Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sen. Specter - Where's the Shooter In The New JFK Film?

I saw no shooter in the window in the newly released footage. I'm open to the possibility I saw what I wanted to see.

JFK Assassination--George Jefferies Film is both posted above and broadcast on YouTube

On that piece is the picture of the School Book Depository

Time: 00:35 from beginning 00:05 from the end.

When the JFK assassination happened I remember my father saying 'it was a set up.' He said the same thing about Hoffa.

No wonder the photographer just put the film away. Those who have evidence against the government's story are in danger of immediate death, and there was a lot of death surrounding that case.

That School Book Depository footage, had it been released at the time, would have put the Warren Commission's single bullet theory to the truth razor of 'here's the picture, where's the shooter?'

We had all this drama about what happened to the bullet once it entered the car, but now we can add 'show us on the picture where the person is who made the shot United States Senator Arlen Specter (R - PA), author of the single bullet theory?

Please check it out. A flood of truth is better than a trickle. 9/11, war for oil, JFK&MLK&RFK assassinations , Iran Contra, etc., the flood of information cannot be stopped.

The 60's was back in the day when President of the United States meant something other than oppression and fear. JFK held within his palm the hope of a nation.

Now we must carry papers in America, turn our back on the nation's mission of accepting others in search of freedom, and continue to do the wrong thing, day, after day, after century.

Unless we change within ourselves now.

Like 9/11, it was just another drama to keep the industrial/military/congressional complex in place.

When folks simply demand only truth in our lives and affairs, we can figure out the best way to get along and heal the planet. Now would be a good time to do it. Let Divine Justice restore balance.


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