Thursday, November 04, 2004

Stolen Election Again?

I feel there is a problem with this election. It stinks to high heaven. We can track a dollar down to the penny but we have been told we can't track a vote.

If the vote count starts at poll closing time plus when the last voter votes, how did the media begin to call numbers for entire states shortly after closing time? The machines could not have been open as fast as the networks were calling off numbers. Counting the votes, especially those who voted a week or so earlier, could not have been done in that short a time.

And what happened to the media's standard of not reporting election results until everyone in the country voted from Maine to California?

I live in Arizona. The Secretary of State’s office has posted “unofficial” election results on the web. According to the posting, nobody in the state of Arizona voted for Ralph Nader. Not one of the reported 40,000 votes cast for Nader came from Arizona?

I understand the gentleman’s agreement between two members of Skull & Bones not to fight over this, but we the people need to make sure our vote was counted. (I still love and appreciate John Kerry and his crew, but Kerry never did address the Skull & Bones conflict of interest).

We have until the Electoral College meets for folks to demand a verification of their vote. A simple citizens request from each voter that demands verification of their vote being counted.

Don't Deny...Verify .

If we don't pretend not to know (deny) there could be a problem here, we can fix it by each one verifying their vote. Simply ask to confirm that a citizen's vote is counted. It’s the only way to confirm that computer programming alterations were not pulled in some places to weigh the vote in favor of one candidate over another.

The will of the government has superseded the will of the people for too long. It’s clearly time to restore intelligence to government.

Let me know what you think.

It isn't over until the Electoral College sings.


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