Friday, August 06, 2004

Peak Oil - Nayer's Notes


"God does not play dice with the world!"
Albert Einstein

Here's the "Peak Oil" problem

We're running out of petroleum, and unless we change our way of living, the vast majority of us could die soon and dramatically.

The rest of us will be left behind
to deal with a world in trauma and chaos unless we

I learned about peak oil early in January, 2004. I am not an oil industry person; never dipped into the wells. While reading message board postings, I came across an announcement by a wise young man, Matt Savinar. His site, a great "Peak Oil 101" place to learn is LIFE AFTER THE OIL CRASH . Another mover and shaker in the alternative energy field is David Crockett Williams who over the last five years has kept me on environmental point.

We are in the Information Age. The available information indicates we are reaching the peak of oil production. Further, reports indicate a link between fossil fuels, environmental pollution and health problems.
As we solve the peak oil problem by switching to clean alternatives energies like bio fuels and magnets, we can further solve the problem of our pollution killing us.

In America, we've been dealing with a health care crisis in terms of money. It's a convenient way not to discuss the causes of the rapidly rising cancer rates, among them, pollution. As we reduce the cause of people getting sick, the result, high health care costs, will reduce themselves based on supply and demand.

We have got to stop acting stupid. We live on the same planet and we have to work together to stay here.

A major problem is of course economic. Many are making a lot of money on war for oil, the continued use of oil, and the part of the medical industry that profits from cancer and asthma rates. Over the centuries we have seen that greed is not good. Peak Oil is just another example of where we need to remove greed from the daily operation of life.

Paying for the conversion is a problem given current laws that should be changed. Governments who band hemp need to get out of the way of a solution. An international hemp tax, part of which can go to the U.N. (or a newly created international project management board to oversee the conversion) can pay for the transformation.

For example, in the United States, implementing the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, a 20% tax on hemp revenues could generate a lot of money quickly, both from product taxes and stamp (license) fees. An estimated $7 billion marijuana is sold in the United States. 20% of that is $1,400,000,000. Not a bad start up budget and that's just America, with hemp illegal.

Side Note: Maybe there would be more peace in the middle east and elsewhere if both side of a warring issue took a hemp break and laughed about their differences.

It is time to stop Industrial Age Thinking in the Information Age. It's killing Us.

Like Many folks report doing their best "thinking" in the toilet. Maybe that's why the world looks the way it does. We can think this peak oil thing through on our computers. The evidence is too precise to ignore.
Changing from petroleum to bio fuels feeds my basic common sense. The oil within the planet is not an unlimited resource. We need to be living seven generations out, and we are failing. Our deficit, environmental and energy policies demand constructive change.
The next step is converting a car to an alternative energy source. I've begun by putting the web published writings of Bruce DePalma in an e-book to be released this summer. If you're interested in being on the mailing list for a copy, send an e-mail to

It's time to stop taking oil from the inner earth. Like We need oils for Our bodies; maybe the planet needs her oil for Her body. She gives Us what she can spare via bio fuels. There are more than enough of them to keep Us going and avoid the "Peak Oil" drama.

Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross in her book The Wheel of Life: A Memoir of Living and Dying taught me 'once I learned that I could do without, the rest was easy.' She's right. It's time for us to learn and live from 'We can do without petroleum oil' and it's resulting "Peak Oil" drama.' We can do without petroleum if petroleum is killing us. Carolyn Myss said in her book Anatomy Of Spirit that Wisdom Erases Karma. It is wise to learn the lessons of the past so we don't have to repeat them.

Yes, We may be too late, but if We put the conversions on a Project Manager, People who are now being told to kill, soldiers, can be re-directed to save the planet as well as ourselves. We can get the job done. It's worth an accomplishment.

The way we are doing things with petroleum is about to kill up to 5.5 billion (yes BILLION) of us if we fail to act. This knowledge has forced me to drop much of my life and focus on this issue.

It's a great first project for Us all to work as One. The web is helping Us get this done. After this we can work on better managing and cleaning up te food supply, getting all planetary residents computers so that issues of illiteracy, health care and other life support information is quickly shared, building ocean water distill boats to keep people supplied with clean water.

Please understand that the Table of Brotherhood that Dr. M. L. King spoke about is a table with a computer on it, and good people around it, solving problems and having a good time.

The mechanics of the transition can be coordinated on the web. The how to for converting autos can be downloaded by every shop and independent mechanic. Home conversion kits can also be available.
One more motivating factor to act now. There is a plan in the United States to take nuclear waste from all over the country and transport it in 2010 to an active earthquake fault line in Yucca Mountain, Nevada. This plan calls for this toxic, extremely radioactive waste to be transported via highways and railways. This endangers the lives of many of us while the nuclear industry just makes more waste.

The revenue generated by the conversion could be considerable. The amount of local work this conversion generates can jump start many economies around the world. A local hemp tax could fund many business and individual opportunities involved in solving this peak oil problem. Cash strapped farmers from all over the world can produce an income from a strong energy market. Current energy distribution companies can simply shift from one fuel to another. Everybody wins.
Continuing to live a lifestyle where our engines are polluting our air is just plain stupid, and stupid has consequences. (Just trying to lighten up - smile, we can do this.)

Blessings to you and yours and thanks for all the work you do on this and all other empowerment issues.

Please e-mail me to share your solution based thoughts. There is nothing to fear but fear.

We are overcoming now.


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