Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hemp Religious Supply Company





Like Mogen David During Prohibition

During Prohibition, the Jewish community was able to legally continue to drink Seder Wine.

Mogen David, a supplier of alcohol during prohibition, was protected under freedom of religion, which included using wine in a ceremony, as a religious supply company.

“Sacramental wine was not banned under Prohibition, and some Napa Valley Wineries were able to stay afloat by producing wine for the church. Located in the BV Winery weathered Prohibition using this tactic.

Male heads of household were also allowed to make fifty gallons of wine per year for private use under the Volstead Act. Some wineries and vineyard owners began selling grapes for home wine-making.”

Fast forward to modern times. Religious Supply Companies could sell hemp, with a provable position in many religious practices. Not just for smoking, but teas, tinctures, pills, breads and the like have religious ceremonial value. Coptics, Rastafarians and others are established religions that include hemp use in their prayer. Many New Age versions of traditional religions also include hemp in their worship. The theory is to relax the animal within so the spirit can praise in a more joyous fashion.

The author, a new age Rastafarian, says this prayer when she lights up: “Dear Lord: Thank you for this hemp, and all the many, many blessings we are receiving and giving, sourced from the All That Is One. Amen” Bible, Koran, A Course In Miracles, any holy book that vibes with your soul will do as a source for prayer material.

WebPages on religion and hemp:

USA Hemp Museum


Drug Library



The Hemp Ministry has a program for folks who want to be practioners.

Supreme Court Decision:

Global Hemp
US Newswire

A secondary force is in play. Under the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the use of peyote in religious service: “GONZALES, ATTORNEY GENERAL, ET AL. v. O CENTRO ESPIRITA BENEFICENTE UNIAO DO VEGETAL ET AL

“Held: The courts below did not err in determining that the Government failed to demonstrate, at the preliminary injunction stage, a compelling interest in barring the UDV’s sacramental use of hoasca...

This Court rejects the Government’s argument that evidentiary equipoise as to potential harm and diversion is an insufficient basis for a preliminary injunction against enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act.”

emp dealers and growers, consider incorporating as religious supply companies. Pay taxes on all transactions. Pray and consult an attorney through the incorporation and marketing process.

We are limited only by our imaginations.


This concept jelled during the Los Angeles Million Marijuana March weekend, 2006. This year's march will have an even greater synergy.

Active participants in creating these ideas include: Richard Davis - The Hemp Museum, J. Nayer Hardin, Sherwood Akuna - Computer Underground Railroad., Sister Somayah Kambui and Akile- Crescent Alliance Self Help For Sickle Cell, Dana Beale - Cures Not Wars and others.

Moses A Movement To Freedom - Copyright No. PAu2-759-072

Computer Underground Railroad Enterprises – C.U.R.E. Publishing


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