Monday, January 17, 2005

Nope, Not One Damn Dime

We the people have to take our country back in a non-violent, effective way. The best way to send an effective message to the folks in charge is through their wallet.

Citizens for Legitimate Government is calling for everyone to spend less in response to the election and NOT ONE DAMN DIME spent on inauguration day. Black Thursday is calling for folks to not go to work or participate in the system if possible on January 20,2005. Write your elected and appointed officials, media, family and friends and tell them what you are doing and why. These are powerful next steps.

Special interests, like those found in the White House, are polluting the planet in an effort to fill their pockets. America spends more than $100 billion to kill innocent people in Iraq, and $350 million on the tsunami crisis that hurt more than a billion people. In modern times, money speaks louder than humanity. 'Taint fittin. Just 'taint fittin.'

Economic boycott is a strategy used by the Civil Rights Movement during the last century. Nothing else that folks did mattered to the people who were oppressing Black folks. Folks died, marched, reasoned, sacrificed, joined groups, wrote letters and editorials, even books, to no avail. Jim Crow still ruled. Southern trees still bore the strange fruit.

At the foundation of the success of Rosa Park's bus boycott, was the economic impact it was having on the area. The moment there was a unified financial protest, begun by Rosa Parks stopping the bus she was on; ending money changing hands for that time, in that bus, there was change. An honest dialogue was begun.

The most effective voice of the Will of the American People is no longer the vote, though I pray it will be restored to its rightful function. The most effective voice of the Will of the American People is the dollar, which is real shaky these days anyway. Even this short 24 hour protest could send shock waves around the world.

I'm a patent holding inventor and I can assure you that creating great change, like what is going on now, requires that certain techniques be re-applied, just a little differently.

We have the web. We have each other. This is doable. We will have taken our power back by non-participation. Mahatma Gandhi said "do not participate in anything you believe is evil." Based on results, war, economy in crisis, environmental chaos on a global scale, etc. the Bush Administration is evil...has been going all the way back to Hitler's banker in the United States, GrandPa Prescott Bush.

We're using a truth razor here while sending a message. By truth razor I mean ONLY THE TRUTH IS TRUE. There is truthful proof of fraud in the Ohio 2004 presidential election.

Tell a friend. Alert the media.

Help them understand what just happened:

Vote fraud in Ohio on a grand scale,

Allocation of voting machines that favored one candidate,

Harassment of voters,

Voting machines without paper trails,

"Spoilage", etc.

There is video of the long voting lines in Ohio.

The Congressional Black Caucus report is called:

"Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio: A Status Report of the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff."

Please participate in NOT ONE DAMN DIME on inauguration day and the Grand Refusal proposed by Citizens for Legitimate Government. Share any ideas and actions that you feel can help bring the world back in alignment with the highest good for all concerned. Sending a message through the economy worked before and it will work again. We may have to do it more than once, but it does work.

It doesn't matter if no more than just us do it. Let the truth stand for what it is. If folks are not committed to ending the slaughter, co-creating peace and prosperity on earth for all, then that is the message they are sending by spending. Their vote counts too.

An ***hole is a person who thinks the universe revolves around their ***. They have a right to be here and voice their pro killing stance too.

There are many more good people here than selfish ones. By good I mean are not behind murder, torture and greed. "A'sinner' is one who loves evil" said St. Bernadette. When the good people speak at the same time in one financial voice, change will come.

Those of us with the sacred knowledge of how to use a computer have a responsibility to spread the word both on line and to the non-computerized segments of our society. There are still a lot of folks who just don’t know what’s going on.

The majority of the congress, senate and media should be ashamed of themselves. My senator, John McCain, rather than take a stand, reported for jury duty here in Arizona, though he did not serve on a jury. He chose not to be in D.C. to say Black votes count too. Senator Kerry was in the Middle East, rather than stand with Black folks. And Sen. Barack Obama voted against the whole civil rights fight for every vote to be counted as he stood with Bush and voted against the electoral challenge of 2005. In less politically correct times, we had names for Black folks who stood with the oppressor against the oppressed.

Finally, my most profound thanks to Congress people Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Maxine Waters, John Conyers, Cynthia McKinney, Jesse Jackson Jr., Major Owens, Senator Barbara Boxer, and the others who stood on the congressional floor and called this election like it is, dirty. I am also eternally grateful to all who worked, organized, wrote, e-mailed, marched, prayed, researched, testified, risked their job to speak on the issue, etc. in this difficult process called restoring integrity to the voting process.

Don’t let the bushwacker fool you. NOT ONE DAMN DIME , Black Thursday and the Grand Refusal called for by Citizens for Legitimate Government are powerful steps.

We are overcoming now.


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