Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kyoto Hemp Forum - Children

Welcome children. Nobody in this process of overcoming climate change is more important than you.

Fashion Diva Starr Mitchell and her brother, spelling champion and math enthusiast Coylee Mitchell, plus their brother Jon Pierre Mitchell who is teaching Medicine, Inc. about how to overcome brain seizures his whole life inspired this page. Their ideas throughout this process are keys to co-creating an action plan to save the planet and ourselves.

They are absolutely right. Children have a lot to say about how this world is run and adults must listen. This room is for you to post in plus please, feel free to visit any of the other rooms.

I respectfully disagree with the claim that you are our future.  You are our present, the reason we are here. It is important that we include your ideas and actions into healing ourselves and our world.  

Farming is an important element in healing the world. From nutrition to plants cleaning the soil and air, called phytoremediation, everyone has a role to play, none more important than yours. 

Technology is doing a lot to open the barriers to learning how to save ourselves. What we don't know we can learn and/or figure it out. 

Here's an example of the world of positive possibilities ahead. Using plants to fuel the 3d printing upgrade to our lives, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Here's another example below.

Children, you picked a great time to be alive. Your generation's participation is key to saving the world. Thank you. 

Upload your ‘environmental rap / spoken word’, or whatever other ideas you have in the comments section below. When you get old, you will have a record of you working to save the world since childhood. I pray that your children be as proud of and grateful for you as we are. It will bring you great comfort in your old age. 

Thank you.

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