Friday, August 06, 2004

Peak Oil - The Solution

Switch To Clean Alternative Energies

Empowerment Key:
Implement Effective Solutions

Message For Posterity
Our time is rich in inventive minds, the inventions of which could facilitate our lives considerably. We are crossing the seas by power and utilize power also in order to relieve humanity from all tiring muscular work. We have learned to fly and we are able to send messages and news without any difficulty over the entire world through electric waves.
However, the production and distribution of commodities is entirely unorganized so that everybody must live in fear of being eliminated from the economic cycle, in this way suffering for the want of everything. Furthermore, people living in different countries kill each other at irregular time intervals so that also for this reason any one who thinks about the future must live in fear and terror. This is due to the fact that the intelligence and the character of the masses are incomparably lower than the intelligence and character of the few who produce something valuable for the community.

I trust that posterity will read these statements with a feeling of proud and justified superiority.”

From His Most Amazing Book
Out Of My Later Years

When the problem is we are running out of one energy source, the solution is to immediately implement the use of abundant clean, natural energy sources.

If there was ever a time for common sense and working together, it's now.

Contrary to what some "experts" say, we have an abundance of energy sources available to us. From a list provided by David Crockett Williams are just a few examples.

Bruce DePalma, Primordial Energy

The New Energy Movement

The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman

Infinite Energy

Project Earth

The Institute For New Energy

Motionless Electromagnetic Generator

The Space Power Generator

Since the problem is we are running out of oil, the solution is to immediately move to clean, safe alternative energies. No drama required, just positive action. Bio fuels like hemp, soy and other oils burn clean too. We have the tools...each other, computers and alternative energies and fuels.

Thousands of mechanics world wide can find work converting the autos of family and friends from petro to alternative energies. These independent mechanics will empower many industries around them, and areas where there is little work can become booming economies.
Here's information on another alternative fuel, hemp.

Empowerment Key:
Get off of petroleum

Revenue from a local hemp tax could finance the transition.

1. HEMP CAR - It's a site on a functional hemp vehicle.

2. The Hemp Museum. - Bio Fuels Room
"This (HEMP) plant is the earth's number one biomass resource or fastest growing annual plant for agriculture on a worldwide basis, producing up to 14 tons per acre. This is the only biomass source available that is capable of producing all the energy needs of the U.S. and the world."

3. Jack Herer's Hemp Bible - The Emperor Wears No Clothes
 Chapter 9 Economics: Energy, Environment and Commerce

Energy and the economy

The book Solar Gas, Science Digest, Omni magazine, The Alliance for Survival, the Green Party of Germany, the United States and others put the total figure of our energy costs at 80% of the total dollar expense of living for each human being.

In validation, 82% of the total value of all issues traded on the New York Stock Exchange and other world stock exchanges, etc., are tied directly to:

- Energy producers such as Exxon, Shell Oil, Conoco, Con-Edison, and so forth.

- Energy transporters such as pipeline companies, oil shipping and delivery companies.

- Refineries and retail sales of Exxon, Mobil, Shell, So. California Edison, Con-Edison, etc."

- Frackers & others engaged in raping Earth for oil we don't need.

4. Cannabis Fuel
"Each acre of hemp would yield 1,000 gallons of methanol. Fuels from hemp, along with the recycling of paper, etc., would be enough to run American virtually without oil."

"In the early 1900s, Henry Ford and other futuristic, organic, engineering geniuses recognized (as their intellectual, scientific heirs still do today) an important point - that up to 90 percent of all fossil fuel used in the world today (coal, oil, natural gas, etc.) should long ago have been replaced with biomass such as: cornstalks, cannabis, waste paper and the like. Biomass can be converted to methane, methanol or gasoline at a fraction of the current cost of oil, coal, or nuclear energy - especially when environmental costs are factored in - and its mandated use would end acid rain, end sulfur-based smog, and reverse the Greenhouse Effect on Our planet - right now!* *Government and oil and coal companies, etc., will insist that burning biomass fuels is no better than using up Our fossil fuel reserves, as far as pollution goes; but this is patently untrue. Why? Because, unlike fossil fuels, biomass comes from living (not extinct) plants that continue to remove carbon dioxide pollution from Our atmosphere as they grow, through photosynthesis. Furthermore, biomass fuels do not contain sulfur."

5. Energy Farming
A Practical Answer To America's Farming, Energy And Environmental Crises

by Lynn Osburn

"Biomass is the term used to describe all biologically produced matter. World production of biomass is estimated at 146 billion metric tons a year, mostly wild plant growth. Some farm crops and trees can produce up to 20 metric tons per acre of biomass a year. Types of algae and grasses may produce 50 metric tons per year. Dried biomass has a heating value of 5000-8000 Btu/lb., with virtually no ash or sulfur produced during combustion. About 6% of contiguous United States land area put into cultivation for biomass could supply all current demands for oil and gas. And this production would not add any net carbon dioxide to the atmosphere."

6. Mass. Norml on Hemp Fuel


Farming 6% of the continental U.S. acreage with biomass crops would provide all of America's energy needs.

Hemp is Earth's number-one biomass resource; it is capable of producing 10 tons per acre in four months.

Biomass can be converted to methane, methanol, or gasoline at a cost comparable to petroleum, and hemp is much better for the environment. Pyrolysis (charcoalizing), or biochemical composting are two methods of turning hemp into fuel.

Hemp can produce 10 times more methanol than corn.

Hemp fuel burns clean. Petroleum causes acid rain due to sulfur pollution.

The use of hemp fuel does not contribute to global warming."

7. Gasoline and Hemp

"And hemp has a lot going for it as a fuel.

Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine, designed it to run on vegetable and seed oils like hemp; he actually ran the thing on peanut oil for the 1900 World's Fair. Henry Ford used hemp to not only construct cars but also fuel them.

As an alternative to methanol, hemp has at least one glowing report: the plant produces up to four times more cellulose per acre than trees. And a hemp crop grows a little quicker than a forest.

As for an alternative to petroleum,

• Hemp grows like mad from border to border in America; so shortages are unlikely. And, unlike petrol, unless we run out of soil, hemp is renewable."

8. Hemp Oil Fuels and How To Make Them
"• Growing and harvesting the stuff has much less environmental impact than procuring oil.

• Hemp fuel is biodegradable; so oil spills become fertilizer not eco-catastrophes.

• Hemp fuel does not contribute to sulfur dioxide air poisoning.

• Other noxious emissions like carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are radically slashed by using “biodiesel.”

• Hemp fuel is nontoxic and only a mild skin irritant; anybody who’s ever cleaned out an old carburetor with gasoline can confirm the same is not true for petrol.

• Growing hemp for fuel would be a tremendous boon for American farmers and the agricultural industry, as opposed to people like, say, the Bush family."

9. Hemp - Lifeline to the Future

Chris Conrad has in his book a chapter on Energy Independence & Security.

Page 108:
"During the Second World War, the head of the Hemp for Victory program explained that hemp was again powering it own mechanical processing and generating a 50 percent energy surplus."

10. Alternative energy solutions
"Studies have also been conducted to demonstrate the viability of hemp oil as a fuel. Hemp oil converts fairly simply into a biodiesel fuel once mixed with caustic lye dissolved in methanol, a technique which makes the oil less viscous and more combustible. Environmental defense attorney Don Wirtshafter, (proprietor of the Ohio Hempery, the company providing the oil) notes that fuel and glycerine are generated from the process, and the glycerine can be used to make soap or candles. Potassium hydroxide used as the caustic agent results in fertilizer. The only modification made to the hemp car was the replacement of rubber hoses with synthetic rubber tubes - biodiesels erode rubber."

11. Biomass and bio fuels Web Site Links

12. Overview of Bio Fuels by the government

U.S. Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - they don't mention hemp but do a search on their site for biofuel.

13. National BioDiesel Board

14. Do a generic web search in various engines (Yahoo, MSN, Google and/or others for "Biofuel". "Hemp Fuel". "Peak Oil". and "Alternative Energy." Don't stop here.

Next step, implementation.


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