Friday, November 09, 2007

Chauncey Bailey Questions Knawing At My Soul

Chauncey Bailey did his best to let folks know what's really going on.

At the time of his murder, Chauncey was also working on a story about police corruption in Oakland according to his editor.

"Oakland Post Publisher Paul Cobb has said Bailey was investigating the bakery's bankruptcy and other financial doings as well as stories about police corruption. Cobb has denied telling police - as a detective's notes indicate - that Bailey was probing the bakery's role in "murders and other felonious activity." (Source has taken the original article down by 11/10/07 or available for cost originally posted:

Witnesses report that the killer fled the scene, not ran into the bakery after the shooting to hide the gun. The police raid justification was 'they just happened to be going in the bakery in a pre-scheduled raid' and "found" the gun.'

The day after Chauncey's family cleaned out his apartment, a family member reported that his computer was stolen out of the back of an old car they had it in overnight.

I confess I'm jaded.

I thought Gary Webb and Hunter Thompson were as bad as it could get.

The whole truth is not in yet.

If the gun was found in the bakery, why did the shooter have to leave, only to return and hide the gun close to where the murder happened?

When did he/gun return to be "found" the next day by a pre-scheduled raid?

Did anyone put the janitor up to killing the reporter, if it was him who did it?

What was in the police story about corruption that Chauncey was working on at the time of his murder?

Without his home computer, will the publisher reveal what's in the newsroom computer, Chauncey's last stories.

Could the story that contributed to his murder be in there?

Inquiring minds need to know.


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