Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Only The Truth Is True

I offer profound thanks to the media, who are beginning to ask the tough questions about the lies we have been exposed to. A special thanks to MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and crew. It's years past time to stand up to the Nazis in the White House.

I've had it with media that allows spin. Spin ain't nothin' but a lie, an illusion, a way to divert folks from the truth. To tell folks that spin is truth is just evil, i.e. WMD, stolen elections and the truth about what happened on 9/11.

It is time to apply the truth razor of only the truth, the verifiable from all angles truth, is true.

More than the first responders are in danger of World Trade Center Illness which put a lot of people at risk of getting squamous cell cancer.

The explosive thermite was found in the dust from the WTC. The hole in the Pentagon is too small for the plane reported to have hit it.

Our food and water supplies are poisoned with chemicals that cause cancer, diabetes and other illness.

Our mandated transportation fuel, oil, pollutes the air and is creating chaos in health and finances.

Our government is corrupt as it promotes business interests over the interests of the people, killing, when necessary, to promote business interests.

What is, is what we have created, allowed. We can do better than this.

How? Let’s start now.

Immediate, unconditional support needs to be offered to all exposed to WTC dust. Chronic exposure to toxic material increases the possibility of getting squamous cell cancer. Those prevention/treatment models, plus medical hemp and hydrotherapy should be available on demand. Legalize hemp, tax it at 20% to raise the funds and, with overflow, finance the solutions to other social problems.

It’s way past time to be real about who was behind 9/11. Demand to see the NTSB reports on the planes. Bring to justice those responsible for the crime. Replace them with a transparent government on a project manager whose goals are voted on in verifiable elections.

Remove toxic chemicals from food and redesign the distribution system, Microsoft Project Manager style redesign. Harvest ice bergs and use the water for irrigation and drinking. Demand testing for Mad Cow in American cattle.

Convert to hemp and other clean burning fuels for energy production. Hemp scrubs the air as it grows. Develop free energy, like hydro, magnetic and solar offers too.

I have lost my right to vote because to vote the law requires photo ID and I don’t have a photo ID. Since I can’t vote, for those who can, know that there are Mother Fuckin’ snakes in the Mother Fuckin’ U.S. Government. Demand clean elections with verifiable voting then vote them out. Tell them to use Microsoft’s Excel and Access for vote verification. Those programs have print features built in.

Peace and Prosperity for all.


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