Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ira Einhorn - Another Innocent Man In Jail?

I'm from the old school that says if the evidence does not fit, the government must acquit.

I believe that in America we have a lot of people in jail who should not be there.

My good brother David Crockett Williams turned me onto one such person, Ira Einhorn, who has served the last 4 years in prison for a murder he says he did not commit. I am inclined, based on the lack of evidence, to believe him.

In Einhorn's case he was accused of murdering his girlfriend, Holly Maddux and keeping her body in a trunk in his apartment, where they said the murder happened. There are no witnesses that Maddox and Einhorn were together at the time of her death. There is no blood evidence in Einhorn's apartment, nor in the body that the government "found" in a trunk in his apartment, where they said the murder took place, etc.

Now, Einhorn was known for speaking out on free energy, the environment, freedom and other really important issues in the 60's and 70's, most of which conflicted with the pro corporate government we’ve had.

I proudly and joyously midwifed the book that Einhorn and his friend, the great James Sorrells, put together that Jim holds 100% of the rights to called Prelude To Intimacy. It's a really good read about life on the run from the US government and makes the case for an open retrial based on truth.

Because Einhorn is in jail, he does not have web access. That's about to change. What he sends me I'll blog.

First note from Ira Einhorn – September 15, 2005:


Your spirit comes off your emails and provides delight for my heart to know that the progressive evolutionary impetus is still alive and kicking up a storm with such precision and knowledge.

When you are cut off – as I am – 20 years away and now 4 years behind bars, one has little sense of the activism that is keeping things alive. I have friends who send me things to read, but it is not the same as feeling the pulse that comes off the emails that Jim has shared with me.

They blew me out of the H2O just at the point wherein I had gathered enough force to go forth, really opens things up. And perhaps focus attention on the technology that might alleviate the ecological catastrophe that is now getting closer with each dawning.

Years underground in five other cultures made me aware of the confines that are now destroying american society.

My activist soul struggled in this enforced silence (Mostly: for another letter) and continued my incessant learning while I taught myself to write novels.

Capture brought an explosion of publicity that I still can’t believe and I refused 90% of the offers.

Then they made a law just for me.

Then they pushed through a $1,000,000,000 civil suit to prevent me from publishing. Bless you for helping end run that.

I came back to a prison system that feels like a 21st century Black version of the 19th century Indian reservations.

As I look around I constantly ask one question: DON’T WHITE PEOPLE COMMIT ANY CRIMES?

So, yup, for all practical purposes, I’m Black, but I’ve had advantages that most of my fellow prisoners have not had, and a good percentage of them identify strongly with what has been done to me.

It’s probably the same with shades of difference in most places in the U.S.A.

I’m treated as a pariah to such an extent that Philadelphia media can only deal with me in terms that my European friends can’t believe.

There have been 12 or 13 TV specials, some of which still play regularly: A & E played theirs twice on September 13, 2005. The two part movie plays again and again,


I participated in none of these specials and the move is pure phantasy.

My voice is unheard in the media din.
My real life is almost virgin territory.

If you have a moment, tell me who you are. If you need, ever, any help with editing and evaluating manuscripts, let me know as I’ve done much of that. Thank you again for the help.



I know I'm out there but the thought occurs to me that the only way that Hitler's Banker’s (Prescott Bush) Grandson, George W. Bush, a basic failure in life, could be president of the United States was to systematically silence the voices of reason in my generation. Kent State put us on notice that we could be shot in the streets when peacefully protesting. Crack targeted the best and the brightest. Free energy inventor Bruce DePalma fled the country in the early 90's when G.H.W.B. took over in disgust. AIDS and the government targeted the most generous, wise and kind, some of the greatest souls of all. And Einhorn is in jail for murder without any hard evidence to support that he did it. The list is long.

Land of the free?

Let's stop pretending not to know the truth.

If there is anything you can do to help get Einhorn a fair retrial, including donating to his legal fund, send an email to his friend, James Sorrells.

We are overcoming now.


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