Thursday, April 12, 2007

Support Rosie - Investigate 9/11

The hero Rosie ODonnel recently called from the stage of the television show THE VIEW for an investigation into 9/11.

I support her courage and stand for truth. I don't understand how one of the greatest journalists ever, Barbara Walters, could not be demanding answers to the questions raised regarding 9/11.

Please incorporate into your speaking and being your own personal call to investigate the events of 9/11 and other acts of terror by George Bush's band of Nazis. His grandfather, Prescott Bush, was Hitler's US banker. This rabbit hole is deep and long, going back to Samuel Bush.

I pray that Rosie goes back to doing her own show. And this time I'll watch. If the networks don't touch it, the web will welcome it. Her show would be a VIEW OF THE TRUTH. How the world would heal if we would use the communications tools available to us to save ourselves, like using hemp to scrub the air of the excess greenhouse CO2 gas.

We also need to stop being played and demand truth and justice in government.

The system is killing us and we need to get a grip. Look around you.

Paying more is no security that toxic food is not on your dinner table.

Over the last century or so the government has legislated acceptable pollution levels - creating our poisoned environment.

By law, i.e. hemp, they created unnecessary stress in personal lives with countless WAR ON WHATEVER that was truly a war on the American people.

Drama was created to shift the art of healing from LOVE to money based. The doctors and nurses were forced to become business people first, rather than healers.

A flat out abomination is that the ill, many children and seniors are being left behind due to the illusion of unsecured funds.

Incorporate truth into media and government. It's healing.

Begin by supporting Rosie ODonnel in her call to Investigate 9/11. It was an inside job.


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