Wednesday, May 23, 2018

New Underground Railroad Station, New Hemp Cities, Mc Neal, AZ

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Now begins a new cyber station on the Underground Railroad, located in Mc Neal, Arizona. The purpose is to fuel the new age printing (3d printing, 4d printing, 5d printing plus what's next) evolution with hemp and other non toxic materials as filaments, inks.

Hemp is the perfect raw resource material to fuel the great change ahead. Here on Double Adobe we are building a proving ground for new age printing in hemp, launching many spiritual, business and healing opportunities.

The Computer Underground Railroad, a cyber division of the original, quietly, at least until now, been serving since the mid 1980's. Some of CURE's missions accomplished, dreams achieved over the decades include training over 3,000 folks how to use computers, community education of environmental dangers and solutions, co-published seven books for sale on line, and was awarded with Bernard Hirschenson a patent on an ergonomic computer arm rest that healed extensive computer injuries - they never returned, and it's been a quarter century plus.

Currently CURE is developing environmentally strengthened 3d printed roads and buildings out of hemp.

Sunrise View From The Back Porch
Underground Railroad Station
Thanks to brilliant insights and a land purchase by Dr. Jeri Rose, identified and sold by real estate agent Linda Nunez of Pearce, AZ, the railroad is opening a new age 3d printing in hemp proving ground in Mc Neal, Cochise County, Arizona.

"We're transforming from the research and development stage to legally sowing of the seeds necessary for maximum healthy crop yields to 3d print environmentally conscious communities out of hemp. We are working on getting a Hydreva water system for truly clean and agriculturally empowering hydration." said founder J. Nayer Hardin.


Hemp farming with paperwork becomes legal in Arizona mid 2019 thanks to a bill recently signed by Governor Ducey. Negotiations are in place for legal medical cannabis farming too. "We are taking the necessary steps to qualify to grow hemp, male, female and trans. In the meantime, we're also considering subcontracting out 5-10 acres at fair market value to folks / companies / dispensaries who are currently qualified to legally grow cannabis and hemp in this state." said Hardin

Information Is Transformation!

Arizona's Governor Ducey legalizing hemp farming with paperwork starting the middle of 2019 is an amazing opportunity. The USA Senate is passing a hemp farming bill too.

The railroad is "just in time for the future" to get our paperwork in order so we can, as free men, start growing hemp for energy, new age printing plus the other legal cannabis markets. Vertical farming techniques all us to grow a lot more crops on a lot less land.

We are going forward into this brave new world of legal medical cannabis and ibogaine farming that are exciting possibilities too.

 If you would like to participate click here to read the overview -- click here to donate.

Closing thought

Like Jack Herer said, 'Get your fucking education. Hemp can heal the planet.'

For example, the environment.

We have access to hemp solutions by simply following Paul Stanford's suggestion, RESTORE HEMP!

When the problem is too much CO2 in the atmosphere, the solution is to safely reduce the CO2 to healthy levels. An added benefit to the environment by growing is hemp breathes excess CO2, making it a biomass champion in the fight to balance climate change. Hemp phytoremediation cleans the soil of toxic metals and nuclear radiation after a few years of crop rotation.

Happy Hemp!

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