Thursday, January 06, 2005

Greed, Corruption - Not One Damn Dime

Next step in the process is NOT ONE DAMN DIME on inauguration day. Spend before or after, but please not on that day.

Like greed, corruption too is killing this country. There is corruption in the election process, in the military contract award process, corruption in the media that calls an election before the voting machines are opened, ignoring exit polls, and corruption in the White House with lies about 9/11. The congress people and senators who voted that minority votes don't count should be ashamed of themselves. Many did not even show up for the vote. I'm sure our forefathers, including the 5 Black Presidents, (Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Harding and Coolidge) are raging in their graves.

I watched the electoral approval process. I am even more ashamed to be an American, though I am proud of the Americans who stood up for integrity in elections.

The decision to give the president 4 more years was based on "seems to be" and "appears" electoral integrity. I watched most of congress pretend not to know that there is a problem with the integrity of the voting process. Even Congressman Charles Rangel was silent. Yet, how could politicians who benefit from the corrupt election system, that keeps incumbents coming back while innocent people are slaughtered in the name of safety, speak out against it.

Did anyone hear anything about truth of the vote being factored in when calling off the electoral results? Once, the Tubbs/Boxer challenge of Ohio. With all that evidence of fraud, the election results were approved. Why? Not because of an accurate count of the vote. Somebody please explain to me how can one do a recount without a verifiable paper trail. I've been on computers since 1977. These machines can be programmed to say anything.

The lies flew thorough the objections to the objection. I don't remember the many names folks were called. One lie was that the left has no positive, constructive ideas. Yet it is the left who is proposing:

Votes with receipts.

Fair distribution of the voting machines.

Uniform voting system and requirements.

Restoration of one man one vote.

An honest media restored to the airwaves that use to belong to the people, but were taken away from us without notice, and now belongs to the special interests too.

I'm from the left with good, constructive ideas that have been ignored for up to twenty years. The process is called break your leg and call you a cripple.

Though I've done a lot of non-profit work, I can't be a 501(c)3 organization because, like the NAACP was recently reminded, there is no way I am not going to be political. Still, I was able to train over 3,000 folks in the 90's how to use a computer. I could have done so much more, but as I learned, poverty pimps need poverty to pimp and the training was helping folks get jobs, start their own business, or go back to school.

I have a patented ergonomic solution to computer induced repetitive stress injuries. 15 years later my intense computer injuries, (repetitive stress, carpal tunnel, neck, back and shoulder pain) never returned, and I type a lot and fast. Yet, OSHA tests Microsoft Natural Keyboard and ignores my CompUrest.

I am not alone. There are many other voices of the left with good ideas that have been ignored and/or radically unfunded.

Bruce DePalma (DePalma, Free Energy and the N-Machine) created a magnetic generator that works with a Faraday Motor to create free, clean energy. The government ignored him and funded the Super Collider.

Niro Markoff Asistent healed herself of AIDS in 1986. She's been ignored by the medical community every since. Her book, WHY I SURVIVE AIDS is out of print in America yet, is available as an e-book and on line for free.

What those in power call health care is a sick joke. Rather than focusing on how to make fewer sick people by cleaning up the environment, the food supply, the hospitals (secondary infections picked up in a hospital are one of the leading causes of death in America) and making life less stressful, the conversation is about money for the already rich while capping insurance awards to victims of modern medicine.

The only way to solve this problem is to look within for leadership. John Kerry lied and said help was on the way, yet when the chips were down he left the country when some of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus tried to stand for election integrity. Michael Moore, rather than calling for action in the post election era, dressed up like a “Stupid White Man” on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Hundreds of millions of dollars between them, followed by silence on voter fraud. I’m not blaming, just trying to understand. My bad for expecting something better.

Yet, we also witnessed outstanding actions by many citizens trying to overturn the election, many listed in this series. To all who helped, from letters, calls and e-mails to marching, organizing and testifying, my deepest gratitude. The America I love is still here. She's just not the one in charge now.

We must stop pretending not to know that the government is killing us and not even listening to the will of the people. If they were, every vote would count. If they were, then state votes for medical marijuana would be upheld.

I’m old enough to know that everything happens for a reason. Maybe the reason the president “won” another term is so that his already hired criminal lawyer can have some work for a sitting president and his crew. No wonder the presidential cabinet looks like a sinking ship in a tsunami.

Remember NOT ONE DAMN DIME on inauguration day.

We are overcoming now.


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