Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ira Einhorn - Another Innocent Man In Jail?

I'm from the old school that says if the evidence does not fit, the government must acquit.

I believe that in America we have a lot of people in jail who should not be there.

My good brother David Crockett Williams turned me onto one such person, Ira Einhorn, who has served the last 4 years in prison for a murder he says he did not commit. I am inclined, based on the lack of evidence, to believe him.

In Einhorn's case he was accused of murdering his girlfriend, Holly Maddux and keeping her body in a trunk in his apartment, where they said the murder happened. There are no witnesses that Maddox and Einhorn were together at the time of her death. There is no blood evidence in Einhorn's apartment, nor in the body that the government "found" in a trunk in his apartment, where they said the murder took place, etc.

Now, Einhorn was known for speaking out on free energy, the environment, freedom and other really important issues in the 60's and 70's, most of which conflicted with the pro corporate government we’ve had.

I proudly and joyously midwifed the book that Einhorn and his friend, the great James Sorrells, put together that Jim holds 100% of the rights to called Prelude To Intimacy. It's a really good read about life on the run from the US government and makes the case for an open retrial based on truth.

Because Einhorn is in jail, he does not have web access. That's about to change. What he sends me I'll blog.

First note from Ira Einhorn – September 15, 2005:


Your spirit comes off your emails and provides delight for my heart to know that the progressive evolutionary impetus is still alive and kicking up a storm with such precision and knowledge.

When you are cut off – as I am – 20 years away and now 4 years behind bars, one has little sense of the activism that is keeping things alive. I have friends who send me things to read, but it is not the same as feeling the pulse that comes off the emails that Jim has shared with me.

They blew me out of the H2O just at the point wherein I had gathered enough force to go forth, really opens things up. And perhaps focus attention on the technology that might alleviate the ecological catastrophe that is now getting closer with each dawning.

Years underground in five other cultures made me aware of the confines that are now destroying american society.

My activist soul struggled in this enforced silence (Mostly: for another letter) and continued my incessant learning while I taught myself to write novels.

Capture brought an explosion of publicity that I still can’t believe and I refused 90% of the offers.

Then they made a law just for me.

Then they pushed through a $1,000,000,000 civil suit to prevent me from publishing. Bless you for helping end run that.

I came back to a prison system that feels like a 21st century Black version of the 19th century Indian reservations.

As I look around I constantly ask one question: DON’T WHITE PEOPLE COMMIT ANY CRIMES?

So, yup, for all practical purposes, I’m Black, but I’ve had advantages that most of my fellow prisoners have not had, and a good percentage of them identify strongly with what has been done to me.

It’s probably the same with shades of difference in most places in the U.S.A.

I’m treated as a pariah to such an extent that Philadelphia media can only deal with me in terms that my European friends can’t believe.

There have been 12 or 13 TV specials, some of which still play regularly: A & E played theirs twice on September 13, 2005. The two part movie plays again and again,


I participated in none of these specials and the move is pure phantasy.

My voice is unheard in the media din.
My real life is almost virgin territory.

If you have a moment, tell me who you are. If you need, ever, any help with editing and evaluating manuscripts, let me know as I’ve done much of that. Thank you again for the help.



I know I'm out there but the thought occurs to me that the only way that Hitler's Banker’s (Prescott Bush) Grandson, George W. Bush, a basic failure in life, could be president of the United States was to systematically silence the voices of reason in my generation. Kent State put us on notice that we could be shot in the streets when peacefully protesting. Crack targeted the best and the brightest. Free energy inventor Bruce DePalma fled the country in the early 90's when G.H.W.B. took over in disgust. AIDS and the government targeted the most generous, wise and kind, some of the greatest souls of all. And Einhorn is in jail for murder without any hard evidence to support that he did it. The list is long.

Land of the free?

Let's stop pretending not to know the truth.

If there is anything you can do to help get Einhorn a fair retrial, including donating to his legal fund, send an email to his friend, James Sorrells.

We are overcoming now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Harlem's Sewers & Asthma

This piece could be titled WHY I DON'T LIVE IN HARLEM ANYMORE - PART ONE

Central Harlem, NY has about one quarter of its young people suffering from asthma. Yet, the elected and appointed officials continue to pretend not to know why this is occuring.

There was a claim that the cause was exposure to roaches. However, as a member of a family who has roots going back to the 1920's in Harlem, I can assure you that Harlem has been living with roaches, rats and mice since at least then. As a historical note, I remember my grandmother wondering in the 1980's if the rat and roach poison she put out back then was still impacting on the land and the people.

If modern science, which has been proven to be for sale, pretends not to know what's really going on, consider this:

The 5 Open Sewers Surrounding Harlem do more than stink in the summer time. PARK ON TOP OF SEWER &OPEN SEWAGE TANK

Harlem is surrounded by 5 Open Sewers, North River Water Pollution Control Plant, Wards Island, Tallmans Island Water Pollution Control Plant, and Bowery Bay Water Pollution Control Plants. The year after North River was built there was a radical rise in the infant mortality rate.

However too many people are making too much money keeping the system as is, so the roaches are blamed. Can't blame everything on Canada.

The two most obvious, North River (135th & Hudson River, 10027) and Wards Island (Wards Island, NYC 10035) Water Pollution Control Plants (Sewage Treatment Plants) are on the west side of Harlem and in the river off of the east side respectively.In great part due to the open windows at all ends of the North River Water Pollution Control Plant, and outdoor tanks at Wards Island, Harlem is breathing, daily, volatile organic compounds (VOC's -airborne living organisms) from these sewage tanks.Across the river on the east side, Harlem is also close to Hunts Point Water Pollution Control Plant, Tallmans Island Water Pollution Control Plant, and Bowery Bay Water Pollution Control Plant. You can find a map of the NYC sewer system as published by the Department of Environmental Protection. Politics and common sense need to merge in Harlem.

Her best park, Riverbank State Park, is located over the North River plant and has people, among them children and seniors, exercising over an open sewer…not healthy. The NYC EPA says “The roof of the building is the home of Riverbank State Park, a popular recreational facility with three swimming pools, an amphitheater, an athletic center, a skating rink, a restaurant and sports fields - and, of the two New York State park facilities in the City, the only one built on top of a water pollution control plant.” It’s won many awards while placing Harlem residents in danger of toxic chemicals, methane gas and mutating germs.Established Harlem leadership had decided to put a Hudson River mall just south of the sewer. Don't they think that the funk from the sewer may affect the quality of the meal? There are germs in the sewer air. Environmentalists are being honored in Harlem who keep the conversation about odor and flow rather than toxins and germs and toxic chemicals coming off the sewers.

Sewer System As A Source of Germ Disbursement: “The greatest danger…in breathing of sewer air is that of inhaling with it the living particles (bacilli, etc.) contained or developed in the excrement of diseased persons.” {Roger S. Tracy, Handbook Of Sanitary Information For Households, NY Appleton, 1895}Sick people from all over the world come to New York City to benefit from her extraordinary medical system. Though hospital waste is handled separately from the general sewer system, during the time before sick people check into the hospital, and, if they remain in the city, after they leave, they are using the general sewer facilities.In this time of terrorism, toxic materials (both medical and chemical that could cause illness and death) can be dropped into the sewer system and a large portion of the population could be impacted days after the event.

Floating material could contain harmful elements and the results, devastating. This is because many, if not all of the NYC sewer plants, are not covered and in some cases could be easily contaminated from street or building levels without the culprit being noticed.At North River, the large windows by the tanks are open. At Ward’s Island, the tanks are outside. Though we are encouraged to take comfort in the fact that chlorine kills 85-95% of the germs in the sewer, the more relevant question is what is in the other 5-15% that is strong enough to survive chlorine, food additives, genetically altered foods, human growth hormone, antibiotics, etc.

Consider what happens when those strong germs and toxic chemicals get together in North River’s secondary tanks, with their steam wafting off the tanks next to open windows. Also, the additional chlorine put into the environment via tap water and flushed into the river can have a seepage effect on the land it comes in contact with, further empowering mutating bacteria.The water in North River’s secondary tanks frequently has steam coming off them, which lifts some germs and they become air borne. Harlem's infant morality rate in the year after the North River Plant went into operation was 2.5 times higher than the rest of the City.

Yet the discussion is limited to odor and flow, which haven’t killed anybody.When you connect the dots between when the North River plant was open and rises and falls in her infant mortality rates over the years, you’ll see a direct correlation.

North River Plant and Infant Mortality Rates in NYC & Harlem 1984-1993

Year, NYC, Harlem
1984 - Plant Construction, 13.6, 16.0
1985 - Plant built, 13.4, 23.3
1986 - 12.8, 27.6
1987 - 13.1, 20.9
1988 - 13.4, 22.0
1989 - 13.3, 23.4
1990 - 7.6 - 27.7
1991 - Primary Tanks Covered, 11.4, 19.2
1992 - 10.2, 15.9
1993 - Crack in tank - 10.2, 25.

I had children with oxygen masks protesting the plant and the damage it was doing to them in the mid-90's and the poverty pimps just played on.

What needs to happen to correct the problem?

First, the windows need to be covered or, like at Ward's Island where the open sewer tanks are outside, at least the tanks sealed, like what was in the original plans.

“The problem with covering and air treating the secondary tanks is one of expense … NYCDEP’s rough estimate for subjecting the secondary tanks in a similar odor control system as that for the primary tank is in excess of $100 million.” From “The Smell of Success? An assessment of Odor Control Measures at the North River Water Pollution Control Plant” (June, 1994)

Where are they shopping? Tiffany’s?

We need to honestly evaluate the situation at hand. Consider using sealed aircraft aluminum covers for the secondary tanks and using a NYC labor pool, featuring Harlem residents trained for the job.Community residents will be motivated to do a good job because they and their families are breathing the air.Second, regular testing of the sewer's contents and airborne materials need to be done and the results published. They test for indicator gases, but with the level of chemical reactions that can happen when various chemicals are mixed, we need to test for what is in the air.

The people have a right to know what's in the air, water and land more than they need a say over "is coke or pepsi or snaple going to get the vending contract for the park on top of the sewer, Riverbank State Park, the best park in Harlem.

As we remove or control the cause of the problem, the effects, what we experience as reality, will diminish like what happened in 1991 when the primary tanks were covered.I've put up a page on Harlem's environmental crisis.

Please, tell New York's elected and appointed officials to stop leaving New Yorkers in danger of environmental hazards like when the WTC fell, and cover the open sewers, and not just the ones around Harlem.

I still feel deep sorrow toward the mayor and the govenor about their silence concerning the EPA lying about the dangers in the dust. Yet, the congressmen, senators and many elected and appointed officials in Harlem are just as silent as the children die from asthma.

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