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New Hemp Cities Energy Options


Currently, energy is from the traditional electric company. Since water is already off the grid here, energy independence is next. Life will be a lot less stressful for many without electric and water bills.

The three initial energy sources we're looking into are solar, magnetic and hemp biofuel.


Clean solar energy in Arizona is well documented, though a $144 a year savings is NOT free.

3D printing solar panels out of hemp plastic could create free energy. Here's some initial solar in Arizona research links.

"Your guide to going solar in Arizona

We've designed this page to be a complete guide to the complicated and sometimes confusing process of installing solar panels on a home in Arizona. Since there's a lot of important information to consider, we've separated the page into sections to help you find what you are looking for. If you find this page useful, please share it with someone who might also find it interesting!

The Solar Strategy section is all about the various financial options you have in Arizona. We've created a tool that asks you a few questions about what you hope to get out of a solar purchase and recommends whether you should pursue a solar lease, loan, or outright purchase. Then, we give you a detailed picture of how each could work for you.

The Policy Information section contains all of our latest research on the rules set by the state legislature and public utilities commission that determines how easy it is to go solar in Arizona. These policies and rules govern everything from renewable energy mandates to whether you get paid retail or wholesale rates for the extra energy your system produces, and can have a huge effect on the viability of solar.

Finally, the Solar Incentives section lists all of the available financial benefits available to homeowners who go solar. This section includes information about money-back rebates and grants, tax credits, and tax exemptions. If you're looking for what Arizona is doing to make solar more affordable for its citizens, you'll find it here."

"Despite a lengthy battle between the solar industry and Arizona utilities over how solar owners would be paid for excess electricity and curbs put on those payments, there is more solar than ever in the state."


  • "Average cost of panel installation in Arizona is $24,500
  • Average cost of solar per watt in Arizona is $3.50 per watt
The range of solar panel installation costs in Arizona are between $17,000 – $52,200. Putting the average solar system cost in Phoenix, Arizona right around $24,500 for a 7 kilowatt residential solar system. Estimates are based on installing a 7 kilowatt solar system (average sized solar system), at a rate of $3.50 per watt. The solar panels and installation are included in these estimated costs. Low Cost: $20,000, AVG Cost: $25,000 and High Cost: $30,000. "


Magnetic Energy

Free energy and world peace activist David Williams brought this mission to the Underground Railroad. Williams is a contemporary and friend to the late inventor, M.I.T.'s Bruce DePalma. DePalma's magnetic generator works with a Faraday motor to create clean, free energy. Yes, we can new age print both the N-Machine and the Faraday motor.

To quickly visualize the power discussed here, think of a magnet pulling a metal object toward it. Direct that power to turn a generator. We can print magnets. Simply prove the product, promote and sell on amazon, complete the sale. [No illusions, simple not to be confused with easy - yet - nothing is impossible!]

The railroad did a book on DePalma's work awhile back that's for sale on Lulu, DePalma, Free Energy and the N-Machine.

Here's an interview piece DePalma did. DePalma's N-Machine patent application material is free to replicate, which is great to do using new age printing techniques.

Here's Part 2

Hemp Biofuel 

Richard M. Davis, founder of the USA Hemp Museum (current curator Chris Conrad) did a lot of research in and promotion of hemp biofuels. The museum is Richard's lifelong collection of thousands of hemp based items. Here's his page on hemp biofuels

Richard had a theory that with the tens of thousands of products hemp can be made into, (pre 3d printing calculations) the oil could be distributed at no cost other than packaging and shipping, qualifying it in the category of clean and free (low cost) energy. For farmers it would be free as other hemp products are sold for profit.

Hemp empowers folks to grow our own energy, energizing buildings and vehicles with bio diesel too instead of toxic petroleum. Maybe the Earth needs her deep soil oil for her body the way we need oil for ours. She shares plenty with us already through her plants.

Stay tuned! Building New Hemp Cities is an awesome experience. Now which energy source will we shift to?

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