Thursday, August 02, 2007

Chauncey Bailey on NAM

A great journalist was murdered on the streets of Oakland, CA. Nobody seems to know why, only that it was probably a hit. His name is Chauncey Bailey. He was my brother-in-law, my journalistic hero, and a man cut down in his prime.

As this interview demonstrates, there are people of great class and talent ignored by main stream media for decades while men without answers hog the attention of the money media.
Al Sharpton and Armstrong Williams are the men of my generation who got the mic on the news. The world did not appreciate him enough. A pearl of a man he was.

Chauncey fought for truth be it in Oakland or Detroit. If there was a truth to be told that would help the community he was serving, he got it out in a way folks could easily understand.

God knows Chauncey's work and has finally given Edward R. Murrow an equal in the realm of heaven. His work survives him and will be serving as a journalistic standard for decades to come.

"New America Media Executive Director Sandy Close said of Bailey, "Chauncey was a co-founder of New America Media and one of the best investigative journalists working bar none. He was brave in the face of whatever challenges he had to confront, especially any institution, public or private, that was not living up to the communities expectations and standards. He loved focusing on the local and global, he was adept at connecting the Bay Area Black community to the international African diaspora. He once said. "All of the ethnic media are like fingers on a hand. Only together will we be strong like a fist.' Chauncey Bailey was distinguished by his work in the Oakland Tribune, Oakland post, San Francisco Sun Reporter, San Franciscvo Bayview, Soul Beat TV and Our TV among others. He will be sorely missed.""

Like many in California and Michigan, we've been blessed by Chauncey's insight, and pray for greater glory for him. Lord know's he's earned it in this life based on the work he did including:

Genocide or Homicide? Black-On-Black Murders

Black Legislators: Drug War Has Failed

Black Wins & Losses in Election 2004

District Attorney Harris Snubbed Again

Poll Shows Most Blacks Still Oppose War

The Tobacco Industry and Blacks


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