Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Election2004 - Prove It or Re-Do It

“How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think." – Hitler
The Boston Globe reported that there were more than 30 reported voting problems per 100,000 votes in FL, OH, PA, AZ, LA, NM and CO. And that's just the reported ones. Check our your state on the Boston Globe Map.
T H I N K . As a patent holding inventor, let me assure you there is a scientist in everyone. It is the spark within of curious concern or need that sends us in a relentless search of answers to the problems we will solve.
Every citizen needs to look scientifically at this election and accept only the facts. How many people voted for who? It is to our advantage to stop pretending not to know that this election is crooked. To accept anything less than an accurate vote count is dangerous. We need to be complete scientists.
The late, great inventor Bruce DePalma, (whose N-Machine uses spinning magnets and brushes to create free energy) explains scientific thinking in his new book DePalma, Free Energy and the N-Machine.
"The complete scientist is a balanced person. He has the discernment and discrimination to perceive the underlying truths of nature, hidden beneath the multiplicity of experimental appearances. He has enough sense not to extend his theoretical expectations beyond the resolution of his experiments. Nor to delude himself into thinking the manipulations of mathematics can offer him more insight than the conceptualizations on which they are based. What is required in Science is not the training of more clones or epigones. What is required is the balancing of the individual, the harmonization of thinking. The development of insight, and observational instincts to discriminate between the real and the unreal. That is Science. "
Every citizen should be involved, especially the members of my "race." A lot of the election fraud took place in minority communities. This has got to stop. Too many folks died for everybody's right to vote to let this issue handle itself.
Dr. King’s fear that he expressed to Harry Belefonte is now a reality. Black folks have been integrated into a burning house. It's an oil fire that requires the whole community to help put it out.
The DNA folks report that they can’t tell a person’s race from DNA. W.E.B. Dubois wrote in the introduction of the 50th anniversary his work THE SOULS OF BLACK FOLKS “Race is just an excuse that we use as to why some people can have and some people cannot have.” It's time to lay the drama down for a minute, forgive and go forward. The only way to win this battle for an honest vote count is for everyone to work together for the highest good for all concerned.
Not just Black folks, everybody. You can pick it back up later if you want. But now, at this critical point in history, everyone has equal responsibility to heal our nation. I’m not saying the sky is falling. That already happened on 9/11/01. I'm saying like in the book Horton Hears A Who, every voice and action should be talking loud and saying something constructive. It is time for more righteous rap.
Now that the major media is mentioning the possibility that the election did not produce an accurate count, it’s up to all the American people to restore balance and truth to our system. It’s broken. Do a news search on “Stolen Election” or "Voter Fraud." Look at the facts, the direct experience of vote accountability. If there is none, as in qualified voters who voted were not counted, then we have to redo the whole thing. Zero tolerance for fraud or inaccuracy needs to be considered. We can do it. Downloadable and paper ballots, received by a specific date, will produce a verifiable count. We are in the information age and it’s time to demand integrity in the data we use to make decisions. To base the world’s future on inaccurate data is just plain stupid. We must think things all the way through, and make adjustments N O W!!!!
Why do we need to rethink our society then take positive steps to improve the quality of life on the planet? Our debt is high with millions of people without access to housing and medical care. Our roads and many of our cities are in disrepair. Our children and old people are in crisis in life centered issues like health and safety. Our environment is polluted. People are getting sick at a rate of one in twenty patients from just going to the hospital and picking up a secondary infection. We are hated by many in the world as we continue to kill innocent people in a war with folks who had nobody on the 9/11 planes. Imagine yourself as an Iraqi child today. ‘This is the freedom that you bring?’ Our president and members of his staff have lied to us and the rest of the world, incompetence has been promoted and the will of the people mis-counted. The government does not have a right to invalidate a registered person’s vote, yet that is what happened. It’s not about Kerry or Bush, though I am deeply disappointed that Senator Kerry has not taken an active role in demanding an accurate vote count. I still see the vision. It’s about fixing the system, and one person, one vote is a good place to start. It’s the ultimate check and balance, yet it is being mis-managed, as in no paper trail for some votes, as a way to continue with unpopular policies.

The question is what to do now to solve our problems. It begins with the individual.
First, look within to get the answer to how best you can heal our society. Listen to what you are thinking and the power that tells your heart how to beat and your lungs how to breathe, even when you are asleep. A great how to book is HOW TO MEDITATE by Lawrence LeShan.
Then, if appropriate for you, write, call or visit your elected and appointed officials and demand that your vote be counted. Trace it or report that it is missing. Discuss with your family, friends and associates relevant situations and solutions. Get a blog and write the truth.
As a nation, we need to decide; are we for war or peace, prosperity or debt, a healthy environment or a dirty one, an educated or a stupid society. Based on results we have become a warring people, deeply in debt, living in a dirty environment. That’s not smart. We’ve got to think things through, present evidence of election fraud scientifically, and calmly take our country back.
The late Peter McWilliams said ‘YOU CAN’T AFFORD THE LUXURY OF A NEGATIVE THOUGHT’ Stop thinking we are better than every one else in the world. We clearly are not. Everybody deserves a decent place to live, clean food and water and a high speed internet connection.
It is time for America to teach (not force) the world about freedom and democracy, by example – not bombs - the words of angels. “Peace on earth to men of good will.”
It starts with each of us creating peace within our selves by doing the right thing for the highest good of all concerned.





We are overcoming now.


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