Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kyoto Hemp Forum - Innovations

Hemp is an innovative, effective way to address climate change and a whole lot more. Be it innovations in industrial hemp, i.e. insulationtextileslife sciences to art, hemp is leading the way.

In this section many innovative companies and organization can be listed – This should not be limited to a mere USA perspective and a call is issued for our many organizations and activists past who have impacted on this process.

Japan Hemp Association, Time 4 Hemp, Marijuana Policy Project, Vote Hemp, Drug Policy Alliance... 

ElectroHemp BioRad CleanUp is a green remediation implementation strategy and process to clean up Hazmat Locations and Superfund Sites in the St Louis Region and Beyond. For those who don’t know what’s going on at the Westlake Landfill, toxic nuclear waste from the Manhattan Project, yes the one that was used to create the first nuclear bomb, got stored in a toxic waste dump.  Cancer and other illness rates are rising in the area.

“MOhemp Energy-has designed Hemp Farming Equipment- that will allow Hemp Farmers a one pass hemp harvesting machine that separates the seeds, fibers, and hurds in the field without having to wait weeks for the stalks to cure and rett.  This process also leaves the Fibers LONG and they never touch the ground!”

And innovators who have passed on

Sister Somayah Kambui, Richard M. Davis, Captain Ed Adair, Jim Rosenfield, Dr. Emoto, Brownie Mary, Jack Herer, Peter McWilliams, Gatewood Galbraith...

Please post your videos and comments below of any and all hemp innovations that are helping you improve the quality of your life and the lives of those around you.

Please post your thoughts, videos and photos in the comments sections. As we build and implement the Action Plan for implementing the hemp solution and other smart actions, we're sharing ideas. Thanks.

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