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CURE - Climate Migration - Housing, Food and Water Solutions

To quickly address climate migration 
we must implement a three tier 3d+ printing strategy, 

1. Print ample, environmentally conscious 
structures and infrastructure 
2. Print and operate abundant greenhouses 
and phytoremediation programs 
3. Print water from air towers & devices

J. Nayer Hardin
Computer Underground Railroad Enterprises (CURE)

Climate crisis is happening now. 

We must overcome our problems concerning the economic, weather, drought, pandemics, violence, hunger, drug addictions and homelessness situations. 

Here's a look at downtown Phoenix, Arizona's homeless crisis.

Homelessness. Let’s start there. 

A place to live, clean water to drink... it's time to stop pretending not to know what's going on and that we have the ability to fix this. 

Did you know that the world’s already experiencing what Columbia University calls Climate Migration: An Impending Global Challenge?” 

The UN is saying “All of these circumstances - conflict, natural disasters, and climate change - pose enormous challenges for the international humanitarian community.” 

As the ocean level rises, coastal residents are migrating inland. Today’s fortune can be rendered worthless in the blink of a market, currency, health crisis or the loss of a password.

According to climate.govIn the United States, almost 30% of the population lives in relatively high population-density coastal areas.” 

Here's a deeper look at rising ocean levels.

Now is a good time to implement solutions.

Arizona is one of the places climate emergency refugees are already moving to. Since 2016 just Maricopa County's homeless population has nearly tripled.  Habitat For Humanity 3D printed its first house in Tempe recently. It’s already sold. 

Meet the new home owners.

We must adjust our thinking and tools. LET’S PRINT SOLUTIONS!

Printing housing is fast and economical. With ever greater self-sufficient, environmentally conscious design possibilities, we can build enough housing, greenhouses and water sources.

This radical change in construction techniques was covered on CBS Sunday Morning.

Our CURE Headquarters is on 10 acres in Cochise County, McNeal, Arizona, about 4,300 feet above sea level. We recently installed a new agricultural water pump.

Here's a drone shot of the property.

In response to the climate migration crisis, our multisolving approach includes fixing a local dam, opening modern greenhouse farms plus 3D printing cities. We’re working to buy properties and print water from air, towers, nets and devices.

Here's a great example of water from air, atmospheric water generation technique invented and used by Moses West who freely gives water to crisis areas through his Moses West Foundation

This leg of the journey involves earning, a $2.5 million grant to build a commercial greenhouse here plus, buy a 3D house printer for training and future mission-funding.

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About the author

Hi! I’m J. Nayer Hardin, a patent holding inventorresearcherenvironmentalistlegalization activist and conductor on the Underground Railroad

In 1984 I began a grass roots division, CURE, Computer Underground Railroad Enterprises. We’ve trained 3,000+ how to use a computer as a freedom tool. CURE helped make environmental / social changes that dramatically reduced Harlem’s infant mortality and crime rates.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

How will 1 million people get water in Arizona’s newest city?

We The People must take over (non violently) and 3d print atmospheric water generators to supply our water needs. Our government makes it clear, like Michael Jackson said, "All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us!"

If you don't know what they are check out the EPA's page on them. Or look up "Moses West" "water from air".

Any ideas on how I can get the government to not be so either stupid or evil please share? They only terrorize me by either denying proposals like in 2019 when I was working on "Let's Rebuild The Rucker Canyon Dam" (petition on change . org) or threatening to issue a warrant for my arrest for breaking and unwritten dress code or after I had the business plan done to open greenhouses here doubled the land requirement to open a farm here.

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