Sunday, July 15, 2018

Miracles for Nayer - Thank You Lord

I don't usually do personal notes on this blog. This is an exception.

I am J. Nayer Hardin, founder of and a conductor on the Computer Underground Railroad. Thank you for your prayers. Sharing an update on New Hemp Cities and me. I am in the middle of a major series of miracles for which I am offering profound gratitude. I feel a lot like George Bailey at the end of the movie "It's A Wonderful Life." Thanks Clarence!'

"Information is transformation"

My life, not to be confused with easy, is full of miracles. I am blessed with Sherwood Akuna, the perfect husband for me, plus the rest of my fabulous family and friends for my entire long and happy life.

Since the 1960's I've been smoking weed and typing fast. My first exposure to a computer job was in 1974 on word processors. I've been a cyber diva full time since 1977. My own emancipation proclamation day came in the early 1980's when IBM announced home PC's. Now I get to do a masterpiece of my life's work, combining prayer, hemp / cannabis and computers.

We're settling in on 10.4 acres in Cochise County's Mc Neal, AZ thanks to a land investment and consulting by long time hemp activist Dr. Jeri Rose. The purpose is to develop it as a profitable proving ground for 3d printing Harriet Tubman style environmentally conscious buildings and roads from hemp. We will be subcontracting work to qualified companies like Contour Crafting and Apis Corp., over seeing to assure buildings and roads meet quality control standards. 

Below is a link to a drone shot of the area where we are. The first and last thirty seconds show the land we are on to begin growing next year when hemp farming becomes legal in Arizona. The balance shows possible room for expansion.

From crops we grow as well as commercially available filaments, we can print the driveway, environmentally conscious Harriet Tubman dome homes, an inn and 5 acres of hemp / cannabis farm land.

This area is on an aquifer making it a perfect place for senior citizens to retire to and cyber citizens to grow in. With basic health numbers reading machines, we can lead the way in teleconferencing medicine. Robotics for maintenance (i.e. farming) will be incorporated with the jobs. There is plenty of area out here to expand as opportunity presents itself.

This phase of the mission is to develop Harriet Tubman style buildings and roads, built to get passengers safe.

Tubman never lost a passenger. These dome shaped buildings are:
  • rounded, designed to reduce wind damage,
  • strong and waterproof using ABS hemp plastic that is ten times stronger that steel,
  • radiation shielded using NASA science of magnetic shielding,
  • an extra family core in the center of the building in the event of extreme storms, fires, nuclear blast, etc.
Miracles In My Health Too

After 61 years of good health, I had my first seizure in 2014. In May, 2018, when we moved onto our dream property, described above:

At the end of June, 2018 I was in the hospital for my 3rd major brain seizure in 4 years.
First two words I said 
when I got out of Intensive Care
"Lap Top"

By the Lord's Grace I survived an ugly spell with a broken blood vessel in May, 2018 (right). I thought I had too much work to do settling in to pay attention. Sherwood demanded that I at least take a picture so I could see the condition my body was in. A month later I woke up in at Banner – University Medical Center Tucson in Tucson, AZ attached to a set of machines in June (above). I survived. "Love is the way that I walk in gratitude." At least it was not like the first one, the grand mal that killed me.

What I learned from the grand mal is that the devil has a restraining order against me because he doesn't want me lowering the temperature in hell by saving souls there too.

I am also blessed to understand that even when I was 'dead', through the afterlife experience and return miracle, I was/am still me on both sides of the life and death veil. That miracle of understanding brings me so much peace.

In process. It was like turning my head left and right in a conversation. One moment I was communicating with my mother on the other side, the next I was talking with my sister Robin who traveled from Detroit to Vegas to keep the medical decisions in A+ fashion, like no picc line while I was out. 'Every day in every way by the Grace of God I am getting better and better and better'

June 27, 2018 - Home From The Hospital

I'm writing this from home in the middle of July, having been released from the hospital at the end of June. High blood pressure and liver dramas to heal.

Continued prayers for us all. I am praying for every soul every day and night, unconditionally, for the living, beyond living and pre living too. Not even Donald Trump is the exception to that rule.

Enjoy your miracles too.

Again, thank you for your prayers. We are overcoming. Joy!

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