Friday, September 03, 2010

S 510 you will be a criminal if you plant a garden


Michael said...

didn’t finish the video because I had heard enough downright lies three minutes in. For one, this bill does not contain NAIS. For another, it does not involve seeds.

To mandate GMOs and antibiotics, as this man reads and repeats that it does, would be in violation of S. 510.

In addition, it is conjured and imagined that this bill suggests the US should be defined as a corporate identity thereby enabling the FDA to define home-grown food as smuggled. To do so would necessitate the grower and receiver to be considered sovereign from the United States. This very concept of a United States is that which he seems so dedicated to protecting from the “nefarious” international treaties he fears.

This sad and simple fact is that not all of those who wear lab coats are free of a pressing need to see a doctor. In this case, a mental health practitioner.

Nayer said...

Like the dead doctor in the chimney the other day, experts are not necessarily right.

I crossed checked this and there are many who believe basically the same way about the FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act. It could be based on history and not present. We'll see.

Genetically modified foods, even the suggestion of NAIS, and other horrors from the FDA like the statement 'we can no longer guarantee the safety of the food supply' do little to engender confidence, let alone trust.

It may be misplaced fear based on we are already criminals if we plant a garden with hemp in it. Put a hemp seed in the ground, get caught and loose our freedom or worse, murder by cop. Many are already criminals for interacting with nature. That's the law so it's not too far fetched to think what they did to us in 1937 they will do worse to us today, i.e. the Patriot Act.

Our government is lost by making part of nature illegal and like Jan Brewer in AZ, just working on more and more ways to lock us up in prison (5% of the world's population - 25% of the world's prison population).

Lord bless you and thanks for posting.

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