Monday, April 30, 2007

American Media - Villains and Heroes

The American media over the last 30 years has countless villains and heroes. Many of those who stood up for truth have been fired, jailed, ignored and/or suicided for telling the truth. This is most evident in the five year old blackout of 9/11 truth. If this article only serves as a call to end the environmental solutions and 9/11 media blackout now, it's served its purpose.

Freedom of the press is an illusion in America. That can change on a dime with your help. Use the web to contact the media and demand truth be restored to news.
Instead of getting news we can use, we get whose zooming who. In February ’07, when the story broke that bees were dying, and according to Albert Einstein that means we have less than 4 years left on the planet, we were overrun with stories about how Anna Nicole is still dead and 'who is dat baby's daddy.'

The press ignores the real issues, like toxic energy is killing the earth, and talks about the price of gas could go to $4 a gallon.
Back in the '70s, 80's & 90's free energy magnetic generator inventor Bruce DePalma (Brian’s older brother) was ignored most of his adult life by the press. I published DePalma’s papers as DEPALMA, FREE ENERGY AND THE N MACHINE as a prayer to let his spirit know he is heard as a beloved published author.
We get plenty of 'Ohhhhhhh, Imus shouldn't a' said that' [in the old America the right to free speech trumped what was said], but not a peep other than web video on a simple, but illegal solution to global warming. Even with the stakes as high as the safety of the planet, the American Media is silent on what's really going on.
We can solve global warming. Richard M. Davis of the USA Hemp Museum just wrote a book called HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION based on the old government program to win WWII. He details chapter and verse how to eliminate carbon emissions from energy use by using clean burning hemp biofuel. Hemp can serve double duty in healing the earth because it also is a champion at scrubbing the air of the excess greenhouse gas CO2 as it grows.
Nazi's with an interest in oil and other toxic energies have taken over the American Media, i.e. Bush’s brother and Fox News. Until the rules radically change, politics trumps competence in the news rooms, ratings more important than truth. The press is not free to speak the truth. If they were, I'm sure Richard would have been interviewed by somebody in traditional American Media by now.

It’s been going on a long time. Bush Sr.’s father, Prescott Bush, was Hitler's US banker (yes, the president of the United States is the grandson of Hitler’s US Banker). The Nazis, who the European community was wise enough to throw out, came to America, and are now fully in power by stolen elections, a gutted constitution, and fear, fear, fear.


To keep the planet on toxic energy took fear. It is difficult to pump fear in the face of truth. Millions of people from around the world marched in protest to the Iraq war. Thousands of people protested the Bush invocation as he was guarded into the White House. While witnesses on 9/11 were saying “explosions” we were told the building fell, or burnt as a result of being hit by planes. Little to no coverage of what's really going on.
'If you're over 10
And you watch CNN
And believe everything
You're in too deep'
Rasta song

Back in the early 80's, the media was reporting that AIDS was a gay disease that was a death sentence, that crack was the result of weak souls who could not control themselves, oil was the way to go, and money was the most important thing in America.

Of course now we know that:

AIDS is not a gay disease, never was. They were just the cases most reported by the media. Twenty years after her healing without traditional medicine by working with The Healer Within, Niro Markoff is still alive and healthy, teaching folks from her experience.

Crack was the result of targeting individuals during difficult times for addiction so the Reagan administration could have a slush fund (Iran Contra), Check out Gary Webb’s book DARK ALLIANCE about Iran Contra, the book that got him killed.

Oil is killing us and American greed has caused her to sell out like crack whores in search of a fix.
The problem reaches all the way up to the FCC. The son of a general was made the head of the Federal Communications Commission. Michael Powell, son of Colin, actively threw honest reporters off the air. He left shortly after his father left his job as Secretary of State. It’s just the way things have been done for a long time. Here’s some more national examples.

1. The great, former CBS chief Watergate reporter Daniel Shorr was fired for working to get the truth out.

If you don’t know who Daniel Shorr, is:

"Schorr attracted the anger of the Nixon White House. In 1971, after a dispute with White House aides, Schorr's friends, neighbors, and co-workers were questioned by the FBI about his habits. They were told that Schorr was under consideration for a high-level position in the environmental area. Schorr knew nothing about it. Later, during the Watergate hearings, it was revealed that Nixon aides had drawn up a list of enemies, and Daniel Schorr was on that list. Famously, Schorr read the list aloud on live TV, surprised to be reading his own name in that context. Schorr won Emmys for news reporting in 1972, 1973, and 1974 .After Nixon's resignation, Schorr attracted controversy when he received and published the leaked Pike Commission's report about illegal CIA and FBI activities in 1976. Called to testify before Congress, he refused to identify his source on First Amendment grounds, risking imprisonment. This did not mollify CBS executives, and Schorr resigned his position in September 1976.

He is now a senior news analyst for National Public Radio."

When CBS News refused to allow Shorr to report a story, he then gave the story to the Village Voice to get out. It was one of those 'you'll never work in this town again if your loyalty is to the truth' messages that was heard loud and clear. It was 5 years before Ted Turner brought Shorr back to the forefront when Turner asked Shorr’s help to create what is now CNN.

2. Successful American journalist Rita Cosby had the courage to call Ira Einhorn to tell him her show was going to do a story. Ira Einhorn was put in a murder frame for speaking up for the environment back in the 1970’s. Yet the courts continue to simply refuse to hear the appeals. There is no scientific evidence he murdered Holly Maddux, not a stitch.

I don’t think Rita Cosby had time to hang up the phone before they decided to cancel her show and let her contract run out.

In my opinion, Rita Cosby is another great journalist who has lost her job as a result of having the courage to look at the truth when the country is being run by People Of The Lie. Cosby needs to be her own television network, and sell the shows to others. She can start with a web back and bring web reporting up a couple of levels.

Other notable journalist standing for truth include.

3. Keith Olberman at MSNBC who is leading the charge for truth and justice on his show Countdown. Check out his videos on you tube, Google and yahoo for a taste.

4. Veteran reporter Helen Thomas has spoken truth to power many times. Her words must seem prophetic to some now. “George Bush Is The Worst President Ever”.

5. Rosie O’Donnell is being raked over the coals (bad choice of words) for speaking up about the truth of 9/11. It was an inside job.

6.. Hunter Thompson, the first interview in the Loose Change video was suicided. He was a reporter who spoke the truth. He reportedly committed suicide while on the phone with his wife with his daughter-in-law and grandchild in the house.

7. Phil Donohue was taken off of MSNBC for questioning what was going on with the war. The same thing happened to my sister, Robin Hardin, on a local level when she was ripped off the air in Detroit for asking questions about what was going on in her city, despite the fact that her ratings were good.

8. Gary Webb’s research on Iran Contra revealed the evil and racism in American government. He was suicided on moving day into his new house. The coroner's report said Webb shot himself twice in the head, with a shotgun.

9. Dan Rather and the 60 Minutes team did the piece on the president’s lack of military service. It cost Rather a 50 year association with CBS. He went straight to the future Dan Rather Reports in HDTV. You go boy!

There are many more examples.

There is nothing we cannot overcome, and the corruption in the American government is about to be flushed. Not violently, but by the light of truth. The Bush Administration stole the 2000 and 2004 elections. They were responsible for 9/11. Now what?

I thank the traditional media for the signs they are showing that they are waking up.

I thank the Lord for the web and its ability to place truth along side of the illusions.

It is up to us to separate the wheat from the shaft. This many grains, we all need to be involved.


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