Monday, May 14, 2012

Dial M For Mass Murder - Fukushima Nuclear Disaster In Process

Because of multi government lies, promoted by the main stream media and press, a lot of this information was washed under as the president and others lied about the dangers from Radiation coming from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

(Update Reactor 4 is also in dangerous condition - Read Fukushima, Hanging By A Thread.)
Text below.

Dial M For Mass Murder

Fukushima Japan, March 2011

A 9.0 earthquake off the northern coast of Japan triggers a large Tsunami that slams into the Fukushima Diachi Nuclear Plant.

All cooling functions at the plant are lost and “3 GE Mark I Boiling Water Reactors” and 4 Spent Fuel Pools begin to enter an uncontrollable criticality.

Each Mark I Reactor contains 100 tons of fuel.

Unit 1’s, GE Mark 1! reactor, suffers a complete meltdown.  Hydrogen gas built up in the Containment Building.  It explodes and all containment is ruptured.

The Reactor’s Core and 8 Years worth of Spent Fuel melt down, are free to enter the atmosphere.

Two days later Unit 3’s GE Mark I Reactor suffers a hydrogen Explosion.  This explosion differs from the first because Weapons Grade Plutonium was also being used as a fuel in this reactor.

When the Hydrogen gas exploded it triggered a small nuclear explosion.  Ejecting the contents of Unit 3 into the Atmosphere.

(Images of Unit 1 – March 12, 2011 vs. Unit 3 March 14, 2011 explosions
Fukushima fission reactor vs. mini fission nuke)

Plutonium is the deadliest element known to man.

Man created Plutonium.  Ten pounds of Plutonium evenly distributed could kill-off the population 10 times over.

There were 10 tons of Plutonium in Unit 3.

Unit 4’s reactor is empty [ Since this piece was done it's ben discovered Reactor 4 is a danger also ] Spent Fuel Pool has 8 years of Fuel cooling.

The water in the Spent Fuel Pool boils off and leaves the spent fuel rods exposed.  Hydrogen is released and another explosion occurs, rupturing containment.

What was once a sprawling trophy to commercial nuclear power…..Is now a smoldering nightmare.

(image Unit 3 fuel pool – gentle steam from it 11-03-27 10:18)

Some Facts About the Fukushima Diiachi Meltdown/Melt-Throughs:  In the first week of Meltdown, Fukushima released more radioactive Cessium than Chernobyl and all of the Nuclear Bombs detonated during atmospheric testing. The 100 ton fuel cores of Unites 1, 2 and 3 melted through containment and fell into the basements of the Reactor Buildings.  Tepco confirmed this July 6th, 2011. The cores most likely melted through the concrete and entered the ground and water tables.

Chernobyl was a 7 as rated by the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA). Fukushima should be an 8+ and still has not been contained. There are millions of people in Japan living in radiation levels higher than that of the No-Go Zones of Chernobyl. 34,000 Fukushima children between the ages of 4 and 15 are wearing radiation detectors to measure the bioaccumulation of radiation at their School Grounds.

Since mid-March 2011, large amounts of Radioactive Fallout and Hot Particles have made their way to North America.

The EPA stopped monitoring Fallout from Fukushima in late April, 2011. Before they stopped measuring radioactive fallout Radioactive Iodine, Cesium, Zeon, and Uranium were measured in the U.S. at hundreds of times the legal background limit.

Thousands of tons of Radioactive water have been released by Tokyo Power and Electric Co. (TEPCO) into the Pacific Ocean, contaminating water and sea life.  Elements like Cessium and Uranium have half lives of thousands of years.

TEPC and General Electric (GE) continue to obfuscate and hide the truth.  It took 3 months to admit that a meltdown occurred in Units 1-3 and close to four months until a melt-Through had been confirmed.

The Japanese Government and TEPCO have yet to begin entombing the reactors, because radiation levels are so high, that skilled technicians and engineers can only work for minutes at a time, before receiving their yearly dose of radiation.  A few hours on site would lead to death.

“Hot Particles” are microscopic radioactive particles that travel with weather and wind patterns.  When “Hot Particles” are ingested by humans they lodge in Lung and Bone tissues and create CANCERS in the surrounding cells.

Citizens in Tokyo, Japan are inhaling 40 hot particles a day.

Citizens in Seattle, Washington and Los Angeles, California are inhaling 5 hot particles a day.
After years of decline two large American cities, Philadelphia and Seattle have seen a 35% rise in Infant Mortality rates from the months of March 2011-July 2011.

Radiation levels that are multiple times above legal limits, as set by the environmental Protection Agency, have been detected in rain water, milk, fish, dairy products, vegetables, fruits and beef products in the United States.  This has not been covered by the mainstream media.

WHAT’S NEXT??? Video by Brian Rich  Special Thanks to Arnie and Maggie Gundersen for their generous truth telling in the last 130+ days.


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