Sunday, December 26, 2004

What To Do About Election Fraud

To quote one of the greatest artists of all time, Aretha Franklin,


The evidence is too precise to ignore.

No way George Bush won either election, and this one, based on results, is the dirtiest we know about.

I've lived in Arizona since 2000, having lived in New York City for 25 years earlier. New Yorkers are one of the fastest growing demographics in this state. There is no way I can see that Arizona went for Bush. Not if there was an honest count. Turns out, AZ is one of the dirtest election states in the Union. Red states and Blue states is a divide and conquer illusion being put in our face. Now is the time to unify and take a stand for truth.

The real battle at the moment is in Ohio. If there is anything you can do to help out in Ohio, do it now, please. is running ads on the situation.

There are planned gatherings of citizens on January 3- 6, 2005 around the United States, telling Congresspeople and Senators to not certify the election , due to evidence of voting fraud.

Take the time necessary and think about the impact this corrupt government is having on our lives. Our environment is being trashed, we have failed to fund successful, clean and "free energy" alternatives, our children are being drugged and left behind based on international scoring standards, our food supply is polluted with many chemicals that cause harm, medicines designed to heal are killing in record numbers, many of our citizens are in prison for non-violent crimes, our transportation infrastructure is falling apart, and worst of all, America is still going around the world killing innocent people in the name of making ourselves safe. A corrupt system is producing a corrupt world.

It's time to clean it up. Do your research about "voting fraud" and "stolen election." Support those in leadership positions to clean up the voting process. Contact your elected and appointed officals about the need to restore integrity to the voting process. Enlist the participation of your crew. Create joy in the process. Here's your broom.

1. Research your own list of links that you have found with evidence of election fraud. My favorite is still the Boston Globe report that maps reports of voter fraud by state. To stay up to date, do daily news searches for (or sign up for news alerts on) “election fraud” or “voter fraud” or “stolen election.” It’s not just a United States problem.

To find the truth one has to look deeper than the corporate media , though they are coming around to reporting the truth, led by the Countdown crew on MSNBC.

The best source for information is currently found on the web. For example check out Bradblog for the video of a testimony about election fraud. It is dangerous to pretend not to know what is really going on now. BreakForNews, Black Box, Citizens for a Legitimate Government, MoveOn.Org, Common Cause and others are keeping folks up to date on what’s really going on and how to make it better.

2. Support folks who are working on the issue of election fraud. Especially by participating in e-mail campaigns, filling out as many pro election verification pages as you can. Participate in surveys that give total election overhall as an option. As you do your research support those whose work you respect. There are many links throught this election series of blogs for consideration, as well as the election related links on the right.

The next steps in the process need to happen before the election's congressional approval on January 6, 2005.

The Congressional Black Caucus challenged the president’s approval in January 2001 based on evidence of election fraud. They already have enough to make their case from the hearings in Ohio. They have asked that rather than send them support, contact others and tell them about election fraud.

It was reported over the Christmas Holiday that John Kerry is getting into the spirit of true democracy and preparing to challenge. It is time to take our country back from the rule of the special interests. There is so much dirt here that I’m now questioning election results going back much farther than this presidential election, including various congressional and primary races.

Support and encourage your senators, congresspeople, electors and others to stand with the C.B.C. in their challenge of the election certification. There is a sample Declaration of Intent link with ideas for what to do when contacting your elected and appointed officials.

3. Contact your elected and appointed officials via e-mail. Tell them how you voted and demand an accurate count of the votes. If they can’t prove it they have to re do it. Quick on line contact lists that you can send updates to between now and Jan 6th can be found for your

National Association of Secretaries of State.

There is a lot of great information available on the web. Copy, paste and forward web addresses, articles, quotes and ideas you have - or find of interest - to those in positions to restore integrity to the voting system. Send the folks in charge something new every day about election fraud until the truth is restored. E-mail and web forms make it easy. Remember to verify what you read. These are the days of disinformation. Don't get caught up in what happened to Dan Rather who unknowingly used some of the disinformation out there without realizing it was the rotten apple thrown into the barrel. People of the Lie are tricky.

4. Enlist your media, friends, family, neighbors and prayer groups in the work of restoring integrity to our voting system now. It’s time to Lift Every Voice And Sing.

Be careful with the media. They were reporting George Bush won Arizona before the voting machines were open, let alone the votes counted.

The times have changed. In the industrial age it was easy to hide the process from the electorate. Those in power could say whatever they wanted about how the election came out. Stories about voting problems could be buried in a controlled media that even had the choice of what candidates could be heard in a national forum like the presidential debates.

But in the information age, the truth razor can set things right.

A Course In Miracles – Workbook – Lesson 66. Paragraph 10, 6-8:

On one side stand all illusions.
All truth stands on the other.
Let us try today to realize that only the truth is true.

The truth is there is election fraud. The government is "spoiling" votes and that's not right. Only an honest count of the vote should award the job of President of the United States of America. Anything less we are setting ourselves up for an unnecessary slaughter. That’s just a plain stupid strategy.

5. Create Joy - while spending less. Live from what is truly important in life, including but not limited to health, love, truth and freedom. Share the joy of truth restored to the voting system and the problems it will solve. The truth will put the right person into office. The time for new and dynamic thought has arrived. We have ways to solve the problems we are facing like AIDS, peak oil, honest government and health care. We need to be working positively on this and other issues, like solving the crack induced crisis caused by the CIA’s distribution of the drug in the 1980’s, i.e. Iran Contra , so save your contact lists for post election season.

One more thing. Watch for the Lord to walk through this election process. Great change can come quickly based on a series of ordinary miracles, like truth. If the truth is that George Bush won the presidency based on the votes, so be it. But in the words of Bruce DePalma, 'truth has a ring to it which is unmistakable to those in search of it.' I hope Michael Moore is making a movie on this election fraud situation too.

I am praying for divine restoration of the voting system. I am praying for every soul, every day. I am praying for us, the One, that is all.

Peace on earth to people of good will.


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