Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why Stanley "Tookie" Williams Was Killed

Another day when the government killed one of its citizens by putting them in a frame.

His case is not about did he kill 4 people. If it was blood, witnesses, fingerprint or DNA evidence would have been required before he was put to death. It was not.

In my opinion, he was killed for being who he was, a scapegoat for the government policy to bring crack into the Black community.

William’s case reads like another government frame. More on that later.

Why frame Tookie?

Because if Williams looks deep into his memory, he has names of folks in the George Bush Sr. CIA who introduced crack into the Black community. He was their Head Nigga’ In Charge of LA then was promoted to expand the gang distribution system to other towns. The technique is called create a crisis and pretend to solve it.

Like Oliver North’s role in the CIA bringing crack into the Black community in the 1980’s, Tookie Williams was ‘authorized to do everything he did.’ (reference to Time Magazine’s cover article about Oliver North testifying on the Iran-Contra affair, Time magazine cover, July 20, 1987.) Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Tookie’s book series has reached directly to the hearts of thousands of children around the world. Why silence a voice of reason against gangs? I understand that Prison, Inc. has a need for new customers, but we have to get a grip. The families of the folks murdered are going on what the government said happened to their loved ones. What’s important is to get to the truth.


I heard Snoop Dog and others report that there was no blood evidence and no credible witnesses to the murders. Ira Einhorn is also in jail on a government frame in Penn. with no blood evidence and no witnesses to the murder. Our government produced 9/11 using a controlled demolition and a guided missile so of course they could stoop low enough to frame folks. Remember the Rosenbergs?

There are mountains of evidence (Iran Contra - read Dark Alliance by Gary Webb ) that it was the CIA that used folks to bring crack into the community. Apparently Tookie was recruited. As in Harlem, there are no cocaine fields in Los Angeles either.

Other sources of information include:

Prison Planet has articles on Gary Webb’s murder by the government:

Tookie’s main site .

His Clemency Application: is posted on line.

Campaign to end the Death Penalty.

Death Penalty has a report on race and the death penalty in California.

One more article to check out is “Tookie Williams and the Politics of the Death Penalty” by Phil Gasper

I’ll let the words and wisdom of Karl Marx close this piece:

“It has often been remarked that in this country a public execution is generally followed closely by instances of death by hanging, either suicidal or accidental, in consequence of the powerful effect which the execution of a noted criminal produces upon a morbid and unmatured mind.”

". . . what a state of society is that which knows of no better instrument for its own defense than the hangman, and which proclaims . . . its own brutality as eternal law? . . . [I]s there not a necessity for deeply reflecting upon an alteration of the system that breeds these crimes, instead of glorifying the hangman who executes a lot of criminals to make room only for the supply of new ones?" -- Karl Marx, 1853


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