming now.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Bogus Ballots

Bogus - Counterfeit or fake; not genuine: bogus money; bogus tasks. Yahoo! Dictionary

Beware of folks who call the truth 'sour grapes' when it gets in the way of their agenda. Counterfeit or fake results were used to certify the 2004 election in Bush-Cheney’s favor.

George Bush, the current president of the United States of America is bogus. The State of the Union was bogus because the man elected president based on winning the highest number of qualified electoral votes was not giving the address. The Ohio election was so corrupt it should have been disqualified. That the Ohio vote was not disqualified speaks to the level of corruption in the U.S. federal government. The blessing is we learned which elected and appointed officials stand with the people, and which stand with the corrupt federal government.

The evidence is powerful enough that if the Black American victims of this vote fraud were White Americans, it would evoke a cry so loud that it would send a shutter down the spine of America.

As you will learn when you read the report submitted to congress about the election, Jim Crow is alive and well. There are pictures of him in Ohio. He’s seen in the average 4-5 hour lines much of the time outdoors in bad weather, to vote in Black Democratic communities while it took 10 minutes to vote in others.

Our shattered democracy is in need of healing.

Please, read the compelling material presented to congress challenging the Ohio electors titled PRESERVING DEMOCRACY: WHAT WENT WRONG IN OHIO, Status Report of the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff. This 102 page report offers documentation on just how bad the system is broken and who is benefiting, using Ohio as an example. Share what you have learned and demand that your elected and appointed officials know that the people demand truth in the election process.

Preserving Democracy proves that there were so many voting problems in Ohio during the presidential election of 2004, it is impossible to get an accurate count. One person one vote is no longer how the president is chosen. The emperor is naked for all to see who choose to look at the evidence.

Preserving Democracy reveals many areas where the election in Ohio is seriously flawed: Conflicts of Interest; Voting Machine Placement – Pro Bush-Cheney; Spoiled Votes; Faulty Machines and Hanging Chads; Voter Intimidation and Mis-information; Disenfranchised Hundreds of Thousands of Ohio Citizens; Criminal Actions; and Computer Voting companies, Diebold and Triad, with ties to Bush-Cheney, castrating hundreds of thousands of votes.

Are we free or not? Does our vote count or not? Whose vote is slated to be stolen next? Like America learned while ignoring the CIA induced crack epidemic in the 1980’s, what happens in the Black community eventually makes it all through the country. Here’s a sampling of what you will learn in the report. I’ve kept footnote references in the quotes.

Secretary of State and Co-Chair of the Bush Cheney Ohio campaign, J. Kenneth Blackwell - Or the voting referee is the captain of one of the playing teams.

1. Voting Machine Placement – Pro Bush-Cheney

“There was a wide discrepancy between the availability of voting machines in more minority, Democratic and urban areas as compared to more Republican, suburban and exurban areas. Even on election day, urban areas were hard pressed to receive the critical machines to respond to the ever lengthening lines. According to a Washington Post investigation, “in Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo, and on college campuses, election officials allocated far too few voting machines to busy precincts, with the result that voters stood on line as long as 10 hours – many leaving without voting.”79 Moreover, the Election Protection Coalition testified that more than half of the complaints about long lines they received “came from Columbus and Cleveland where a huge portion of the state’s Democratic voters live.” (page 24)

2. Spoiled Votes Faulty Machines and Hanging Chads

“Voters reported bizarre “glitches” in voting machines where votes for Senator Kerry were registered as votes for the President.6 The counting process was similarly chaotic and suspect.” (Page 8)

“We have received numerous reports of transfers of votes for Senator Kerry to votes for President Bush. Specifically, in Youngstown, the Washington Post reported that their investigation revealed 25 electronic machines transferred an unknown number of Kerry votes to the Bush column.229 Jeanne White, a veteran voter and manager at the Buckeye Review, an African American newspaper, stepped into the booth, pushed the button for Kerry – and watched her vote jump to the Bush column. “I saw what happened; I started screaming: ‘They’re cheating again and they’re starting early!”230 The Election Protection Coalition also confirmed these voting “glitches” noting that a “voter reported “Every time I tried to vote for the Democratic Party Presidential vote the machine went blank. I had to keep trying, it took 5 times” (page 52)

“Ohio had a significant number of spoiled votes – approximately 93,000.322 These are ballots in which either no presidential vote was recorded or multiple votes were indicated and therefore ignored. For example, someone may not have filled in his presidential choice dark enough for an optical scan machine to read, but did fill it in clearly enough to be a valid selection in a hand count.323 In addition, a punch card voter may not have punched completely through his choice, leaving a “chad” attached that could not be read by the tabulator. However, that same chad could be read in a hand count because Ohio law provides that hanging chads may be considered valid votes as long as two corners are detached.324

According to a New York Times investigation, “the problem [with spoiled ballots] was pronounced in minority areas, typically Kerry strongholds. In Cleveland ZIP codes where at least 85% of the population is black, precinct results show that one in 31 ballots registered no vote for president, more than twice the rate of largely white ZIP codes where one in 75 registered no vote for president. Election officials say that nearly 77,000 of the 96,000 [spoiled] ballots were punch cards.”325

One of the principal purposes of the recount in Ohio was to ascertain the intent of these 93,000 ballots. However, by manipulation or otherwise every county in Ohio but Coshocton County avoided completing a full hand recount. This means that the vast majority of these spoiled ballots will never be reviewed.” (page 70)

3. Voter Intimidation and Mis-information

Numerous incidents of voter intimidation and misinformation engaged in Ohio on election day likely violate the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1968, and the Ohio right to vote. Mr. Blackwell’s apparent failure to institute a single investigation into these acts likely represents a violation of his statutory duty to investigate election misconduct.” (page 99)

4. Disenfranchised Hundreds of Thousands of Ohio Citizens

“With regards to our factual finding, in brief, we find that there were massive and unprecedented voter irregularities and anomalies in Ohio. In many cases these irregularities were caused by intentional misconduct and illegal behavior, much of it involving Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, the co-chair of the Bush-Cheney campaign in Ohio. First, in the run up to election day, the following actions by Mr. Blackwell, the Republican Party and election officials disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of Ohio citizens, predominantly minority and Democratic voters: (page 4)

5. Criminal Actions

“In addition, the Civil Rights Act of 1968 provides criminal penalties for violations of civil rights, rights, including interference with the right to vote. Specifically, section 245 of title 18 makes it a crime for any person who “by force or threat of force willfully injures, intimidates or interferes with, or attempts to injure, intimidate or interfere with any person because he is or has been, or in order to intimidate such person or any other person or any class of persons from voting or qualifying to vote....”.(page 15)

“The Ohio Republican Party attempted to engage in “caging,” whereby it sent registered letters to newly registered voters in minority and urban areas, and then sought to challenge 35,000 individuals who refused to sign for the letters or the mail otherwise came back as undeliverable (this includes voters who were homeless, serving abroad, or simply did not want to sign for something concerning the Republican Party). Mark Weaver, an attorney for the Ohio Republican Party, acknowledged the Party used this technique.167 During a hearing before the Summit County Board of Elections, a challenger admitted that she had no knowledge to substantiate her claim that the voters she was challenging were out of compliance with Ohio’s election law:168 “(page 40)

“These incidents of voter intimidation and misinformation clearly violate the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1968, Equal Protection, Due Process and the Ohio right to vote. The fact that Secretary Blackwell did not initiate a single investigation into these many serious allegations may represent a violation of his statutory duty to investigate election irregularities. Cases of intimidation and misinformation such as we have seen in Ohio appear to have become a regular feature of our election landscape and would appear to warrant the development of a stronger investigative and law enforcement system than we have at present, at both the state and federal levels.300 “(page 65)

6. Computer Voting Companies with Ties to Bush-Cheney

A. Diebold

“Diebold, whose CEO, Walden O’Dell, is a member of President Bush’s Pioneer and Ranger team, has visited the Crawford ranch and wrote a letter promising to deliver the electoral votes of Ohio.” (page 66)

“The Board made the alterations to the ballot after determining the intent of the voters. Following a lunch break during the recount, the Board kept recount observers waiting while a technician from the Diebold company reprogrammed the machine.” (page 95)

B. Triad

“The voting computer company Triad has essentially admitted that it engaged in a course of behavior during the recount in numerous counties to provide “cheat sheets” to those counting the ballots. The cheat sheets informed election officials how many votes they should find for each candidate, and how many over and under votes they should calculate to match the machine count. In that one has to be somewhat suspect.” (page 7) Is that why Karl Rove ‘knew’ the exit polls were wrong?

“According to the affidavit, the Triad official sought access to the voting machinery based on the apparent pretext that he wanted to review some “legal questions” Ohio voting officials might receive as part of the recount process. At several times during his interaction with Hocking County voting machines, Mr. Barbian telephoned into Triad’s offices to obtain programming information relating to the machinery and the precinct in question. It is now known that Triad officials have intervened in other counties in Ohio - Greene and Monroe, and perhaps others.
In fact, Mr. Barbian himself has admitted to altering tabulating software in Hocking, Lorain, Muskingum, Clark, Harrison and Guernsey counties.387 Todd Rapp, President of Triad, also has confirmed that these sorts of changes are standard procedure for his company.388” (page 81)

Of course there is no evidence when you refuse to look at it. Without Ohio’s cooked election books factored in the mix, John Kerry won based on achieving the highest number of qualified electoral votes.

“In addition, a challenge has been filed to the Ohio results asserting, to a level of sworn proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that Senator Kerry, not President Bush, was the actual victor of the Presidential race in Ohio. Kenneth Blackwell is adamantly refusing to answer any questions under oath in regard to election irregularities or results. He is apparently counting upon Congress accepting the votes of the electors and, as an immediate consequence, the Ohio Supreme Court dismissing the citizens' election contest.” (page 10)

There’s a lot more information in PRESERVING DEMOCRACY: WHAT WENT WRONG IN OHIO, Status Report of the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff, which I again encourage you to read. Despite the lies on the congressional floor that everything seemed to be in order regarding the electoral vote from Ohio, it was not. It’s not too late to fix this. It can be said “upon further evaluation, the Ohio vote is not in order and should be disqualified. The President and Vice President are Kerry-Edwards.” The sound of JOY would sweep across the land.

The time for the great change is here. We are overcoming now.

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