Monday, June 13, 2005

Legalize Hemp, Tax it at 20%

Legalize hemp, tax it at 20%. That simple shift could give us billions in profit and reduce prison costs.

Since stress kills and medical grade marijuana reduces stress, it's impact on reducing health care costs by reducing health related stress disease could also be extraordinary.

By removing the taboo from marijuana, our energy problems could be solved by switching from petro to hemp seed oil. Hemp is a strong plant that can be grown in many different types of environments.

It's time we stop living by rules of the dead and allow life to flourish in America again.

Support the "States' Rights to Medical Marijuana Act (Introduced in House) HR 2087. The healing that will come from removing the band on this helpful plant may be just the ticket to restoring freedom and prosperity to America.

Legalize hemp, tax it at 20%

Friday, June 10, 2005

What To Do About Social Security!!!

"Stop Social Security Privatization! Bush and the House GOP are warming up to privatize social security and gamble your retirement with their Wall Street Cronies. Sign the Pledge to Protect Social Security!" (From


Once again, rather than doing something, we are being encouraged to 'talk about it' or shop for retirement income.

Granted, the U.S. social security system as it is now is not working. It's based on a pyramid scam and needs to be converted to an income based financial source.

Many folks on social security are told to make due with a pittance because it's better than nothing. Some can't live on what social security they get with future prospects of reduced social security checks.

What's needed is a new revenue source that will keep the coffers full and take the burden off the workers. Having the young pay for the old and sick creates resentment sometimes. It does not have to be that way.

I recommend hemp legalization and taxation at 20% broken down to:

1. Federal programs like social security and other health, education and welfare issues 10% (or 50% of the total 20% tax).

2. Participating State and City/Town, 5% each (or 25% each of the total 20% tax).

Imagine the revenue that could come if the government got 20% of all the hemp sold in America. Hemp clothes, ropes, medicine, paper, plastics, foods, fuel and other items could be creating tax revenue NOW. A tax stamp to authorize folks to sell, like what is done with alcohol, would also create an immediate revenue source as dealers would rather pay the government for a stamp than do hard time in jail.

For example, an ounce of good quality hemp sells for $100. Even with people growing in their back yards, folks will purchase better grades/qualities. Also, not everyone has a back yard or the talent to grow so there will be revenue.

Add to that $100 an ounce price $20 in tax revenue. So for $120 an ounce one can delete the drama of arrest for consuming a plant that grows wild in nature. Less chaos in the land resulting from the use of the peace pipe. I've always found it strange that we have made the peace pipe illegal and wonder why we have a problem with violence in our society.

I further recommend that assistance be provided to help folks set up on line businesses that sell goods and services for others. These businesses can offer an income or be put directly into an individual's savings. Everyone who is able needs to move into an honest empowerment zone mode and solve the issues rather than cover them up based on ideas of the dead.

Another tax revenue for humanities based programs could come from computers. They were developed by the world's governments, then the technology was given away to corporations. Companies making money with computers (or technology developed by the governments) should pay a small, 2%, inventor's royalty to the governments which can also be used for social security, taxing at the purchase point for hardware, software and humanwear.

Consider taking social security off the pyramid scan and onto a tax paying basis, using hemp at 20% and computers at (2%). This system can work anywhere in the world where the need to serve mankind is greater than the practice of destroying it.

In my experience, the best system is based on honest prayer and meditation, followed by directed action for the highest good. Continue to create your own prosperity by creating passive revenue sources for our governments and ourselves.

Drop the drama of the dead.

We are overcoming now.

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