Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Real ID Act

“Do not participate in anything you believe is evil.” Gandhi

There is a Real ID Act Rebellion going on.

I am so grateful for the bravery displayed by the states standing up to the Real ID Act, and all the citizens who support them in their actions. The American Congress is concerned if a Mexican family moves next door who didn't fill out their papers right and not the many losses of freedom, like the freedom to go to Canada, or Mexico, free speech, fair trial, etc.

The Real ID Act is another tool Nazis use to more easily arrest the people, and assure their compliance in paying off the government debt. To accept the Read ID Act is to accept the consequences at the moment when your 'papers' have been declared invalid, lost in transit, dropped for affiliation, or for whatever reason.

It’s like we’re in the movie Casablanca. The words that usually follow an unfulfilled request of 'papers please', or whatever reason, like they thought they were in danger, are, as you're running in fear, "Get Set, Point, Fire." That's what the tape recorder repeated that was recording during the Kent State murders.

From the great website Common Dreams

"For 37 years the official cover story has been that a mysterious shot rang out and the young Guardsmen panicked, firing directly into the “mob” of students.

This week, (5/7/07) that cover story was definitively proven to be a lie.

Prior to the shooting, a student named Terry Strubbe put a microphone at the window of his dorm, which overlooked the rally. According to the Associated Press, the 20-second tape is filled with “screaming anti-war protectors followed by the sound of gunfire.”

But in an amplified version of the tape, a Guard officer is also heard shouting “Right here! Get Set! Point! Fire!”

The sound of gunshots follow the word “Point.” Four students soon lay dead. Two days later, two more would die at Jackson State University, as police fired without provocation into a dorm."

9/11 is another example of the government turning its weapons on We The People.

Sending people to war for toxic energy is another.

These evil folks, who want papers on free people, must learn that our souls are not for sale. The Lord, the creator and sustainer of all, holds the papers on me, not the plantation of the United States. That's what it means to be free.

If you have not done so already, please read the on line, an about 100 pages ebook.

The book is called:HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCYKNOWN TO MAN ... a Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are by: Mary Elizabeth: CroftThe book is posted for free as an ebook at:

It's a work of understanding.

This book adds additional insight into the drama.

Given the level of debt this country is in, they need to card the straw men to secure their loans. Like Herod and the baby Jesus’ family, an accurate accounting is required to secure the debt. I'm sure I'm not the only citizen who has done her best to stay out of the system since '84. Like Dr. E. K. Ross said, 'once I learned I could do without, the rest was relatively easy.'

To support the government in its current form is to support murder, torture, corruption, legislated toxic environment, and failed health & education systems.

If this Real ID Act goes through, make sure you can get your life down to two suitcases quickly. Pack your bags for the concentration camps that are being built in advance, just in case. More efficient that way.


Time to turn this situation around.

Just say no to the Real ID Act. It's really just another tool the government can use to put us to death on request.

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