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Whew!  I'm J. Nayer Hardin of the Computer Underground Railroad.  My mission since 1984 is to use computers and other technology to help people be free.  Over the decades, the work has taken me to the most amazing places, meeting awesome people while traveling on the wings of Atomic Hemped Angels.

For those who are just meeting me, here's a list of information age products (books) and services (papers) in case you're trying to catch up with me.  There is a lot more of activism in many areas over the decades, but this is a good starting list.  Follow the links that vibe with your needs.
Here's an update to by bio

Consultant: Akuna Brass Catcher - By independent American inventor Sherwood Akuna, a pistol accessory that catches brass shells as shot.

Consultant/Editor: USA Hemp Museum, 1356 S. Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA Open Sat/Sun 12 noon -6 p.m.  Richard M. Davis, Founder and Curator.  The museum houses the personal collection of over 3,000 hemp items.

Inventor; Compurest Keyboard Stand - Us Patented keyboard stand that has kept my computer injuries away since 1990.  Foundation is support the forearms and lower the keyboard to make carpal tunnel and other computer injuries disappear. Currently out of production, which changes with funding. Though the patent does not appear on a search from the patent office, I do have the paperwork granting the original patent to my brother Bernard Hirschenson and me and it's listed on google patents. 

Here's the dynamic update of sites:


Fukushima Nuclear Crisis with 3 reactors in melt down: Activist Alert: Do What They Did In Chernobyl: Use Hemp
Hemp Food as a solution to the world food crisis: Hemp Food Mission
Hemp Oils: Hemp Oil Mission

Book Publishing:

Below is a list of books I've either published or assisted in the publishing of over the last 10 years.  All titles are listed and currently available on Amazon and Lulu. CURE Publishing

Alternative Medicine:

Hemp For Victory: The Wonder Herb  by Richard M. Davis, USA Hemp Museum

Based on the USA Hemp Museum's Medical Room, this book is a tour of information, a sampling of articles and photographs explaining how medical marijuana works from the perspective of the doctors, patients, caregivers, farmers, cooks and the Physicians Desk Reference Herbal Edition.

Every medical marijuana clubs, professional and customer should take this tour and better use the hemp tool that we have.

Black History: Black People And Their Place In World History by Dr. Leroy Vaughn, MD, MBA

I met Dr. Vaughn via my cousin Lloyd Hardin when I first came to California.  He had written a series of articles for the Los Angeles Sentinel from his floor to ceiling room of Black History books.

Black history is Dr. Vaughn's passion and his insights revolutionized my life.  From his articles I learned about Black Wall Street, who the 5 other Black presidents are, Queen Nzinga, Henry Flipper and the real wild west.  This book is a combination of Dr. Vaughn's articles and photographic supporting evidence…a wonderful journey that helps with the transformation from history to truthstory.

Economics: Hemp For Victory: The Trillion Dollar Crop by Richard M. Davis, Founder and Curator

If you're tired of the whining about how we are in economic trouble as a town, state, nation and world, then this is the book for you.

This museum tour takes you on a journey among business people, professors and lawyers who make the case in plain language for the many benefits that come from the simple change to a hemp based economy.  This trillion dollar crop is key to helping us save ourselves.

Read, meet many of the leaders in the movement to restore sanity to economics by removing the barriers to freedom, hemp prohibition.

Environment-Global Warming: Hemp For Victory: A Global Warming Solution by Richard M. Davis

The solution to global warming is simple.  Since the problem is too much excess CO2 in the atmosphere the solution is to remove the excess CO2.

Hemp is a biomass champion that removes the excess CO2 as it grows, aerates soil up to six feet deep, burns clean as biofuel and can be made into 50,000 plus products.

To learn how to use hemp to help us reverse global warming, this is a great place to start for an understanding of the hemp solution.


Justice: Prelude To Intimacy by Ira Einhorn

This first Earth Day team member was framed without evidence   

Ira Einhorn is still serving jail time for a murder there is no scientific evidence he committed…no blood, DNA, hair, witnesses, nothing.  He claims his attorney, who was shortly after that “elected” to the senate, told him to run because it was a frame.

Read about his years on the run and the reasons he thinks he was framed.  


Magnetic EnergyDePalma Free Energy And The N-Machine by the late MIT Professor Bruce DePalma

The late Bruce DePalma created a magnetic generator that works with a Faraday motor to generate free energy.  His death, like that of other free energy inventors, was mysterious.

With DePalma’s friend David Crockett Williams, we compiled his papers in a logical manner and as per Bruce’s instructions, making it available for future research.


That should get you started.  Explore the blogs on the side bar for more information on various subjects. 

Thanks for visiting.  I look forward to knowing your work too.

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