Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Computer Ergonomics Made Simple

Are you a heavy computer user?
Do you sometimes feel pain or discomfort in your wrists, arms, shoulders and neck as a result of your extensive computer use?
Would you know how to achieve pain free computing
without going through a learning curve?

Ergonomics is simply the study of the interaction between man and machine, with a focus on how to improve the process.

Simply stated, when the computer ergonomic problem is repetitive stress, as in repetitive stress injureis, the solution is non restrictive, repetitive, support.

I've been typing for almost 40 years with speeds as fast as 119 wpm.,and I've had every computer injury in the book except a brain tumor.

My repetitive stress injuries were healed within 30 days by using a CompUrest, U.S. Patent No. 5,188,321, which supports my upper body while lowering my keyboard allowing splint technology to do its job.

CompUrest has kept me from having to have carpal tunnel surgery on my wrists, dramatically reduced my neck, back and shoulder pain, eliminated the late night and day computer injury pain in my arms, neck and shoulders, and afforded me years of pain free computing.

Since 1990, with regular use, the injuries never returned.

Here’s what the U.S. government does not want you to know about computer injuries. They are completely preventable. I write from almost 15 years experience being pain free on my computers.

My friend Bernie Hirschenson and I invented a simple device, CompUrest, U.S. Patent No. 5,188,321. The armrest portion of the CompUrest fully supports you from your wrists to your shoulders. The lowered keyboard well allows your hands to be positioned over the keys, keeping your wrists flat and straight, hands in a natural arch, and fingers fully supported, resting on the keys.
To explore an effective way to stop computer pain now, check out my site at

Why haven’t you hear about it in all this time? I don't understand it myself, and I lived it. I have some theories based on experiences and conversations over the years.

The government is not interested in the solution, only in the problems because they make their money through fines. (Most recent contact
Another e-mail:

"Meilinger, Francis"
RE: OSHA-003526 - Hazards in the Workplace
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 10:47:18 -0500

OSHA does not endorse commercial products. Thank you for your
correspondence and interest in occupational safety and health.
 -----Original Message-----
From: Georgiades, Gus
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2001 12:55 PM
To: Contact, OPA
Subject: FW: OSHA-003526 - Hazards in the Workplace
-----Original Message-----
From: Contact, CCU
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2001 2:28 AM
To: Contact, CCU
Subject: OSHA-003526 - Hazards in the Workplace
Name: J. Nayer Hardin
 State: Arizona
Phone: 928-***-****
E-Mail: Hospital for Special Surgery explained to me “it is not in our best interest to endorse your product.” They use to have a Director of Ergonomics, now ergonomics does not produce any search results at the hospital's website.

I went to many investment houses and independent financial sources in the early 1990’s. It’s funny to me that Arthur Anderson was telling me that there was no way I could compete with Microsoft, who was coming out with their natural keyboard. Though I got angry at the time, (to myself) it was proven in court that they were right. Arthur Anderson did, however, finance Enron around the same time.

I don’t take it personal. I use to think that it was just discrimination because I am a Black American Woman. That illusion didn’t last long. The U.S. government has subverted many good ideas to solve problems. 

Examples include:

The N-Machine vs. the Super Collider. The great inventor, Bruce DePalma, creator of the N-Machine that uses magnets to power a self-sustaining generator wrote in his paper, The Problem of Free Energy, “I have a very strong background in successful high-tech R and D. Once I had demonstrated the reality of direct extraction of electrical energy in a small model N-machine, I thought commercial development would be obvious and easy. That was 17 years ago.”

Instead of financing the N-Machine, the government blew a lot of money on the Super Collider, which they eventually shut down.

Niro Markoff Asistent healed herself of AIDS in the 1980’s. She was shut out and the AIDS epidemic gets worse every day with life long pills being the only hope offered. Every time I approach the government with “my injuries still have not returned” e-mail, presentation, etc., they are not interested. Yet they wrote a report on wrist rests and Microsoft’s natural keyboard.

Side Note - the computer injuries never returned.


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