Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Was Jerry Lewis Fired From The MD Labor Day Telethon For Telling The Truth?

Forgive the emotional tone to this post but I am very outraged, and when you understand what happened to Jerry Lewis, you may be outraged too. According to the dynamic, old school Dr. Joel Wallach, the answer is yes, the Muscular Dystrophy Association fired Jerry Lewis two years ago from the annual telethon that Lewis created.  Why?

"All animals dying of natural causes died of a nutritional deficiency."

This poverty pimp reality of firing Jerry Lewis, who started the telethon in 1966 and hosted it through 2010, because he wanted to let people know that a cure is available for muscular dystrophy, is beyond scandalous and criminal. It's down right evil, collecting a butcher's bill of lives in the name of raising money. Deny the cure to keep raising the cash.

On an Alex Jones show, Dr. Wallach explains how he brought his research to Jerry Lewis showing that MD could be cured through proper nutrition.  Dr. Wallach’s research was presented to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (what Dr. Wallach calls the muscular dystrophy foundation). After the presentation, the MDA fired Lewis and his supporters two years ago.  The firing was in response to the proposal of discussing the cure for MD. The band played on once again.  

Click here to check out Dr. Wallach's vitamins and minerals.  The following is a transcript of one of the videos is no longer available


Dr. Joel Wallach:  You can eliminate 900 different diseases that still plague humans by supplementing them with minerals, including - one of my great stories is muscular dystrophy.

We eliminated muscular dystrophy since 1957 in the animal industry and began doing it, in the United States about 5 years ago with human beings, eliminating muscular dystrophy. 

We sent this information to Jerry Lewis by email and hard copy. 

He took this information to the medical committee of the muscular dystrophy foundation (MDA) and they fired him and that’s why he has not been on the telethon the last two years. 


Then they fired every one of his supporters in the muscular dystrophy foundation. 

I’ve talked to his personal assistant like 15 times over the last two years and she’s passed on the message. 


We didn’t want any money from him.

We just wanted to let him be the guy to announce that we found the cure for muscular dystrophy, and (when) we brought that to the medical committee, they fired Jerry Lewis, the muscular dystrophy foundation.

Alex Jones: He needs to go public, I know he’s a nice guy and everything but he needs to go public with that right now because…..


Dr. Wallach I don’t know if they have a gag order on him or what, but….

Alex Jones: Now that’s the problem…….."

From the years I use to teach computers for free in Harlem, and as an inventor of an ergonomic keyboard stand (U.S. Patent No. 5,188,321) that got rid of and kept away my extensive computer injuries almost a quarter of a century ago, I learned that poverty pimps need poverty and sickness to pimp in order to get paid.  As soon as the solution is revealed, the pimps are not needed, they stop getting paid. The greedy can't handle this reality so they become haters of the folks working to do good. 

It’s not like we can’t see the pimps coming, they wear signs. The MDA says on the front page of their website - “Hope Through Research: MDA is the world’s leading nonprofit health organization sponsoring research seeking the causes of and effective treatments for neuromuscular diseases. MDA research grants currently are supporting more than 250 projects worldwide.” They are selling hope, not solutions, which get in the way of their profits.

Time Magaine reported on the break up between Lewis and the MDA this way. “Lewis still won’t talk about what happened. “That’s not a place I want to go. Because if I go there, you’ll never get me back,” he said when I raised the subject with him recently in Nashville, where he’s directing a new stage musical, The Nutty Professor. “It’s not that I don’t want to talk about it. But I have already ingested all that I want from that whole f—ing adventure.”  8/16/2012

The Los Angeles Times said on August 05, 2011 about the incident "The group said the 85-year-old legendary comedian would not appear on this year's telethon, and would no longer serve as its national chairman, a position he held for nearly 60 years. The telethons have raised nearly $2.5 billion, the MDA said.

The announcement and the mysterious circumstances surrounding Lewis' departure provoked an outcry from comedians and other performers, who still widely revere him for his groundbreaking routines and public service."
How does this nutritional cure work? In the ground breaking book by Dr. Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan DEAD DOCTORS DON’T LIE, page 73 they say "All animals dying of natural causes died of a nutritional deficiency."  The leap of faith only requires the basic scientific understanding that people are animals too. On page 379 of the book they explain his nutritional strategy to prevent and heal MD, plus many more nutritional solutions to “causes of death” are explained in the book's Appendix B.

David Crockett Williams, brought the powerful research of Dr. Wallach to my attention with the introduction webeo. Williams is participating in this year's Global Peace Walk with Dr. Wallach's message concerning the healing found in balancing our nutritional intake so we can have better health with a greater longevity back-up.

Williams explained "The reason I have decided to initiate and conduct yet a third cross country route of the Global Peace Walk for Global Peace Now is because of receiving and understanding and wanting to propagate to the people and nations of the world the “90forLife!” message of Dr. Joel Wallach about the 90 essential nutrients that are absolutely required by the human body for optimum health and longevity, and without which our body chemistry goes awry to the detriment of our immune system and overall metabolic performance. Dr. Wallach’s research includes over 20,000 autopsies on animals and human beings who died of natural or unexplained causes with comprehensive laboratory analyses which evinced to him that every one of them actually died from one specific kind of nutritional deficiency disease or another.

Dr. Joel Wallach is a veterinarian, doctor, teacher, nutritionist and healer who believes the way to treat human illness is through proper nutrition, like what science has already taught farmers to do to maximize health in livestock, where they have no health insurance." 

Side note from the fans: 'Jerry Lewis, please know we are so sorry you had to go through this.  What happened to you regarding the Muscular Dystrophy Association was some fucking bull shit.  HELL! Consider being a spokesperson for Dr. Wallach’s vitamins.  Humanity would be better for the extended partnership. We need you in the face of these and other  evil poverty pimps more than ever. They are probably the same ones who are behind the war on drugs and other forms of the tail wagging the dog. It was you who taught us how to freak first then laugh and make things right.  This post is my freak out.  I'm sure others will follow.  We believe in you and the healing power of laughter.'

So now that the rest of us know how corrupt poverty pimps can be, what are we going to do about this?  I recommend spreading the word and boycotting the pimps.  

Click here for more information on Dr. Wallach's nutritional products that cure many modern ailments.  Anybody with a problem of the use of the word "cure", look it up and let the truth stand for itself.   

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I do agree that the Authorities have failed us and also left us with Scum who say they represent us but they are there to look after themselves and their families. As if that's why they are wrecking lives and foisting Ideologies on us that only end one way. I know what will happen when the money runs out and that will be Anarchy and Civil War.

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