Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mark Twain's Preacher - Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright

I was so impressed to hear Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama propose a simple, peaceful solution to the problems of race and other economic issues in America, UNIFY.

In unity can be a reduction of stress. In a relaxed environment healing is easier.

The video above is from the Willie Nelson Peace Research Insitute, whose A PEACEFUL SOLUTION project is unifying folks in discussions of peaceful solutions to our problems, like the unity tip we just got from Sen. Barack Obama. Not since I HAVE A DREAM has there been a speech in America more uplifting and filled with solutions.

We've got to stop shooting the messenger. Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright is the preacher in Mark Twain's "The War Prayer." He's called for us to think things all the way through and look at the results of our actions. All this drama around his words, and not a peep about did he tell the truth.

On 9/11 was America as blessed as other days (we are always blessed)?
Did you read Gary Webb's book Dark Alliance : The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion
Are the gangs Iran Contra created still terrorizing (and worse) folks?
Have you looked at the heroic work of Dr. Boyd Graves about AIDS coming from the American government?
Have we gone to war with innocent people while ignoring many of our children's & seniors needs?
Have we made nature, hemp, illegal, changed rivers paths, polluted the environment and trashed the land?
Have we perverted justice so bad we routinely jail people for interacting with a plant?
Have we made it illegal to 'spare not the rod' and replaced spanking with drug abuse for our children?
Have we forgotten how to love our neighbors as ourselves?
When one looks at the history of this country, we have done and allowed some pretty foul things.

A real preacher has the courage to listen to the Lord because wisdom erases karma.

Look at it based on results.

As a nation, we cannot continue to murder, torture, rape, jail innocent folks, hate, etc. and expect continued blessings. We cannot pretend not to know the 9/11 - 19 lucky Arabs story makes no sense and restore the whole truth. The military was on stand down and professional pilots claim they could not have done the Pentagon flight path.

There is a reason behind our failing economy, health care system in crisis, children afraid to go to school, police brutality, polluted environment, etc. The responsibility is with We The People. The reason is the dross that comes from our nation's greed that says it's ok to go to war with people who did us no harm.

Rev. Dr Wright's anger is not all about race, other than the human one. By the time of Rev. Wright's 2001 speech, the EPA had already lied to the people of NY/NJ/CT that the air was safe to breathe and the water safe to drink. The policy of the City of New York put Manhattan on lock down rather than evacuate the area. The government had dammed the people of the tri-state area to the risk of World Trade Center Illness, from which folks are dying. I'm sure I was yelling a lot worse words than what Rev. Dr. Wright said as I was considering the millions of people exposed to the toxic soup called World Trade Center Dust.

If we can't talk about the problems we face from our hearts too, where there is both love and fear, and think the solutions all the way out, we are doomed to repeat the dramas of the past. We must leave room for folks to speak their minds, especially when they are speaking truth.

The only thing I don't agreee with Rev. Dr. Wright about is that it was the US government that damned America. Not God. It is the US people who, based on our actions, will restore, expand and share the blessings.

We cannot continue to do wrong to folks, including ourselves, and enjoy God's Blessings. It's a stupid construct destined to fail.

With unity, as proposed by the man who has my vote to be the Sixth Black President of the United States, Barack Obama, we can not only solve our problems, but create a better world.

We can restore and amplify God's Blessings by doing the right thing, unify and heal.

God Bless You - God Bless America - God Bless The World - God Bless The Universe


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