Friday, August 06, 2004

Peak Oil - The Problem

PEAK OIL PROBLEM - Lack of Petroleum

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We, the people of the world, are at a critical point in our existence. If we choose to work together, we survive. If we continue depending on depleting oil supplies and fighting among ourselves, the peak oil card is played.

To get through this lets begin by acknowledging the problem, then we'll go onto finding solutions and implementing them on a global scale, each community implementing their clean, safe energy choice.

Many respected scientists have estimated that we've used up about half of the world's petroleum oil supply. Whether we have or not, oil is being priced like we have. The price of oil, and all that is produced with it, like food, transportation, plastics, etc. is rising dramatically as costs to pump the crude increases and availability decreases. Estimates are that as soon as 2008, the drama could get serious.

Failure to deal with Peak Oil can cause an international economic collapse that could be at cause for the next big death cull. It's going to take all of us working together to solve this one, but we can do it. I'm not talking about 'the sky is falling." That happened in the United States on 9/11/01. We all saw it over, and over and over again. We're on the other side of that now.

The best "Peak Oil 101" place for a deep understanding of the issue with supporting documentation is LIFE AFTER THE OIL CRASH by Matt Savinar. Thank the Lord for the young people. They are the reason the rest of us are here. Check out:


LIFE AFTER THE OIL CRASH Great first step on the yellow brick road to understanding and solving the peak oil crisis.

"The situation is so dire that even George W. Bush's Energy Adviser, Matthew Simmons, has acknowledged that "The situation is desperate. This is the world's biggest serious question."

According to Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham, "America faces a major energy supply crisis over the next two decades. The failure to meet this challenge will threaten our nation's economic prosperity, compromise our national security, and literally alter the way we lead our lives."


"May 30, 2003, PARIS – Research presented on May 26th and 27th at the French Institute for Petroleum (IFP) by a wide variety of experts from varying and often competitive perspectives disclosed that, in the year since the first conference of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO), supply constraints have worsened and the realities of energy depletion are becoming more apparent. A year of violent political history centered on oil and ever-more unforgiving production results have begun to force reluctant political and economic acknowledgement of Peak Oil’s threat to civilization."Presentation at the Technical University of Clausthal, C.J.Campbell, December 2000

"2. Sub-Title: The title of my talk is Peak Oil. It truly is a turning point for Mankind. It will affect us all. It is a large subject, and it will take us about an hour to work through it.

3. Purpose: The purpose of the talk is to evaluate the resource base and its depletion. Then we can go on to study the present crisis and try to see how it will evolve. Finally we can think specifically about Germany's predicament."


"Named after the late Dr. M. King Hubbert, Geophysicist, this website provides data, analysis and recommendations regarding the upcoming peak in the rate of global oil extraction."

Oil depletion: One of the most important problems of the world

"To solve a problem one must understand the magnitude of the problem. To reiterate previous numbers energy is consumed by humans at a rate of about 13TW (1TW equals one (US) trillion Watts). A very large fraction (around 40%) comes from oil. Oil is therefore the primary energy source, and it is the primary energy source which should concern us.

The world consumes 77 million barrels (one barrel is 42 (US) gallons or 159 (SI/metric) liters) of petroleum daily, which makes 26 billion barrels annually. The biggest extractors are Saudi Arabia, Russia, the United States, and Mexico. The biggest exporters are Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Norway. The biggest importers are the United States, Japan, Korea and Germany."


"Petroleum geologists have known for 50 years that global oil production would "peak" and begin its inevitable decline within a decade of the year 2000. Moreover, no renewable energy systems have the potential to generate more than a tiny fraction of the power now being generated by fossil fuels.

In short, the end of oil signals the end of civilization, as we know it."

Maybe, as Die says, no single bio fuel can save us. But the open market availability of all bio fuels can solve the problem without the drama. Everything needs to be re-thought through so that we produce life enriching rather than murderous results.


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