Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stolen Election 2006?

It was recently reported that Karl Rove is confident about the elections next month. The only ways that could be true is if he knows the fix is in, like it was in the 2000, 2002 and 2004 elections. The only question is will it be enough of a fix.

The elections are like what my grandmother use to tell me about being Black. That I have to produce twice as much as any White person to get a quarter of the way, which means I have to produce eight times more just to break even.

For the 2006 US election to reflect the honest Will of the People, folks will have to vote in such great numbers that an election fix of 1 vote = 2 votes for the dominate party and 1 vote = 1/4 vote for the non-dominant party throws the corrupt out of office. I say in great numbers because the dead have a way of out-voting the living in some cities.

From what I read in the congressional report 'Preserving Democracy, What Went Wrong In Ohio,' I have no hope for a "fair election" at this time. I do have ample faith in future elections.

As Bill Maher pointed out, we can count a dollar down to the penny (fraction of a penny when buying gas), but we can't get an accurate vote count.

The government needs to learn how to use Microsoft Excel (or other universal spreadsheet program, simplified). Locked spread sheets with a person's vote, submitted on line with a follow though to the count, would clear up the situation quickly.

Libraries, with their many computers, can serve as voting places for a day (or better yet a week before plus election day) every two years to host elections for folks who do not have web access. This system would also bring more folks in touch with the opportunities to learn at their local libraries.

The system is broken beyond repair, and it's time to go back to the basics. WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF EVIDENT. What’s true? What's real? What's helping us? What's hurting us? Somebody else knows how stupid it is that our leading industry is health care.

Though I am born and raised in the United States, over 50, and never been arrested, it's illegal for me to vote. I live in Arizona without papers other than my birth certificate so I've become less than human in the sight of the State of Arizona.

If the government has not made it illegal for you to vote, please vote based on the highest good for all concerned.

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