Thursday, September 05, 2019

What Will Happen to Us Before 2025?

Lord - Help us deliver ourselves from stupid!
A touch of wisdom.
5g is causing cancers and seizures (though I've been diagnosed with epilepsy, I'm really just tech fried) -
Robotic surgery is great until an equipment malfunction happens or the communications channel goes down between remote locations -
Could anyone benefit financially or otherwise from an unknown program glitch that factors the programmers bias?
Does the microchip have the ability to control the host?

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

"Belief is a powerful thing" by Dr. of Chiropractic Jeri Rose

Belief Is A Powerful Thing
by Dr. of Chiropractic Jeri Rose 

Belief is a powerful thing. There is a tribe who liked what the West brought on its planes. When the West ceased to have interest in going there, the people prayed for the planes to return and created a religion based on using their belief to get those planes back. Belief was not strong enough then. The Egyptians had a belief in an afterlife that would emerge and required mummification and an elaborate structure and ritual that now stands as a great tourist attraction in a desert. We do not credit their belief any longer as coming true and their religion died and their descendants are now Muslims. Christians have a belief that a Jew died to save them from a sin that evolved from humanity in the form of the first woman seeking to know the difference between good and evil. This Jew was proposed to be capable of returning in some future time when all true Christians will be resurrected from their graves. Our society still falters upon this notion and blames women and has concocted a scenario wherein the Jews are at the crux of a war that sets the stage for this return of the most famous Jew. The Muslims believe that their God demands that they spread their religion, their belief in God, by all means. Their belief sets the stage for a politics of war and power. Christians believe that the war that brings forth the return of their God requires their faith in this war and therefore their acceptance of it. There are people who claim there is no truth. That all is based on belief and there is no God with any expectation of humans achieving a moral and spiritual goal. They believe only in the obvious physical world and the ability of science to discover how it works. The more scientists delve into the workings of the particles that come together to make the physical world, the more they find that these suggest an energy determines their creation and activity. Truth that there is God but not one that measures up to the dogma of religion means that there is truth on the side of those who are drowned in belief that is as futile as that of the cargo cult. What is truth? Sorting it out is the truth. The cargo cult of the sacred mountain holds the truth of the sanctity of all reality and thus of every piece of dust. The sanctity of the human search to know not only good from evil but truth from belief and the variety of methods that subatomic particles become atoms and the chemistry of molecules that finally form a human capable of delving into the question of everything is the holy path. What a human does that honors the search that seeks to peer through a microscope or a telescope is as sacred as the mountain. We are required to consider our means. Do we recognize the danger to life of our activities. Whatever the created sanctity of oil, uranium and poison mushrooms, we must take care not to destroy in our greedy use of whatever is at hand. When the Europeans came to the land now known as the United States, their ethos cared little for what truth and benefit existed in those people who lived without horses or iron. No human can deny the benefit of our modern inventions. Any human who denies the sanctity of and sacredness of life and the reality that God creates will utilize these inventions and make things without care for the whole. The result is good sublimated to greed and become a detriment to the whole. Then there is the crowd clamoring to have their belief run the world and force cargo planes to come and telescopes to crumble. Picking our way through the truth is the human sacred path.

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