Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What To Do About Poverty

Vice President John Edwards asked this question in a Yahoo group since he is addressing the issue. What to do about poverty?

Here’s a short list: effective computerization so anyone can make money with an on line business; clean, free energy; and apply common sense to health care.

We have been looking at poverty all wrong. There is a poverty of sickness, a poverty of financial lack, a poverty of sorrow and a poverty of pollution to mention a few. Poverty is a lack and the solution is to create an adequate if not abundant supply of what is needed. As we address the big picture, each element can develop specific solutions to the problems at hand.


The basic shift from the Industrial Age to the Information Age is done. This shift carries with it a benefit of empowering individuals. Second hand information in the Information Age is the new slavery. Those who have to go to another to get their daily data many times find that it is old news by the time they get it, if they get it.

The next step in solving the problem of poverty is to adequately computerize the population, or as the jargon goes ‘bridge the digital divide.’ In the 90's I trained over 3,000 people for free in Harlem HOW TO COMPUTE. Many got jobs, went back to school and created deeper connections within their family and community.

From my paper on how to bridge the digital divide :

A. Encourage banks to set up “Cyber Clubs”, much like the old “Christmas Clubs” where people can make deposits into an account for future technology purchases. As an alternative to giving a child a game or a $200 pair of sneakers for a gift, take that money and deposit it into the account. These clubs can make group purchases during July 4th and Dr. King’s Birthday weekends offering additional buying incentives based on volume discount buying. They can also keep people informed of the newest, latest and most effective equipment and programs to purchase. Financial management, i.e. “computer banking” computer user groups can be formed to use the technology to enrich the community.

B. Provide incentives for community organizations to offer free computer training to their membership. Teach the basics necessary to write letters, get on and use the web, balance a budget or record one’s family tree. Trainers can be available on line with e-mail correspondence.

C. Encourage small business growth. With a computer, whatever one does best, they can do as a business. For example, if someone braids hair, show them how their computer can keep their books, appointments, send out customer mailings, encourage word of mouth, file taxes, etc. Sales development clubs, on the web and off, can also encourage economic growth. These clubs can reach beyond national borders. Also, auto responder book sales and other residual income sites can be established.

D. Hold more and targeted local, state and national and international “town meetings” on the web with elected and appointed officials answering questions and listening to solutions from constituents. Network ideas with resources and people to accomplish the mission of safe, effective computerization for all who want it.

E. Provide additional tax and financing incentives to open computer stores, training centers, wherever. It’s not just low-income people who need access and training. We all do. I still can’t believe the many times I heard “I never thought I would ever be able to use a computer,” or “I’ve never even touched a mouse.”

F. Encourage intelligent, cross cultural-religious-economic-racial-gender, etc. computer use. With computers we see the quality of one’s ideas before we see the body they are in or the lifestyle they live. The opportunity to build bridges is to great to ignore.

G. Encourage non-violent conflict resolution through a computer. It’s tough to use a computer and a gun at the same time. Also arguments over modems cause less violence.

H. Promote the joy of computing.

I. Ask computer companies to stop red-lining inner cities.

I’m updating my free 10 week computer training I used in Harlem in the 90’s for PC/Windows/Word 2000 and 2003 with links to other free on line trainings for other Microsoft programs. The work is just about complete.


When Bruce DePalma (inventor of the magnet based N-machine which works with a Faraday Motor to create free energy) died in '97 he was at a point where he proved what Tesla was talking about with magnet based energy.

"It is characteristic of fundamental discoveries, of great achievements of the intellect, that they retain an undiminished power upon the imagination of the thinker. The memorable experiment of Faraday with a disc rotating between two poles of a magnet, which has borne such magnificent fruit, has long passed into every-day experience; yet there are certain features about this embryo of the present dynamos and motors which even today appear to us striking, and are worthy of the most careful study."
- Nicola Tesla, 1891, New York City, New York

The folks who created the plane that broke the sound barrier said they did so because they knew that a bullet does it all the time. One of the creators recently said on the program Discover that all they had to do was adjust the spin and drag on the plane and it could be done. DePalma was in the process of adjusting the spin and drag on his N Machine when he died. The super collider got funded while DePalma got ignored.

There are many "poor" folks who could finish that work off, but it's been impossible to get past the oil interests for funding. It’s time to change the energy agenda. Free, clean energy would remove not only the financial burden from folks to keep warm and move around, but would also help with environmentally induced diseases like asthma. I have just completed an e-book of his writings .

There are other clean energy alternatives, some listed with links on my Peak Oil page.


Our entire conversation about health care is how to pay the doctors and insurance companies. We need to empower folks more regarding healing and better yet, not getting sick.

For example, there is a book Dressed To Kill by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer that speaks in detail about the connection between bras and breast cancer.

From the Amazon piece on the book:

"When Soma and I did our research for Dressed To Kill we were not aware of how easily women can recover from fibrocystic breast disease by foregoing the bra. Bras, by their very design, alter the shape of the breasts for fashion. To alter breast shape you have to apply constant pressure on the breast tissue. That is why bras are elastic garments. This pressure from the bra impedes the circulation in the breast tissue, specifically, the circulation of the lymphatic system. This system is composed of microscopic vessels that originate in the breast tissue and drain the tissue of fluid, which is directed through these vessels to the lymph nodes. The lymphatic vessels are extremely thin and small, and have no pump, such as the heart, to propel its contents forward. As a result, lymphatic vessels are easily constricted by external pressure, such as that applied to the breast tissue constantly by the brassiere. It is compression of these lymph vessels that prevents the proper draining of the breast tissue, leading to fluid accumulation in the breast. Medically, this is called lymphedema of the breast, secondary to constriction from the bra. This fluid accumulation leads to breast tenderness and pain, and ultimately the fluid develops into cysts. The cysts over time become hard, and we have a picture of the creation of fibrocystic breast disease. Within days or weeks of ending breast constriction by bras, the breast tissue is allowed to flush out this excess fluid, cysts disappear, and breast pain and tenderness are minimal if at all present. From our research with hundreds of women, getting rid of the bra has resulted in remarkable recovery of breast health in over 95% of the cases. Since foregoing the bra for a month is cost-free and risk-free, and may prove beneficial, we encourage all women who wear bras to partake in a self-study to see for themselves, on themselves, whether their bras have been damaging their breasts. Keep in mind that breast disease is only a problem in bra wearing cultures. Women who are bra-free have the same breast cancer incidence as men. And don't wait for the cancer detection and treatment industry to endorse this information before you try it. Billions of dollars are made each year treating breast cancer. Nobody will make money by women loosening up to prevent this disease. The prevention of breast disease is up to each individual woman. Just stop binding the breasts with bras in the name of fashion, and begin to love yourself and respect your body."

I first heard about the study in the early 90's and took off my bra. I don't even own one anymore. I’m in my 50’s and don't have breast cancer.

Another example for how to reduce health care cost is AIDS.

Niro Markoff Asistent healed herself of HIV with ARC back in 1986. I just finished typing her out of print book on how she did it, WHY I SURVIVE AIDS so it can be available as an e-book. She healed herself with diet, removing stress, meditation, and other techniques. For example:

"Nadabrahma is based on an old Tibetan technique of humming through the nose, and it seems that the humming vibration has a twofold effect. First, it helps to focus your energy inwardly, and to stimulate your pineal gland – or open your ‘third eye,” as it is referred to by mystics. The third eye is located in the center of your inner vision to receive intuitive guidance from your higher power. Second, as I was later to discover, the humming technique massages the pituitary and thymus glands. The thymus gland monitors the production of T-cells and the pituitary gland monitors the elimination of toxins. Both glands are very important for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Sometime after my healing, I met two researchers who were studying the effects of massage on the pituitary and thymus glands. When I told them about the humming section of the Nadabrahma, they suggested that the sound vibration performs an inner massage on those vital glands. I now teach this meditation to all who participate in my workshops and private sessions."

Let’s not forget the Water Cure explained in the book BACK TO EDEN by Jethro Kloss.

Finally, the health drama of repetitive stress injuries is just plain stupid regarding computer use. When you support the forearms and lower the keyboard, carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries disappear because the cause, the stress and bent wrists, is removed. It took me 30 days for my extensive computer injuries to heal back in 1990. Fifteen years later, the injuries never returned, and I spend the vast majority of my time on my computers with my patented CompUrest.

Before George Bush stole the election before last, we were a free nation of great minds and spirits. Now folks are living in fear, stripped of the most basic of freedoms, like speech, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We can bootstrap ourselves to a peaceful, prosperous world with the right coordination. When I put a 92 year old woman at a computer with a 26 year old woman so together they could learn how to use a mouse, the synergy was awesome. Each had answers for the other. The magic is still in the people. We can be a great nation again.

We are overcoming now.


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